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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Thought I Saw It Wrong

I have been wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. The blogger dashboard that I have suddenly seemed new to me. It is lighter now and more pleasing to look at. I searched for answers. Honestly, it looks more like the dashboard of blogger in draft that the normal blogger dashboard.
And with a little scanning of my eyes, I have found out that indeed, I was seeing a new thing! My dashboard got a fresh look and it was actually announced therein, in the "Updates and Bug Fixes for August 14th" of Blogger. Actually, I have noticed that
every fifteen days, we, in blogger have this updates and fixes thingy.At least it is a good feeling to know that the platform is being more and more adaptive to the current styles and problems in terms of blogging. In a way or another, it makes us Blogger bloggers trust the platform and again, in a way or another, inspires us.

Actually, the following are the exact announcement of blogger as to yesterday's updates:
  • * There’s a new look for the Blogger Dashboard, which we think you’ll find more attractive and functional. If you have a ton of blogs (as we do) try out the “hide” and “show all” links to help manage the list.
  • * Google Gadgets in your Layouts blog can now set their height automatically (if the gadget author supports it). Read more aboutadding Google Gadgets to your blog.
  • * AdSense page elements can now optionally have image ads. We’ve found image ads have a higher click-through rate, so you might get more money if you turn them on.
  • * We wrote up a Features page to help you keep track of everything you can do with Blogger. Take a look and see if you’ve been missing out on something cool.
  • * The Flag Blog button in the Blogger navbar now pops up a window for you to tell us why you think the blog violates our terms of service. Flag Blog is always handled exclusively by human reviewers, not the automated spam locking system, so this information will better help them decide what, if any, action should be taken.
So long with blogger then. Whether I transfer to a paid hosting or not, I cannot deny the fact that much much learnings I have had from blogger.

In fact, I also noticed these gadgets as they replaced the 'page' elements in my blog's layout plans. I just discovered today, as i saw the formal announcement of blogger that these gadgets are more efficient and effective for they have built-in configuration for easy integration into the layout (of blogger blogs of course). The catch? These gadgets actually
are automatically sized to match the width of your sidebar, and their height in pixels can be adjusted using the Gadget's built-in options. Isn't that cool fellow bloggers?

Blogger has announced that these gadgets are in constant growth and evolution. They are actually listed and can be browsed from blogger's comprehensive Gadget Directory, which runs the gamut from sports updates to site counters, and flash games to local information tickers. Another cool stuffs, right? The best of it? For the techies around and for those nerdie geliuses, if you have some ideas of a cooler or a cool gadget, yur gadgetry ideas can be submitted to the iGoogle Gadget Directory, and then let blogger know about it in their Help Group— they may just add your gadget 'Featured Gadgets' Section. Now that is the time to shine for you, tech experts!


  1. The entrecard blog has a post about putting a comment form at the bottom of your posts instead of opening a new window to comment (an aside). About your post, I want to know more about the gadgets: Do you use any?

  2. I never even noticed it lol. I'd better go and take a peek and see what has happened and where the changes are..maybe it's my eyeballs that need changing lol.

  3. me too.. I saw the dashboard still trying to get used to it. Oh yeah.. I won a blog review from you at IndoContest.

  4. I actually noticed the change about 2 days ago. I really like it. I think it is pleasing to the eye and a lot nicer to use!!


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