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Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the Olympic Whinings and All the Sour Grapings...

I was supposed to post here a topic on online or website prejudices but since this Olympic scandals and China blamings are too hot to ignore, I would like to share my ideas on it. It is still covered as what this site's title says. It is a hot webbie stuff these days: the Olympic Scandals, anything olympics, the China shortcomings, the United States athletes being robbed of medals and stuffs like those.

What I would like to say here is that being a loser and a whining loser makes it even worse. It actually makes the loser both a grand LOSER and a SUCKING LOSER! Supposed to be, the Olympics would be more on sportsmanship and world unity and not politics and divisions and conflicts against each other. Whoever got the most gold medals should at least deserve those medals...where its own people played good for those medals and when I said to be its "ownpeople" it does not refer to Olympic athletes representing that county only for monetary purposes... for they were "bought" from talented people of another country or other countries.

Losing with pride means losing with honor: accepting the judgment of the judges and if there are scandalous facts involved or, if there are falsified documents involved, let the proper authorities handle and judge it. Indeed the host country for this 2008 Olympic Games did not perfect all its home work. Yes, China was where an American died; Indeed China has not resolved those human rights issues it has; Indeed China utilised lip synchronization of its singer/s or even utilized those untrue fireworks.

However, let all the criticisms aside. It is too much to bear already. Everyone knows it already. Enough of all the blaming or humiliation. I just find it very narrow minded for people who cannot accept defeat in their own rights. If they lose, they find a lot of excuses why. However, if they win, they brag like idiots. I find this attitude really disgusting. This actually applied for everyone who acts this way.

I am a sporty individual. I have lost once in my karate fights (at least ten fights)/ tournaments but I find that single lost a big lesson. My team in football became a champion in one year and was eliminated for the championships two years later. This fact made the team learn its lessons. As as I see it, Olympics has become a dirty game, just like politics and those who have money get the bigger slice of the cake. It is all business, it is more power, it is on bragging what they can win from the Olympic games. It just another political stuff then, a power struggle, a thing to brag and the purpose which is supposed to be sportsmanship and unity of the world is lost.

Poor Olympics, it's loosing its true sense.

Oh! One more thing: I hate people who think English is the only useful language in the world. Shame!


  1. I like this piece. I was told the SHOW was nice (the opening ceremony, etc). I got the impression that the COVERAGE was good. Some of the ads / posters were exceptional. But what's the difference between the Olympics (for men) and Miss America (for women). They're both sexist displays of masculinity / femininity (so what are women doing in the olympics, hmmm)? Anyway, the problem is when contestants start taking what they do too seriously. No basketball player is going to save the world. It's all SPECTATOR sports (the meaning is in watching not playing) and the unifying effect of large-scale events on the public. I don't care who won or lost nor who displayed patriotism, pride, dignity, whatever. I still get mad when the thanksgiving parade stops to perform a song to the cameras. But things change and usually for the better. And the only real losers are the ones who want things to remain like they used to be.

  2. There are people who doesn't want to accept defeat or let's say not a sportsminded person. These kind of people shouldn't join the sports. Sports is supposed to be for fun not for creating trouble.

  3. Yes I am afraid that even the Olympic games have been tainted with crap and we always look to the worst of Human Nature which is so sad really.

  4. I totally agree with u. The spirit of sportsmanship is some how has been lost over the years. What we have now is the administrations going into how an olympician has lost and how to penelise him/her. Gone are the days when the sports were actually sports.Very sad example of humanity and sportsman spirit.

  5. Hey friend, nice to see the changed look of your site. You are indeed doing a fabulous job.

    Cheers !!


  6. This isn't some beauty pageant where Miss Congeniality is a prize worth seeking. Sportsmanship is great. Winning is much better. How do I do? You can name some people who won Olympic medals but you can't name Olympians who behaved well.

  7. @newspie,
    people are just afraid of "CHANGE" that is why Obama has a hard time winning... the same is true in the Olympic games... they are just afraid of some changes...especially a change of the Champion! OOooops!:-t

    Actually, joining the sports is a good way to enhance sportsmindedness. I used to cry when I lose but I managed to laugh and learn from it when I grew up and be friendly to the winner, complementing the talent that he or she has.

    Maybe it is human nature that is full of complaints. That is why and when we look at a white paper, we see th dark side in it and we never see that it is white on a greater part.

    I never knew that they are penalised when they lose? WOw! That is heavy! They better not join then!

    Welcome back Buddy! Thanks.

    Maybe others behaved well...but the gold medal is think very sickening and dizzying in effect to the athlete with fame and monetised equivalent of that gold.

  8. the worst thing is, this cheat matter would be hearing years by years later :(

  9. Winning a medal in the Olympics is a great feat but how you win it is a different story. If anyone cheats they have their own conscience to to haunt them later on and they always get found out.

  10. oh yeah.. there are just some people who won't accept defeats... although it is been clearly seen...

    i didn't know about this issue until you shared today

  11. 2008 china Olympics is end. It is great that china can win the Olympics with top gold metal own.

  12. Wherever in the world we may be, and whatever competition there is, there are always those people who can't accept defeat, no sportsmanship. There will always be like them. That is also why we don't have peace here on earth because some people just always want to be on top. Agree?

  13. You are right, it takes a lot of sportsmanship and character to deal with losing but if you have those things you become a better athlete and person. That being said though I think that if you have been truly cheated out of something you should protest. I don't get all the talk about "China's shortcomings" for goodness sakes, they got the most Gold medals AND they also improved hugely since past Olympics. Ten or twenty years ago China was one of those countries getting a medal or five per olympics and they have built themselves into a Medal superpower like the US or Russia.

  14. Yes, I agree that there is a little too much whining involved with the Olympic games. I think for the most part the judges did a great job. Perhaps it's time athletes learn to accept the fact that they gave it their best, but fell short!

  15. This was really one of the most that I’ve ever heard him talk about his marriage to his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren and even though he did not go into particular details, he made it really obvious that he was the 1 that royally messed everything up and seriously regrets what he has done to his family. Since things are now finished with his separation and divorce, I am curious when or if Tiger Woods will regain the form that us golf fans have come accustomed to watching. Right after observing him play so poorly this calendar year, I seriously have worries that we may perhaps in no way see that dominant golf figure again. I actually believe that this will, by far, be the toughest challenge that he will have had faced in his expert golfing profession.


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