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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Visit Fellow Bloggers Fast...

I have been exploring the service of one fellow blogger and entrecard member for days and I am going to share with you the services the page offers.

Actually, for days, I was not so active with entrecard dropping as I have been concentrating on commenting to fellow bloggers who are grateful enough to comment in this page. Another problem that I have is my home internet connection that does not allow me to open anything that is NOT affiliated with google. But I try to bear with it and simply go out for a normal connection during the day for an hour or two to return the favor the fellow bloggers from outside the blogger platform, who have done remarkable deeds for/to my blog (i.e., commenting, helping, etc.).

What I am trying to tell you is, if you are like me who does not have enough time and want to visit as many pages as possible in a short period of time, be it for any purpose, especially traffic, I recommend this site here, especially for fellow entrecard member. Check it out using the mozilla firefox browser and a normally good connection and you will see.... you might like it.

Just sharing an info with you and if ever you explored and you liked the service, and you may want to be included in the list, just tell the webmaster or in this blog because I will recommend your site to the webmaster.

Happy Blogging everyone!


  1. I want to visit bloggers faster as I am so ruddy slow soI will check out your resource. Great information yet again.

  2. hi thanks for commenting and visiting my blog though you call me twinks instead of michelle. hehe anyways, im here paying you a visit and dropping ec. :)

  3. Thanks for the info. Will try to check it out myself.

    Have a nice day!

  4. good job on this post... Its taking me forever to visit all the links i have in mine, so this is very useful..

    hello, visiting u on a monday afternoon.. seeyah and take care!


  5. Visiting you back.. I started blogging mid June lang so I still have a lot to learn yet in blogsphere..

    You're absolutely right about comments, I do appreciate those that are relevant to the topic and sincere!

  6. @ yanjiaren,
    Good that you appreciate it. I am happy. I visited your blog and there i start to know you personally.

    @ michelle,
    Well, it was a mistake. I know that I interchanged the comment boxes when i visited two blogs.. thanks for coming over too.

    yeah, it is there for everyone to try... and it is free. ^_^

    @ Rose,
    i am glad you find this useful.. i just visited all your sites and left something... happy blogging guys..

  7. dunno is my comment got in . . .

  8. Thanks for the post! I'll comment again after a few days if the blogs here are more active than the ones in the entrecard credit generator that I'm using now..:) "Tickle Away to a Great Day!" -Coffee Tickle

  9. @ webbiestuffs that other layout wasn't working at all so I changing it again. Don't worry. I will have it fixed soon. I hope you like blue. LOL Anyways I emailed you about it.

  10. Hello thanks for the visit and commenting my blog. Here I am paying you back.
    Maybe I could add your 2 blogs in my list? just tell me.
    It is easy to visit your blog if your in my list.
    Take care over there!!!!

  11. Knew about this already. I drop different sites so that I get unique visitors. dropping the same blogs is not the thing I want to do.

    May be a day when I am too lazy :D

  12. visiting blogger is nice and sometime you in hurry just didn't leave a comment. If there is chat box.. its way faster.. to drop a line.

  13. Thanks for the post, I saw that the use of the batches has picked up today.

  14. Hi, thanks for dropping by my site and for the comment.
    This is a great idea for ec droppers who don't have a lot of time to make a drop. I'm really amazed with bloggers who can drop 300-900 ec a day.. i just can't, 20 ec drops/day is a miracle already to me. hehehe..
    I'll try this tip one day.. thanks for sharing.. :]

  15. Thanks for the info. Will try to check it out myself.

    my name Dion

  16. hi, thanks for the comment and the visit i really appreciated it, hopefully to hear from you again, but, i don't have entrecard because i might not be able to visit who participated me...

  17. @ Mummy Sheng,
    No, the original comment ( I assume there was because of your notation), did not get in. But I know you were here because of my feedjit.. You are the only one from Riga kasi.

    @ Ed,
    okay, I will see your comment. These days I onlyhappen to see the first five batches of them or none at all due to busy days and unhelpful connection at home. I do hope I get your response so I can see from others' point of view.

    @ static brain,
    Yes, this too is beautiful and looks unique. This layout anc color i like too (azzuro = italian football team) because of the taint/shade of blue that is stronger... Thanks a lot.

    @ Weng,
    Someone is editing and fixing my blog at the moment so I can't just add something by now for some considerations to the one who fixes it. I will inform you if i have added you already so you can do the same to mine. Thanks a bunch.

    @ Guttu,
    Actually, unique traffic is my target too but in case i want it fast, i do it...but i have my good commenting buddies here that are more important than having just more traffic and traffic.

    @ Sherry,
    Maybe someday I will consider a chatbox. For now, I let it beside. After all, i don't leave messages in chatboxes so i assume my visittors to do the same. My higher aim for my blog is interaction and traffic or personal "hi's" and "hellos" are secondary for me... sorry if your time was spent more due to lack of shout box but you need not worry because it is also returned.

    @ richard,
    i am happy to hear that it has an effect. actually, i am more thankful to you. if more people use it, i am benefited too so it is also for my end that benefit it. thanks a lot for giving me great favor.

    @ twinks,
    well, that is exactly an idea. It is there to use in case some of us needs it but it is not obligatory.

    @ jeff and amp,
    as long as people return the favor, i will always be there. no worries, i will be in your site in few minutes. ^_^

  18. yeah, the cave is really nice. thanks again for the visit. im here dropping ec and paying a visit. :)

  19. I hope this comment will be the 20th commenter. Commenting in each blog is a waste of time I would rather drop an EC. But I have a list of friends and favorite blogs that I leave comments too, they are only few.

  20. Hello there! Nice new look here. I like it.

    Anyways, sure, we can be blog buddies. That's so nice of u to ask. (",)

    Take care!

  21. Lynn was the 20th commenter and 600EC credits was sent to her already. Thank you for your comments guys.

    commenting is a free choice actually. If it is too much waste of time, one need not do it. BTW, Lynn got the 20th place... Better luck next time, there are always freebies in my post.

    @ Michelle,
    welcome back, sorry for the other comments but if it is too irrelevant, i do not approve them.

    Thanak again guys.


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