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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where Does Your Comment Take You?

500 EC credits will be given after the 20th commenter is reached. It will be drawn using random.org's service.

Yes, where does your comments take you?

If you are to ask me, my answer is: in the right place! Why? Since this blog does not have a tag-board yet, where people can say and hello to me everytime, others are complaining that it is such a waste of time to visit this blog without me acknowledging their visits. Due to this demand, I am putting a TagBoard/ShoutBox/ChatBox Here so we can have a quickie hi and hello without needing a complicated commenting. It is not in the face of the homepage though. You need to click the link at the left side bar saying, TagMe Here. However, for those who wants some free comments back, and win free loads of entrecard credits just comment and I do the same for you.

Why Comment? Now we are here at the right question again. Is it beneficial or a waste of time? For me, I never consider it a waste of time as long as I blog. In fact I ran out of blogs to comment because my home connection limits me to visit blogger platform blogs only, so not so much blogs to comment to.

Commenting give me a chance to have backlinks from fellow bloggers and as I have noticed, commenting was one great way to increase my technorati score from zero. Moreover, for those who want comment on their posts (like) me, commenting is definitely the way to get the comments back too. Thus, I comment to blogs of people who i see are commenting to the blogs of others that I visit.

To comment is to add something to the post, share your opinion related to it. I don't usually approve unrelated comments. I actually started this policy two days ago and as of now, I have three unapproved comments. I am putting them here in this post though to at least put their links and to acknowledge those comments.

So please guys, I never make a comment that is not relevant to your posts thus, I think I deserve the same and I have the right to not approve those comments. Sorry and no offense but for me, unrelevant and one-liner comments will not help you nor me.. For what reason? Well, some search engines would classify it as a spam so better be careful as well.

The following comments are unapproved but they are here for acknowledgment. I thank you guys for sharing your ideas but I do hope they can be more relevant. n this post, I officially announce that unrelevant comments will be declined.

Mummy Sheng on 8/05/2008: "was here today!
Twinks on 8/05/2008:
Hi. Dropping by here and dropped my EC. Thanks for visiting my blog again. Cheers.
Michelle on 8/05/2008:
hi thanks for the visit again

And your comments to my posts have return so don't think it as a waste of time please. No one forces you to visit here nad whatever you do is reciprocated too, plus you have the chance to win 500 Entrecar Credits everytime I post and reach 20 comments (including mine) after which I draw it using online randomizer for fairness. The (other) blog that will be listed first wins the 500EC.

Your comments need not agree with what I posts. You are free to attack the posts or contradict with it. I highly appreciate healthy and constructive criticism as well. So feel free. See you in your blog and see my comments there adìfter you make yours here.
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  1. I suppose it is ok to decline irrelevant comments since you made an announcement that you are going to do so and since you put up a tag board but there is no law that comments have to be relevant. To me, a comment is a comment and if it is not porn or obvious spam (with 100 links to different sites); then, it is a relevant comment.

  2. Also, I don't make people wait for me to approve their comments. The FIRST feedback a person gets when leaving a comment is to see their comment on the page where they intended to leave it. That gives them a chance to read it again in context (and to smile in approval of themselves). To make someone wait is to tell them they are not trusted to make comments on your blog. And it makes them worry that somehow what they said might be wrong. Especially, if someone is trying to be the first commenter (or the 15th, whatever) -- like for contests... they need some kind of feedback how many other people have already commented.

  3. Your message says that I need your approval. Do I really need your approval?

  4. @ Brett,
    I respect your opinion. I also did not consider any of the lsited comments I posted as spam for they are my friends and are all speaking the same language as me and have the same culture as me.

    There are two strong reasons why I modearte comments actually and irrelevance is NOT one of them:

    1. My old blogspot blog that I abandoned was full of spam saying 'click here' or 'see this' and I learned a lesson. Sometimes people do click the title of the post to see what others are saying only to be disappointed that the owner of the blog was not able to prevent those spams. I think some of them still survive there at http://monitiseit.blogspot.com if you want to see what I mean.

    2. I want to keep track of comments. Only when I moderate them I get to see their names, ids, and I would be aware that someone commented. In this way, I can track them back to their blogs and share my ideas as well.

    The same is true for you. I can actually open your blogger profile but my home connection prevents me from going out of the blogger platform. I only get to see 'outside-blogger' blogs an hour a day when I go out and that goes to my 'non-blogger' commentors because that is the onnly chance i can connect to them. My home connection only opens 'google-supported sites'.

    As to the contest, I actually do not delay the comments to be approved. It would be not too long unless it is sleeping time for me because I do get to check my blogs everytime, at a very little interval. Moreoften than not, I approve them and only the ones I listed in the post were not apporved but I posted them.

    Basically, contest-wise or EC wise, all the comments were in. All these that I was not able to approve originally each got a message from me apologising for not being able to publish their comments... but all the same, I go to their sites and comment to theirs so nothing much of a lost for them.

    And as to the winners of the 15th commenter or something, four of those 500 ECs go to one person only who always watchout for this blog as well as raising fund fr a purpose using EC (just like you) and the 600 for the 20th commenter went to another new person who was not even aware of the contest but all the same, deserved her luck.

    The 15th and 20th commentor were all experiments as I was finding out the best way to say thanks to my commenters. Now I recognized that that would be unfair to early commenters like you so I changed the rules giving all the 20 a chance to win. This is to draw the comments, represented by number, using the service of www.randomizer.org. I actually tried this morning how it worked and when 20 comments are reached for a post, I will draw them and multiple entries/comments will definitely have greater chance of winning because two comments can be third, fourth and seventh and it has already 3 chance of winning over those who only commented ones. This way, I think it gives more fairness.

    As of now, this is the fairest way I know. I don't know if a better idea strikes me to award my commenters and that way, I got to make new policies to win again.

    I usually congratulate the winners at the comments section and erase the announcement when the winner has been picked. You can see that in previous posts where their are already winners.

    All right? Good luck for the 500 this time. You are a loyal commenter and better be awarded. It will come when I log to my EC tomorrow. ^_^

    How I wish you are in blogger to better support that site you told me but I cannot enter... anyway, I will just encourage fellas with 'normal' connection. ^_^

    I love your comments... at least others might be thinking the same thing and I do hope they read your comment and my response to it.

    Happy Blogging, Brett and God Bless to your cause.

  5. I like tp post comments on nice blogs like yours and I don't feel so alone as a blogger. It is building not only backlinks that makes this great but also building good friendships.

  6. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your support but I would not support a site I can't visit! Anyway, if you want to link an image you can use the entrecard image for the site (can you access entrecard from home)? I really like self-hosted sites (though I used to like Blogger).

  7. Good idea super!!giving comment is just a notice to somebody that they read your blog topic, but if they leave just hi and hello's its another story..lol...godbless, thanks for leaving some comment on my blog..

  8. maybe its just ok..but,if you are doing so, just place a tagboard for the visitors to leave simple messages for you, this is just a sort of advise.i know and am pretty sure that this is still subject for approval AGAIN!

    ANYWAY, angels have something to say at http://walkingnewspaper.blogspot.com/2008/08/what-angel-says.html

    take care... good day! be back here soon!

  9. It feels good receiving comments and knowing that people really stop at your site and read. That's why i see to it that i return the favor of commenting back to those people who are nice enough to read my posts and comment.

  10. Understand. It's nice to read comments regarding your post which means that blog hoppers read what you wrote. :)

  11. @ YanJiaren,
    That is obvious for us, you have my link and I have yours. We are reciprocating each others' comments and I also love you themed blogs and I get to learn from them..also Chinese and what does Yan Jia Ren menas by now...

    @ Brett,
    I have access to your blog but only on short periods each day. When I am working, I can go any site but as i told, i am working and the time is limited. I edit my blogs at home and get to visit outside-blogger blogs outside. So if you have the ads, it is easy to click and remember from my end. I am actually the number one clicker of my own fellow blogger ads and i support them naturally.

    @ Faye,
    They need not read it thoroughly and spend longer time. All that i wish is, no checking attendance style in commenting. I hate the idea, frankly.

    I have a tagboard in case you don't see. It is both announced in this post as well as in my right side bar.

    @ Lynn,
    Yes, it feels good and i do comment back too, at least two comments (as long as they have ortion of bame & url in commenting for i have 2 blogs) to my commenters. They need not read thoroughly just be alittle relevant.

    @ Michelle,
    Again, reading is not required. Just something "in-topic" and not "out of topic". Even the titles and first sentence of the post can already guide bloggers what the posts is all about.

    As they say, 'one word is enough for a wise man' eh.

  12. First off I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog http://ilikeimike.blogspot.com/

    Secondly I wish to say, you are living proof that a comment leads to more comments from other bloggers.

    Your blog is so helpful to new bloggers and I want to thank you for all your help.

    How do you feel on selling ad space with website like "Project Wonderful"?




  13. I think comment means a lot and I prefer related comment to the post. I don't like comment that is out of the topic.

  14. getting comments is really great, but sometimes, it's just hard to comment on articles you can't relate to

  15. hmmmmmmmmmm.... well, that only depends to a person. there are other person who doesnt even care what your talking about here and just want to do rounds without paying attention to your entries.. just for you to give them back a visit after doing such...

    and also, there are others who are just spam too..

    for me, i took off my tagboard because i want to make sure that every person who visited my page would at least give attention to my entries whether if its too OA for them or what...

    depends to a person as well..

    as for your comment to my entr'MET THE REST.... the first one is a flower, i took it from the above side of it... hahahaha...

    thanks for the often visit.. have a wonderful day..

  16. HI Commenting gets you ???
    I'm sooooooooooo confused. ;(

    I'd love to raise the level of my blog in the directories; but it seems difficult unless you basically lure people to comment with prizes.

    can you make a suggestion on getting more comments, I'd appreciate it.

    your entrecard friend,


  17. This is something i learnt lately about the coments acting as a backlink. I comment for two reasons. (a) The site owner put a price for the comment, (b) I really liked the article or the whatever. Some motive has to be there for me to comment. And if that is acting as a backlink and is actually increasing the Technorati, you are most welcome is all i can say. Thanx for the good tips, i will keep reading and commenting ECs or not :)

  18. Your answer is right : in the right place! but now I used to comment in a blog that have PR > 2, because I want to increase my PR, now PR0. :D If my PR is increasing, I can join a lot of monetizing programs. :X

  19. hello there. thanks for the comment you gave on one of my blog posts. tc


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