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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's Your Online Bias Judgment?

"The more you know, the more you don't know." I have read this line somewhere and I see the truth of this statement in everyday life as well as in my blogging life. There are just a lot of things worth knowing and the brain seems not able to hold all those information at a single grasp.What I am trying to point out here is the fact that as we grow older by age, we tend to know better. Indeed, learning is a continuos process and stops when we are out of breath... or does it? I have never been dead before so I just presume this time.

Since the title of this blog is on online and webbie stuffs, I want to share with you my ignorance and prejudices. Indeed I am not that knowledgeable and what little knowledge I know, if they are not complete within my thoughts, I tend to be bias on things..and another line I remember says, "a limited knowledge is a dangerous weapon".. But what can I do? I am a poor human being and subject to these manipulative things, right?

Honestly I have quite a long list when biases online are to be talked about. That applies to either a website or a blog or to both. I think I can list the top five of them here:
1. I suspect service/professional websites (not blog type) with only one year

2. Now that I use mozilla firefox when blogging is concerned, I tend to judge the sites I pass by, be it a website or a blog type site when Isee their respective google PR's. The peoblem is, not even all of my sites have this PR thingy. Only one of them has a PR3 actually. But let's accept it that those with google PR have gained age in the blogging community and at least they can be considered to have "content"... or should we say, they are too good to not offend the google team?

3. Blog services injustices. Another stuff that catches me are those blog services. Of course if your post or blog has a very high stumble upon rate, digg rate and high technorati authority, you definitely catch my attention. I may comment so badly if you have these things.

4. My comment bias. I love to comment back to those who commented to my posts above all bloggers. My second criteria is for those with better google page rank (google PR), high technorati authority and high relevance to my blog(s). If a blog has these things, I tend to browse more, read more and comment more.

5. Traffic Biases. I visit my links here in this blog as well as from other blogs and my blogs' advertisers anytime I get online. Well, who can blame me for they are one click away from my page here? I tend to make new comments when they have new posts too. If a blog has Alexa widget in it, I also look at it if it is a bit abandoned... more than 20 millionth rank...

I know it is not too good to have biases but sometimes we just want to guard ourselves. I have to admit that my list from number 2 to 5 above are kind of unreasonable attitude most of the time but for my bias number 1, I think I have a strong reason to really feel so. I have strong grounds for my number 1 prejudice. That is another story to tell though.

How about you? Do you have biases too? I would love to know them...


  1. 1) I very rarely read blogs written by men on a consistent basis, the feminist in me wants me to support womens work.
    2) I have no patience of celebrity blogs and wonder why people go through all that work to be second rate national enquirers
    3) I occasionally will visit a right wing blog and leave a nasty comment to set off a blog war..it brings me readers
    4) I wonder why people write mommy blogs or post pictures of their kids...do they really think people care
    5) I hate dropping a card on someone who rarely updates their blog even if they regularly drop a card on me. I want something pleasurable for the time I took to open their link.
    6) I don't trust a blogger that doesn't occasuionally curse it smacks of self censorship and blogging is supposed to be about free expression
    7)(last one I promise) I am sick to death of money making blogs. These are a dime a dozen and I don't believe their inflated earnings claims for a second. 10K a month my ass

  2. I believe that we can sometimes get wiser with age but my online biases are not too many. I know unfortunately a lot of good bloggers that have had their page rank slashed by Google just because they used ppp services. I do tend to comment more also on blogs that would be closer to my niche and who I have a good blogging relationship, more or less.

  3. I also tend to follow some of the points you wrote, if not all. The Bias is always present in any surfer whther one lokes to admit or not.Good points brought out by you.

  4. @Renee,
    Wow! Those are very strong statements! What can I say more? You are a very courageous blogger/person as I see it.

    You are correct there but it is still great to have that PR. I see many bloggers with paid postings like what you have mentioned yet they still have the PR. I think it is in the balancing side.

    Indeed! I admitted mine... :-t

  5. young

    The good thing about online, you can't tell ANY of these from visiting a website! About "professional" they call this "web presence" (and anyone can have web presence). My favorite but hard to define.

  6. 1st. i used to have blog which all my bloggers community were not str8 people, same as me, so i felt comfortable to share anything (but now i have no time to response all of their blogs back so i leave it).

    2nd. my new blog is still about me "not str8" but i dont care what str8 people think, beside whocares right????!!!????

    3rd. i hate that i have to drop to a site which is soooooo slow to open because toooo many advertising on that site.


  7. @Newspie,
    Although we have that web presence, I think the general notion is to reflect our respective attitudes. I mean, people that are wise enough can have that presence dissimilar to the true color/attitude but to the most, it is simply the reflection of the real identity.

    DO I have very slow loading site? I dunno actually from the point of view/connection of others. I am always curious about this.. This thing also concernsour hosts actually.. but we both use free hosting of blogger so i dont have much expectations- ^^

  8. ;;) no yours not slow, it's cool!!

    i c, what did u do in italy ? just curious.

  9. Yeah, i also visit blog that has a higher PR. I really don't know How the PR works,, My PR still 00,, haha.. maybe it's just because i'm still a newbie blogger


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