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Saturday, August 9, 2008

What Do You Use Your EntreCard Credits For?

Win 500 Entrecard Credit from this post. Just read the following how.

The top utilizatin of my EntreCard Credits are the following:

1. Sponsoring Contests
2. To Give As Prizes
3. Give Aways and Donations

You might have a questioning mind why advertisement is not listed. But behind that questioning mind, there is also a reserved answer: "EC ads are just way too high for the returns it gives." Maybe you notice that and whether we admit it or not, much are so disappointed with the credits they have paid for the ads. No hurt feelings for me, Ijust stopped advertising using my credits after the stats are laughing back at me!

So what do I do then? As of now, I have sponsored contest of around four or five of them. No big deal only from 500EC credits to 1,200 EC credits are my pledged amount everytime but the good side is, I got the link... this is one important thing for me.

As to prizes, you know it that my posts give out 500 EC ( i tried also 600 once) for lucky commenter. Although I have not drawn yet with my new rule on how to give out the 500, it is only to give thanks to people who shared their ideas here.

The rules for the drawing of a winner of 500 EC credits in each post (with announcement) are:

1. The 20th commenter must be reached. That counts me.

2. Commenters are represented by the numbers 1 to 20 with respect to the order in the comment section of the post.

3. I will enter the number 1-20 at randomizer.org and the first to be randomize represents the winner.

4. In case I am in the number, Ithe second number will be the winner. I will screen-shot the result and post it as an edit so no one will question.

5. In case the supposed winner is not an EC member, I would ask him/her first if he/she would consider joining the community and claim the prize. If not, he/she will be replaced by the next number randomized until the EC winner will be determined.

6. Winning commenter is informed either through his/her blog or through EC e-mailing system.

7. If the winner is not EC member but wants to donate the EC to a friend or fellow blogger, that is allowed.

8. Multiple comments are accepted and they accordingly gets multiple entries. No one liners and unrelevant comments will be allowed though.

God luck guys. This is only to say thank you. If you have been in previous rules in this blog, it still applies. This means if you still remember the 999 code, you still get 50 EC per relevant comment plus a possibility to win the 500. Isn't that cool?

Since I have nothing much to do with my EC credits and I also do not sell them, this is the only way I feel best to spend them, to give directly. Of course I still love to sponsor.

Nest post will be the wrapping up of all posts that still have that 500EC winnable notation. I actually do not erase the notation/announcement until the winner is chosen so you can still win them guys. Before it was the 15th commenter to win but I have reconsidered it because of unfairness to early comenters.

So back to the question, how do you utilize your entrecard credits?


  1. Most if not all go to new bloggers that join entrecard in a form of advertising my blog on they Blogs

  2. You won't mind if I borrow your 20th post process.

  3. I am starting to see that ec advertisements are too high. Maybe we should ask ec how that can be fixed. But I think advertising is the first priority of the ec program. It seems giving prizes for comments has been working on your blog!

  4. Well, I am fairly new here. I used my EC's to buy advertising space on other EntreCard blogger's pages.

    I'm sure I will do contest If I ever get more EC's in the future. Just to bring up views n stuff. I feel like the best way to do that is to comment and back link on other blogs. Then you have people viewing your blog for your content and not just a chance to win EC's or ad space.



  5. That's really so generous of u to give those prizes. Keep it up!

  6. I have stopped Advertising my blog on EC since I already have a loyal set of readers and growing thanks to Entrecard.

    So What do I do with the EC? I just keep it for giveaways and donations and sometimes earn a little money from the EC.

    I am also not so satisfied anymore with the really expensive Ads that I buy like one time I have spend 256EC on a certain blog and only got 1 click compared to the smaller blogs I advertised on for only 32EC I got over 12hits...

  7. @ Pembrokeshire,
    Yes, new bloggers give better returns because they do not cost so much. With one click from their blog, the amount of EC spent was already compensated.

    @ Richard,
    Yes, you can use. Actually, I saw that you have it already and I am thankful for the acknowledgment. Thanks a bunch Buddy!

    For me, it does not show any difference because when I joined, the prices were already in this 'high' state. I only happen to read around that this one is much higher.

    Actually, it is not the prizes that make a lot here comments. Prizes are my way of saying thanks.. Generally, they comment back because I commented in their blogs. I was not able to do it as often to yours (blog) because of the limitations I previously mentioned. But I still do on weekdays as I can enter in your blog.

    I see. So you use your EC 'traditionally' then.

    Yes, i agree with you, i actually find EC too good on the traffic side. I hope I can find more quality some day.

    @ Lynn,
    You actually are the luckiest because you won without even realizing your comments made it. It was a great luck dear.

    @ Prodinterious,
    It seems that we have the same experience. That is actually the reason why I stopped buying ads. The returns are just unsatisfying. Better to give 500 to people who shared some of their invaluable ideas. Keep coming Bro.

  8. halo my dear, why not exchange link with you, sureness talaga..

    give me the names and url you have para naman ma-add kita i think you got 2 blogs right? please indicate your name para i will determine who is who among the hundreds of links here in my page..

    i do appreciate you effort too, i want to try entrecard pero i'm having problem with my picture it says 125x 125 pixels i can't adjust the picture that i wish to put in it kasi i don't have adobe photoshop talaga.

    will you help me?

    hope to see you soon...

  9. i use mine merely to buy adverts, but i was generous last month and sent entrecredits to my top droppers ;)

  10. I am mainly using EntreCard Credits to buy adverts although the results of advertising is very dismal.

    I would like to sell EntreCard Credits in the future.

    I have received quite a few from the slot game at joetech and at a couple of other give aways.

  11. This is a great contest that you're having and is an excellent application of using your entrecards.

  12. Right now I'm spend my EC on advertising my blog, but I think I will stop it because of the low outcome.

    Maybe I try contests!

  13. yes, ec ads are sometimes tooo high; but one way to get a better return is to buy ads on newer sites, to encourage them.

    most new entrecarders like myself will come back to sites who drop on us. it's a simple reciprocal thought that drives the circular traffic.

    thanks for the comment contest,



  14. i use mine to :
    1. buy blog reviews
    2. sponsor contest of other blogs

  15. I am a sucker for ECs. Wherever i see the ECs being offered i jump at it. My primary utilisation of the ECs is to make money,which goes to a charity organisation at my place which sponsors Education interms of Fees,Book and other nuances of enabling very poor children to study. That should explain my craving for ECs. LOL.

  16. Because EC is my first money that I get from blog, I will use it for :
    1. To extend my blog's hosting
    2. To buy books to share my knowledge in my posting.

  17. i am using my ec credit to increase my feeds subscriber..
    and i am giving them 25 ec for each user to subscribe on my feed..huh.
    get 2 more subscriber in 2 dayzz..
    .. hey can you plz give me sm link where there i get sm services related to blog promotion instead of EC credits.. ?

  18. I use mine to buy ads. thats all i have used them for so far. Maybe I can learn to be more creative from you. I see that you have used it in a lot of very interesting ways.


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