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Monday, August 18, 2008

Spendng TIme With My Babies...

Yes, I have two babies actually.. One is here and the other is here. I did a lot of time with them this weekend because I had great home connection this weekend! Aside from that, I also beautify my surroundings and made it more usable and flexible.Well, since I have mentioned what my babies were, I wrap here up what I did.
1. I made one of them to have an embedded comment form. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard for both of them but the other can't just have it no matter what technique I tey. The embeddedcomment form, I took the instructions from Amanda's Blogger Buster blog as well as through Blogger in Draft blog.

2. I gave one of my babies here it's own tag cloud. It was supposed to be a fair treatment but I forgot to give the same one to this baby here.

3. I gave the two babies a numbered comments. Now you do not have to count how many have commented because at the right side of the comment section of each post in my any of my babies, you see the big numbers there. Another great instruction as referred by the great Amanda from Blogger Buster blog.

4. I enabled both the trackbacks but I do not have any idea actually how it functions.

5. I registered and have been actively promoting my babies to social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. So far so good, all I need is time actually. Ihave been running of time although I have the connection for the week that was fast and opens all. Now my site has an option to be bookmarked in each post, that is right after the summary or thepost. I just love it!

6. I am in the constant zeal to make my babies better actually. I have added one google gadget in in this baby which is the Newsreel.

7. Well, do you notice anything? My babies noe have the extendable summary. One thing that was a success for this baby of mine for yesterday, the page views were more than double of its entire visitors. That is just amazing. However, for this baby, I just started using it today and have not seen its effects yet. It is pretty effective as to the pages' or the site's reach.

Now the weekend is over. I am securing my regular daily posts to pile up in my drafts so in case I do have to leave or sleep early, or have something important, I need not worry for I have already the post ready to be published in time. In fact, I made this one today (Sunday) but it would be up two days from now. I don't have any idea why my current draft suddenly showed up even though it should or it is supposed to be up tomorrow, Monday.

Anyway, I am just I am blogging around. It is a learning ground as well as a lot of fun ground for me. Happy blogging guys and don't forget to leave some thoughts. Ill be there in your page coz I am promoting backlinks for my sites so commenting is not a problem to me.

I am just glad I made some great time with my babies!


  1. I like your babies. Even though they seem to be twins, it is easy to tell them apart.

    Enough baby talk. I like how you are approaching you site, doing different tatics on each one. I hope the experiment pays off and you share some best practices.

  2. Good for you! I don't have the patience nor the skills to set all of that stuff up. I had to have someone do mine for me...of course I just have the basics. Let us know how it turns out!

  3. awwww they're very cute. Can I have them lol!

    thank you for always sharing useful and great ideas!

  4. @thecupishalffullorsomething,
    Actually I see how they pay off. It is a great satisfaction, I am gonna post about the changes in a week. Thank you for a very simple yet a very inspiring comment.

    actually, as i did the numbering of comments, it was stated that patience is aneed if you want your blog to look good.

    yes. cuties. ^^ i agree so much. ^^

  5. hay, they are soo cute, i do wish that i will someday have twins,

    thanks for resizing my pics, this is pretty hard when you don't have software with you to help you with all this things.. thanks a lot... love it, soon i can make entrecard..

    quite busy pa lately eh...

  6. That sounds like a lot of work, good luck with the babies!

  7. How I wish I can beautify my blog without destroying anything. Good for you that you have the patience to explore new things. :)

  8. I really like what you have done with your blog. I remember the old blog and you have definitely made huge improvements, both in design and content. Keep up the good work you have done.

  9. Hey Sorry, I dont want to spend time with your babies becouse i have two kids too :) They are like monsters and jump on to me when im at home... But Thank god we have children.If we dont i cant imagine the world...

  10. hello Roque,
    I did not know that you have two cute babies. Are they twin?

  11. I clicked my first comment unfinished.
    Heres my comment part 2, hehe.

    I think you are a skillful blogger, you can manage them all. Good for you, that you can manage and spend quality time for your 2 twin babies ;)
    You really have many great ideas!


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