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Monday, September 29, 2008

So What's Your PR in the September 27 Google PR Update?

Of course mine is still zero obviously. But I am happy with the update. My other two blogs fared better than this one. Relatively, the domain was bought on the first week of July and I still wish that three months from now, I would also enjoy the PR for this blog same as to my other two (2) blogs who has their own page ranks by google.
whats your blog's google pr, page rank, pagerank, google page rank, pr, google pr, pagerank update?

But what is Google PR anyway? Is it important to you? Why? For me, it is important. The reason? I just feel good to have it whether it has no meaning or it has a meaning. All numbers are just important to me. The technorati authority, the Alexa traffic, the IZEA real rank, the link popularity... you name it and I am interested. And why? It is a feeling of "achievement" above anything else. WIth a PR, it makes me feel that my blog is "real" and this particular blog has yet to achieve this "feeling".

I read a lot of happy posts that day from a lot of online and blogging buddies happy about their page ranks. I am very happy for all of you and I am happy as well for me. Although all I gained from another blog of mine is only a pagerank of one (1), I am very satisfied that it gained a PR 3 months exactly after having its custom domain. Moreover, I retained my PR of three (3) in another blog again and this is what matter matters to me though this blog is not having its custom domain yet..

So what is with this PR? For others, it means more paid posting opportunities, and just more opportunities in general. To others, it gives them a sense of respect in the blogosphere and to the rest, PR could be nothing but an arbitrary number given by google. And to those who are like me, it is a symbol as a blogger's achievement.

How about you?
Did you get a better PR this time from google?
Are you happy about it?
How do you look at PR?
If you look positively at it, why?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Weekend is Quite Disappointing for the WebbieStuffs Here

I make this post with a bit of a heavy heart. I never met my goals for this week due to some reasons I know of: my work and tiredness. However, there were also unforeseen and weird reasons my mind is still in the process of comprehending why and how.

disappointed, disappointment, blogging, blog disappointment, sad

The Top 4 Reasons why I am disappointed for this blog include but are not limited to:

1. Unachieved Alexa rank for this week;
2. Unachieved Technorati Authority for this week;
3. The paid post company playing tricks on me!; and
4. The Stumble Upon Exchange Is NOT effective anymore.

About the first disappointment, I was expecting that this week, I am out of 200K range and would cross the 100K range for I had around 235Kth rank this start of the week. I am a bit ambitious when it comes to my traffic ranking since with the help of EntreCard, the traffic can really get higher. My problem this time is the lack of time to encourage more traffic. With my morning work session closed last Tuesday, I do hope that my traffic would be better from this week onwards. My ultimate dream is to set my Alexa ranking to 5 digits with at least 2.0 page views per visit. A Realistic goal since 99,999 is only 1 rank away from 100,000, right? And 99,999 is already 5-digit traffic rank!

On the technorati issue, I am strongly confused about this. Last weekend, I tried to ping technorati from my 78 authority. I was os happy because after pinging, my authority in technorati turned 94. I want my technorati at least turn 100 this month and 94 was only 6 authorities away from my dream 100 for September. The sad event however took over. The 94 authority, after a few hours, went back to 83! I am just clueless how it coud happen! If any of you who might read this may enlighten me on technorati lowering the authority? Since I was back to 83 technorati authority, i was far from 100 again. I wanted to do my best though but it was still far since the last update few hours ago, I only gained 6 more authority making my technorati authority 89 at the present time while I post this. Still, 11 authorities away from 100. I do hope I can just achieve my 100 goal in the next few days because as we all know, September is ending.

I have posted days ago on my participation with paid posting. Honestly, as of this date, I have eleven (11) of them in this blog and I bet you would have a hard time identifying some of them or most of them for they greatly blend with my subjects here. This past days, the site has been playing tricks on me marking the opportunities available but once I clicked them to take those opportunities, they just tell I am not qualified, or, my blog is not qualified for the opportunity... Whew! I already contacted the support reagrding this before and I was told that this happens when their own system play tricks on them not exhibiting the correct legend for the availability of the opportunities to bloggers.

Lastly, my disappointment with the stumble exchanges for it is not anymore working. I have read a reason why and I know it is better not to join anymore in exchanges because the stumble upon seem to have notice some actions that exchanges are not healthy. This can be counted as one bad thing for my traffic because stumbling and through stumble upon, a traffic to my site can really be accelerated at times.

I do hope the following week will be more promising. Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Your Subscription Policy?

The policy I meant is not a business policy. Nor it is an insurance policy. The subscription is neither newpaper, dvd, nor magazines. I actually meant subscription from fellow bloggers and other online individuals.

Please don't click this image. This is my feed subscription but this is for representation purposes only. ONLY CLICK THIS IF YOU WANT TO SUBSCRIBE IN THIS BLOG POSTS!

I have to admit something. With my old blog, and the rest of the startout blogs I have had, I tried to buy subscribers to actually appear "cool". It is actually the effect if there are just more subscribers, be it in email or in rss feeds of a site or blog. However, was it a wise move? I have to say that in a way, it could be good but not really lasting in the long rn. Why i'd say this?

I myself have been bought by subscriptions that pays out good ECs. Or something that is a good offer which is difficult to refuse. This made me realize a thing or two on subscribing and letting others subscribe. I viewed my own action about it and I know that a lot more bloggers and fellow online individuals feel the same way as I do and might even do worse than me. I just know it no matter how they deny.

1. Forced/paid subscription is no good in the long run..

2. It can be good if the webmaster can out flashy and really catchy titles to allow the forced/bought/bribed subscribers to actually see the site.

3. Subscribing not fully hearted or forced/bought/bribed subscription easily makes those subscribers get bored making them mark those subscription as SPAM!

4. Subscribing not fully hearted or forced/bought/bribed subscription easily makes those subscribers get bored making them unsubscribe so easily.

5. Frequent posts might get those subscribers get bored too easily.

With the above mentioned reasons, it is not a good thing for the blogger or the webmaster to force subscribers. It may look good to outsiders but personally, I do not see the good lasting effect of this idea. It is better to simply let subscribers or readers have their decisions. I have subscriptions that I do read when they come to my desktop or to my email and I love those posts and so I do click.

However, it is still at the technique and style of the blogger or webmaster. If they think they can hold those subscribers and/or if they believe at least some percentage of the many click going to the post page when it comes their way, then go on with this tactic.. It just doesn't appeal to me though.

Now I have stated my subscription policy. What about you? What is yours?

Really? I Can Just Do It and Have My Website?

I have been blogging for quite some time by now. Actually, aside from the fact that I enjoyed doing this thing, I have another reason setout in my mind why I do love to learn the world of blogs and why I do have this webbie site to both explore the www and learn. What is that reason? It is to prepare myself and practise myself of having a real good website someday!

You heard it right. I do want to have a èrofessional website in my own design, idea, input and all of myself. Isn't that a big dream? Honestly, from time to time, here is an inkling thought in my mind on what kind of website to build. What would be the topic, how would be the preparation, the presentation and a lot more things to be think of. Another factor to worry about is, the design.

For me, design is very important. I know the same is true too so many of us here in the blogosphere. Sometimes, a blog or a web site simply hook our attention because of the design it carries with it. Whether you admit it or not, this is true. I always admire meticulously designed sites and blogs. Our blogs and web sites represent our business and their respective designs are the first contact point, or the front persons so they better be good for they obviously represent the website or the blog, and as mentioned, the business!

As a learner as I am, I tried to see what I can do. And I am happy that one bigportion of my problem has just been solved. The design of the web site can be bought! Wow! Isn't it amazing? Network Solutions does offer a wide array of web design services with a wide variety of designs to choose from the packages it offers!

Sample sites can be found here while the standard package include the following which help get webmasters' sitesup and running in less than two weeks and which are ideal for first-time Web sites:

One-on-one attention from an expert designer
Phone consultations to discuss your ideas
Search-engine-friendly Web designs
Design, copywriting, and set up
Webmasters' involvement throughout the process

Complete Web site includes a 5-page design and Web site hosting
Choose your design theme from our gallery of professional designs.
Network Solutions modify the chosen design to meet the webmasters' needs
See here for more and detailed information

I am just too excited with the idea that although I am not ready with a topic/subject in mind for my website, I already wanted the design! Try to see what network solutions are offering. Simply click this link and see for yourself!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Link Popularity and Integrity of Google Page Rank

A post on link popularity was made before this particular post. Moreover, at least three posts on Google PageRank, Page Rank, or PR has been made in this blog as well. Since this blog is a learning blog, there have just some observations on the relationships between the two: the link popularity and google PR. Both are of course a useful tool in determining how a blog or a website ranks in the entire world wide web (www).

As a plain observation, WebbieStuffs Blog just found out that there is not really a strong relevance between the link popularity and PR. Why is that? As previously posted, the blog which has the lowest score in link popularity is the only blog, among the three that I own, that has a google PR. The page rank is actually 3 and it is not a very bad rank with its 9 or 10 months of existence.

However, link popularity I think really gives a blog a good score. But it is very obvious that blogs with good PR are more respected. But should that be the case? Or we are just all brainwashed about google's pagerank? Another set of observations come the Webloglearner's way about this.

It seems that only older blogs really gain the PR: I have no idea if there are bloggers around who gained the PR in the first update of google's PR on after their 3 months of existence? I can tell that my blog with PR existed for at least 6 months before it gained its PR 3. Actually, the same is true with all its contemporary blogs. It seems that all of us have gained the same PRs by then. All the bloggers that were my online buddies before all have PR 3 by now.

What else? My two new blogs that have their own/respective domains are both searcheable in google and in fact, i see a lot of google searches going my pages. However, this fact does not insure these two blogs of the google PR. And why is that? As I have mentioned, they are both new and although some of the dates in the posts were as old as April, the custom domains were just implemented last July. This makes the blogs so young, only two months. I bet when it grows at least six months and have two google PR updates on them, they will have PRs too. They both have very goog link popularity as can be seen in the previous post. It is just a matter of time!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Link Popularity Learning

All right! I have three blogs and one of them is into paid posting and monetizing plus a lot of webbie thingy. One is more personal and one is political. Honestly, it is the blog that gets paid when posting stuffs sometimes that caught my attention. More often than not, blogs who are qualified to post some stuffs are screened or filtered. The most common filter is the google PR (google page rank or simply pagerank); the categorization, ALexa or any traffic statistics for that matter and one thing actually caught my attention: sometimes, it is stated, "upper 30%", "upper 20%", or "upper 1%". When I saw that I belong in the "1%" or withing percentile rank 1, it did make me very curious. Eventhough I have the notion that this rank is only within a category where I belong, which is "computers and internet", the rank is already good... or even better.

My Link Popularity report for 3 blogs two weeks ago...

Thus, I started to think what could have put me in that rank. Traffic-wise, mine is not that good compared to a lot other bloggers who are so good with traffic. I do not have PR as well. Anyway, I just do not have any idea actually but maybe it is the link popularity? With this in thoughts, I tried to check my link poplarity.

As usual, this site's learning is on the move. Around two weekends ago, I checked my link popularity... or should I say, the links of my three sites (First Site, Second Site, and Third Site). I wanted to post on link popularity by then but something stopped me. I wanted to know if comments have effect on them. SInce I comment on posts without hesitation, I know that I naturally added my links in many blogs without really meaning to add them: just putting the link to identify my comments. With this in mind, I simply saved my first link popularity check and see if my commenting passion have improved them.

Honestly, this concept of link popularity is not really very clear on me. Thus, I do need to dig down this and be educated about it. As questia resources tell it:

Today's link popularity report and I am satisfied with it...

Link popularity, a measure of both the quantity and quality of other Web sites that link to a site, plays an important role in search engine rankings. When it comes to Internet visibility, blogs have the advantage over Web sites. New Orleans-based law firm Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis and Eagan offers a comparative illustration of Web site vs. blog popularity. Its traditional Web site (www.gamde.com) is attractive and informative--and only 31 other sites link to it, according to Google. However, when Gordon, Arata partner Ernest E. Svenson started the Ernie the Attorney blog (http://emieattorney.typepad.com), it quickly became one of the most linked-to legal resources on the Web--7,920 other sites link to it. (Lang)

Today, I checked my link popularity again and I was surprised and happy to see the two-week changes. To see the comparison between the two, the images are here clearly stating the difference. It is a two week change and now I have evidence if my links in the comments have been affecting this link popularity or not. I actually plan to dwell more on this link popularity thing and maybe it could help my blog so much. I am glad to know that this week, my three blogs mentioned above are receving traffic both from google and search live and I actually registered these blogs to those search engines. That is however another story to tell.

If you have more ideas on link popularity, please share it here and we all can learn from it. Thank you in advance.

Are you interested to see your own link popularity? Simply click HERE and get it!

Work Cited:

Lang, Eva M. "Would You, Could You Should You Blog? Flexible, Low-Cost Web Logs Are a Formidable Business Tool." Journal of Accountancy 199.6 (2005): 36+. Questia. 20 Sept. 2008 .

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beady and Affordable Accessories are Simply Great!

Lately, I have posted here about brushes and prints on photoshop. It was virtually artistic but this time, I am talking about beady stuffs: artistic too but in real sense! What are with beads anyway? First, they are great accessories; second, they are relatively cheaper; and to top it all, beads are beautiful, colorful and easy to match with any outfit or color or style.

This is actually my own birthstone...

A few weeks ago, I have made an article about beads which are great ways for women, both personally and entrepreneurial wise (though the post was unpublished and still being kept by me). Indeed, beads are both good for personal use, as a useful hobby as well as a business.

If one is familiary with beads, it would be known that there are lots of advantages when dealing with beads. Why?

See the wholesale deals...

>Beads can be purchased anywhere.

>They can be in any accessory store, in textile and designer's shops and of course, they can be purchased online.

>There is also a wide variety of beads available from glass beads to gemstone beads or even wooden beads.

>This gives more flexibility to the design of the accessories if there are a lot of supplies to choose from.

Some beady delights on display...

The best deal however? If you buy them at bulk because wholesale beads
have definitely great discounts! While I was enhancing my knowledge with regards to beads, I actually came along Beads of Cambay, a whole sale bead supplier. I have also found out that the business is currently offering discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of “high quality” gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. So if you are looking for discounted and high quality wholesale gemstone beads, this is definitely the best deal in town.

In fact, even a press realease was made for this very huge discounts on the best accessory materials-- the beads!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The WebbieStuffs EntreCard Business Now Opens!

Since I joined EntreCard (EC) around four (4) months ago, no monetary intent was with me. However, with number of credits piling up in my account,although not so much, aside from sposoring contests, I would like to benefit from these EC credits to the best that I can do. After all, I gained them.

I have never sold a single credits yet. I was always generous with these credits in the promotion section giving benefits or credits to those who would do me some favor. In short, buying favors with EC credits. Lately however, some changes have been made at the forum section where the rules do not allow anymore the things I and others used to do. Now, the favors are for free but requires a "give-and-take" effort. I have seen the good side of this new rules but other do not follow these rules and/or not aware of how it functions. But for the meantime, these rules such as Stumble Upon Exchange dail, Digg Exchange daily, Technorati Exchange Daily, Reddit and other social bookmarking exchanges seem to benefit th etraffic of my blog and I am just glad about it.

What I Plan to Do in the Meantime? Continue joining these exchanges and make the best out of it. In fact, the other few days, I was posting an announcement for someone to drop for me. I was announcing that I would pay the dropper cash if he/she drops from my inbox. I received a warning however, from Entrecard that doing so would be illegal. So the plan is off for now. I really want more traffic for my blogs and spending a little is not that bad. After all, if one is without work, dropping for cash would be a big benefit.

The Business:
Now here comes the monetization part. I would like to sell EntreCard Credits. I would like to sponsor contests. I would like to lend entrecard credits.

The Sale:
I am selling Entrecard credits for $3.00/1,000 credits. Whole sale from 5,000 credits can get the ECs at $2.00/1000 or $10.000/5,000 credits.

The Sponsorship:
I always love to sponsor contests.

1. As long as you have a minimum link popularity of 2,000, I would sponsor your contests. I have 3 blogs that sonsor these many contests around.

2. Your participants must list the sponsors.

3. The links must be "dofollow"

4. COntact me at any of my EC account, just visit any of my blogs and click the "E" in my EC widget and you will be redirected to my EC profile for that blog. Blog 1, Blog 2, and Blog 3.
Write/PM me your intention of holding a contest and needing of sponsors.

The Lending:
I am lending EC credits to those who have an urgent need for them. Maximum borrowing time is 2 weeks. The interest is fixed at twenty per cent (20%) and that does not matter if it is 1 hour, one day or two weeks. Just let me know you want this EC sonn and you sign the promissory note I would design below. Just post it in the comment section or send me in my EC account as instructed above.

Borrowing for the first time starts at 1,000 credits only. The credit limit increases by 500 ECs depending on your credit record.

The Note:
WebbieStuffs EntreCard Lending

The undersigned blog promises to return the __1__ EC credits borrowed plus __2__ interest on ___3___.

Your Blog Name at its url

1 - amount of credits you want to borrow
2 - the 20% interest of the amount borrowed (i.e., 200 if you borrow 1,000)
3 - Date you want to return/repay the EC plus interest. Maximum date is within 14 days.

The offers above are valid as long as they are stated in this post.

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Twas a Great Weekend For a Blogger's Heart and Mind

This past week, I am thankful for the series of events that heppened. I have to admit that since I entered into this paid posting aspect of a blogger's life, I don't think I made it too obvious. I mean, even my posts for those that are paid, I put my heart unto as well and make those posts blend with the theme and the rest of my posts here. In short, I have a total of nine posts that are sponsored or paid (this does not count my EC reviews).
happy and glad
The Thursday of this week was the first time I received the payment for my very first post. It is not so much for it is only $10.50. nothing special but this just means that three days of Internet connection is solved by this amount. Plus, two referrals of £20 from Freebies$Webmasters have implemented their codes and have been activated. All I need to do is wait at month end and receive my cash at paypal.

The great things I am thankful of include but are not linited to the following:

1. The two things I mentioned up.

2. I found a part-time job for 3-hours each day that pays a fixed monthly (€4,figures). I start today, Monday.

3. I proved that paid posting is still effective in earning extra bucks.

4. Technorati and Alexa updated today and now my traffic is really not that bad anymore while I am 22 authorities away from 100 Technorati Authority.

5. I have many clicks from google this week indicating that my 3 blogs are now containing indexed and searcheable posts.

6. Life is just getting better and I do think I can settle here in Nolland after staying here for two months.

What else I can say? I bought four bottles of wine from Saturday till today after finding a cheap store that sells house wines and I am so glad to purchase 4 bottles for less than €8. It is starting to be fall season in few days and the cold would be unbearble, thus, the wine stuff here explains it. I am just happy this week, with many good things and more things to look up into. For my blogs as well...

Friday, September 12, 2008

It Is Weekend and 'ts Time to Enjoy and Relax.. Isn't It?

I was browsing around and I saw a lot of blogging jokes. When I looked at the credits, those jokes were from http://www.blaugh.com and so I proceeded to the site to spend a good time laughing, smiling, grinning and having a happy heart reading!

When you click the images, it will lead you to the original source. I made it to say my thanks to the ingenious maker(s) of the following cartoons. You can either click the images or just browse down to see he rest.

Nine Wonderful Bloggers' Hits!

Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?

Modern Day Bully

The Widgetized Kawasaki


How to Overcome Writer's Block

Act Like a Professional

Don't Drink and Blog

Blogging Fodder

Understanding Women

Grab These Free & Cool Photoshop Patterns!!!

It is always "in" to have some unique touches in everything. Like today, I have discovered a very unique style of photoshop brushes and patterns. I was actually amazed by the wide selection of brushes and patterns in the site.

It is actually called Brusheezy.com! It is exactky a place for artists to download and vote for the best custom Photoshop Brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet! I just learned that the site is also updated every day with new Brushes for Photoshop so anyone can check them back often and/or may submit their own! There is a catch though! If your work or submissions is not up to Brusheezy's standards, it might not be accepted.

photoshop patterns
Unique and artistic patterns found at Brusheezy. Click to see more of it...

I treid to browse around at some Brusheezy's Photoshop Patterns and I was amazed by its uniqueness. I upload here a group of pattersn for you to see and also for you to discover the site as well.

photoshop patterns
The Carbon Fiber. It is one of the patterns available and it has a review section, donation button and rating from other users. Click the image to be transported to the page...

What else can I say about Brusheezy? It is found at http://www.brusheezy.com and... "Stupid Name. Cool Brushes!"

How About You? What Were Your "Firsts" in Blogging?

This is not an original idea. Actually, I just saw the post of a fellow blogger and a loyal buddy to one of my blogs (actually the very first one and now is too old that is why it has PR3). He is actually taking notes of all his "firsts" in blogging such as first post, first comment, first layout, first links, and all other firsts that can happen to a blogger.

Ciao! What are your very "firsts"?

This fact that I have read a post on a fellow blogger's "firsts" made me thin, "how about my firsts?" I remeber without knowing a lot of things. I mean
, if one is to be a blogger, and be aware of and NOT ignorant of at least the basic jargons in blogging, it takes quite some time. In fact, even until now, I still have to learn many things.

I am not a person who remembers everything though. Although if I trace it back, I could always get the first posts, the first comment and all the possible firsts but what matters to me is the learning I gained after having those "firsts"!

I never knew commenting existed...
I never knew Internet could be that "unreliable" for anyone can write anything...
I never knew what PR was...
I never knew I could make more than one blog and so when I discovered, I made an additional three.
I never knew what rss means or any other feed...
I never knew one could earn by blogging...
I never knew friends can be gained in blogging...
I never knew blogging could be so addictive and enjoying and time consuming process...
I never knew.. I knew NOT!

Honestly, the list is much longer than that. Now looking back, it was around ten months ago when I started really blogging. The first is of course the blog I mentioned above with a political and geographical theme. The rests? One can only imagine. This blog is only one among the around 20 blogs i built, deleted, built, deleted. But now, I am seriously blogging on three blogs, all supported by the free hosted blogger platform.

It is fun to look back into and see how and what were those stupidities and misconceptions. Now that I am back to work in three days time after a yar of enjoyable no working life, I hope my blogs would not be left behing. I also hope my 3-hour daily job would not be so tiring. I am also happy with the fact that I found this job within 6 8 weeks of stsy in this new place and although it is roghly 15 hours a week, it pays generously to a net of at least $1,400. I have to see then, after this coming week if it is still very convenient to blog. But I think the work is just too light with the number of hours, unless I get another job in my free time for more bucks of course and for the next vacation and for the future and for a lot of things.

And how about your firsts? I bet you are having some thoughts about them too. Your very first blog, what you did, how did you learn and all those stuffs. I would love to hear from your side too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Drop Inbox is Still Holy

Language here may involved EntreCard terms. If you don't understand, be a member. If you don't like, please ask at the comment section.. I am sure lots of experts with EC are hovering around.

Yes, I still go back to my inbox. This is when EntreCard is concerned. However, this is not on a daily basis unlike before that I could still drop 300 a day. Now, when I reach 100, I am already happy. If my inbox is not enough to support my planned drops for a day, I resort to my fast loading dropping device which I have a link in this blog called "EC Ko".. If you are interested, click that and you can make much drops in few minutes.

The fact is, although I use this technique as well, I understand the shortcomings that it offers vis-a-vis its very good potentials.

And here are the rest of it.Why do I say that? I will enumerate the good reasons why dropping entrecards from the inbox is still the best solution rather than having the fast dropping scripts.

First, the favor is returned for you drop to those who really dropped (visited your site) to your page.

Second, you will have a big probability of getting a free links, free ECs, other freebies from those who give awards and incentives to their Top Droppers.

Third, your droppers has a possibility to respect you as a good dropper back.

Fourth, a sense of connection is built between you and your "real" and serious droppers.

Fifth, your drop return is high, so it is also like earning 1.5 cards back per drop while for those on droppers that are so serious, they even earn more than 100% of their drops! That mean, gaining at least 2ECs per drop (one from dropping and one from the return drop).

Sixth, you help EntreCard back by visiting your pages too. It is a good way to say thank you to the site who devised a way for us to enhance our traffic. And many more reasons...

As I said, and I repeat here, using fast dropping scripts is not that bad... for I use one or two as well, when it is time to gain more and I do not have the time or if my drop inbox have been dropped already. But more often, those people doesn't really drop back for they use that same fast dropping device leaving you out if you are not listed there.

Before, when I drop more than usual and reached 300 each day, I always have to look for extra pages to drop upon because my return was around 50% of what I dropped. Now I think it is time that I list here my extra sites for dropping. It is good that the drop either originate from me or my inbox and of course, if the situation calls, my preferred fast dropping script found in my link list called "EC Ko". At least here, I can categorize these sites, by PR, by dropping back or by friends.

I know that many use fast dropping sites or pages. It is actually obvious as I look at the sinking traffic that EntreCard is getting.

This is not a very good indication for EC's Traffic. If it becomes too worse, it can even go out of circulation and many members would be left without a tool to get more traffic. Being grateful in a way is not bad. That is why I make it a way to navigate the site often.

These are the sites I consider Worth Visiting in A Way or Two (most but not all have ECs)

1. Blogspot with PR (WebbieStuffs)
http://bloodycomputer.blogspot.com/ - 4 - Bloody Computer
http://hackhowto.blogspot.com/ - 3 - Hack How To
http://cooltipsntricks.blogspot.com/ - 4. Tips n Tricks Collection
http://dailyfreesoftware.blogspot.com/ - 2-daily free software
http://computer-internet-technology.blogspot.com/ - 4- Blogger Template
http://computingtech.blogspot.com/ - 5- Computing Tech
http://megalit.blogspot.com/ -2-In Real Life
http://wongsk.blogspot.com/ - 2 - WongSk
http://www.viennadaily.blogspot.com/ - 4- vienna daily
http://todaysblogreview.blogspot.com/-2- The Blog Reviewer
http://paperkraft.blogspot.com/ - 5 - PaperCraft
http://modernhistorian.blogspot.com/ -3- The modern Historian
http://malaysiadigest.blogspot.com/ -3- Malaysia Digest
http://trafficdash.blogspot.com/ -3- Traffic Dash
http://marcdionisio.blogspot.com/ 4-My Drift
http://www.debontherocks.com-4. Deb on the Rocks
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And what is your dropping policy? Do you have a fast dropping list too?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Missed Your Movies? Watch Them Online for Free Then-...

It is always my intention to be free of monetary burden whenever I do things. I know this mindset of mine is not an in-born attitudde but rather an acquired character. Studying five (5) years of accounting/auditing to acquire my license as a CPA has made me really frugal to the max! I just dunno why. It is that they call the accountant's prudence maybe. Thus, in anything I do, I try to look for freebies or discounts.

This is how the site looks like...

Talking about freebies, i recently got this craze over a website that offers its visitors a whole film. And its database for films is quite full and complete. So far, all the films/movies I wanted to see, they are there! Honestly, I know that there are some ethical stuffs involved here. But they are just available and so I watch them... although I read from a site found in this feature that posted before about ethical questions on watching full films online with all those patent or copy right infringement thingies.

I just want to share with you though that a site like this indeed exists. Of course I have tried a lot of downloads of movies before using either emule, torrent or anything else but some movies takes even more than a week to download despite my connection speed and they consume quite huge memory of the PC. So, watching them online is pretty cool!

The Shanghai Noon page full of useful information to viewers (enclosed in red lines)...

About the ethical stuffs, I actually put the burden to the site's part for no one would watch unless they upload and made the films available, right? However, I have to say that there are limitations too so that is part of the "imperfectness" that the viewers might be discouraged watching films from this site. These disadvantages include the following:

1. A necessity of a very fast connection
2. The size of the video depends on your screen size/monitor size of course
3. The films have Japanese subtitles making it quite a disturbance to the viewers
4. Some films are divided into 3-5 group of videos to be able to see them full.

The good side that I like? It has the following:
1. Reviews by the viewers and so you can be guided to decide whether to watch or not.
2. Reviews of the videos uploaded if they worke good or not
3. Some films have various uploaded videos so the viewer can choose the best running vids.

I am not encouraging you but I am simply sharing the information with you about this website found at http://www.watch-movies-links.net.

I have acually watched countless of movies, whether these movies are too old for me and I missed them when they were first shown for I was a baby when they were out and hot, or these movies, I missed due to work or studies before, or movies I just missed for any reason or movies I want to watch again. So far, I remember watching the following:
The Manchurian Candidate
Big (I love Tom Hanks here actually!)
Kung Fu Hustle
Our Italian Husbands
Miss Congeniality Too
And many more..and many more...I also plan to watch Shanghai Noon next after work and going around today.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Read This Post and Get at Least £10 and 200 EntreCard Credits

WebbieStuffs Offers £10.00 ($20) and FREE 200 ECs HERE!Just CLick Here to Get It!

Yes the title DOES NOT fool you. You can get what I said you can. It is because I discovered a site called Freebies4Webmasters. It made me gain £10 (approximately $20) at the beginning of this month as a payment to my (1) signing up and approval and (2) implementing the code they send me.

The rules are very easy. Click here and signup. If your firefox wont let you open the link, tey other browsers such as Opera. After signing up, fetch your application ID and the partial 50 ECs will be sent to you. This is a need for me to know which one of you really applied in my referral section so no confusion will happen. The remaining 150 ECs will be sent right after you are validated. Validation is also shown on my account to all members I referred so just tell me your Publisher ID telling that you have been validated and I will send you the 150 ECs right away. You can do that either through email if I have sent you one before, but if not, please reply here or PM me at my EC account.
Complete instructions on filling out the form is shown in the tutorial section below...

I give you 200 Entrecard credits (ECs) to show that this is NOT a hoax. Right after I received my signup bonus of £10, I believed in it and I am showing here my proof of payment from paypal. You have nothing to lose for signing up here. If you have more than 1 blogs, you signup once and just add the rest of the bligs or site that you have. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 100 sites per person. But I don't think we all have 100 sites anyway so that is not a problem.

I will be posting the tutorial at the lower section of this post but before that, I want to highlight the benefits that this program offers:

The earning notice in my email that surprised me...

When I checked my paypal account, indeed it was there...

1. Sign up Bonus of £10 (approximately $20) per site. If you have many sites, multiply that £10 as well.

This however also means, you have to:
  1. (a.)
  3. (b.) Wait for your approval
  4. (c.) Implement the code they send by email or fetch it in you account using the "Get Code" link under the "Publisher Section" link; and
  5. (d.) Wait for their validation and payment.

2. Monthly payment of £5 (approx $10) per domain for doing nothing (one domain means you submitted 3 urls under it). That means, the moment your code was implemented, the succeeding months, your blog or site would have its own passive earning. It doesn't matter whether the ads were clicked or not. This mean "Ten minutes of your time will result in 12 payments a year, it's that easy."

3. Referring your friends and if they succeed the number "1" above, you get another £10 from each of them. Isn't that cool? Can you imagine the freebies this site indeed offer? We all have nothing to loose. I know we all want gifts and freebies and so I am sharing this. If you have difficulty understanding, and you are having little help for the site's FAQ, you can as well refer from some of the points I would highlight below. If this does not help, write a comment to ask a question.

However, since it is your earning, you better learn the tricks of the trade as well. You can earn many £10 but my referral can be used once because your IP is tracked and once you have added your first site, your next site will be your own referral. That means you can have £50 sign up for five sites but still, I would be giving you 200 Entrecard credits for the site you chose to register under my referral .. your first site to register.
This is the same image as above but with proper tips below so you would not scroll up again...

To get approved, please note:

  1. First register your "best" site(s) and urls.
  2. The three (3) urls mean (a) url of the main site or the domain. and the (b.) second and third url that you need to fill is for the sub-urls: your posts urls.
  3. When choosing the url of your post to enter in the second and third url, choose the best post: most visitted, google searchable (if possible), most commented or any other criteria you may consider to qualify that post to be "better" than the rest of your posts. This way you can be approved faster and earn faster!
  4. The payment email that was asked in the form is your paypal email.
Now if you are in doubt, please refer to the tips and tutorial below. If you have specific question (s), simply open this specific post and press "Ctrl + F" to look for specific terms when you have a question or two to ask. The points down are sub-divided into two phases: (1) for signing up and (2) Once you have your account and you can navigate inside.

I highlighted those points because I have referred at least seven people as you can see in the screenshots. That means, I have referred more than seven and most of them have questions. I have to admit that the freebie site is not very clear on some points and I have had to discover how things work. Just look at some of the points I present:

A. Tips When Signing Up
  • 1. Fill in the form FOUND HERE! Click the big circle saying"SIGN UP"
  • 2. See the samples for the three urls that it requires: It must BE under THE SAME domain. One for the homepage and the rest for the post/subdomain urls. Those are the specific urls where you are going to paste the ad codes when you get approved. That is why I recommend choosing your best posts for easy approval purposes.
  • 3.The payment email: Write your paypal email.
  • 4. Where did you hear the site field, please write http://www.webbiestuffs.com because if you are here reading this, I think writing that references is the truth. ^^
B. Tips After You Have the Freebie Account
Refer to the images and the captions emplaining them. Take note of the highlighted portion and their numbers in the side. The images are linked to their original sizes in photobucket so you may click them to see them clearly. The numbers in the images and the caption correspond to each other.

1. Take note that even you are signed in already, this images is still visible. I got confused at first thinking that I was not signed in but I was.

2. CLick the "Publisher Section" to see many information. The image you actually see is under the "Publisher Section">> "My Reselling">>"My Payments" and I chosed "all time" to generate the report instead of the default "today".

3. The report section for your earnings have a default of "today". You can change it into "weekly or 7 days" or "monthly/30 days" or even "all time" to see all your referrals.

4. The number of remaining referrals that are subject to the Freebies4Webmasters' review and approval. This excludes the approved applications.

5. Just look at my current referrals.. The application ID is actually 5 digit but I erased some digits for some security purposes....

6. The publishers. These are the approved applications under one's referrals. This means, the bloggers above, they only need the status of "verified/validated and they can completely claim their remaining 150 EC credits from me! (if they have not claimed their 50 ECs yet, this means I still owe them 200 ECs).

7. The validation status. All validated approved applications will receive £10 from Freebies4Webmasters site plus 200 EntreCard credits from me and a monthly payout of £5 as long as the ad codes are in their respective urls, still running.

8. My earnings from referral is still zero. I would earn them after validation. The same is tru if you refer your friends after signing up. I think you can still refer without being approved. You just get your referral code and send to your fellow bloggers or friends.

Just showing here what comes out after clicking the Publisher section. It is the subsections with brief explanations of their functions and contents...

1. That is where you click to sign up after arriving at the site.

12. Here, I clicked my payment history to see what I have received so far. I just signed up two weeks ago, received my signup bonus last September 1 and here I am, referring you to earn as well.

13. The record of my signup bonus that the Freebies4Webmasters have paid me so far. Looking forward to more payments.

To earn, all you have to do is follow their instructions. Those who signup and implement the codes right away, sometimes there are also more bonuses for implementing the codes faster. Just follow the instructions closely and you can earn. Read..read..read..learn..EARN!..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Time Around I am More Proud to Be Asian!

Why? Because I am Asian! And how? Is it your business anyway? I am proud to be Asian because I have found a really comprehensive blog or website called The Asian Economist. And what is this site all about? Nothing more than "commentaries and satires without censorship.". I have read quite some articles in this site and those articles made me admire the writer. They are neat and comprehensive but I have to admit that with my stubbornness, I often disagree! I am always the devil's advocate, eh!
The Homepage of the site with its featured posts, post summaries and site sponsors

I have wandered quite some time around this site discovering its technique. Currently, it has three members in its list, with a director-writer together with another two fellows. And one more thing.. one of them was educated in the Philippines when he was a child! Amazing! I was educated in the Philippines as well.

The aspirations of this site in its "About" section, even impresses me more. It is independent! I even thought that it a bit comparable to the style of New York Times! It is very organized and comprehensive. I quote the founder/writers' apirations here, found in its
About section:
Here at TheAsian Economist.com we strive to provide articles that are factual, thoughtful and sometimes even humorous one. Our goal is to write articles that are entertaining, informative and that are not cover by by the big media sources. We are not only a economic online magazine but we provide editorials from Arts & Entertainment to Techonology.

We, the writers, here at TheAsianEconomist.com are all unpaid. We are not funded any big corporation that overlooks our articles, therefor we can publish any articles we like. We write freely, not for the money or for the our bosses (because we don’t have any).
What is in the Politics Section?

Indded, the blog/online magazine is not only about economy. It has its various categorizations namely: Arts and Entertainment, Asia, Economy and Business, Politics, Technology, and the World.

I do love the feature of the blog/e-zine with that slide show of featured articles in the site that can catch attention of the readers of what is currently hot. You see in the images of the screeenshots here that the categorizations are helpful when one wants to read in a certain category such as politics or technolofgy, among others.
Somewhere in the Techno Region...

Since the writers are all youngters and students, The Asian Economist, surely inspires the youngsters of its views. I do share some of their sentiments for we are in the same generation. I am 23. It should then gain a better google PR (it has PR 3 at the moment) to be more searchable and accessible to the youth.

The site's traffic with a promising trajectory

I like the site design wise and all. It looks very professional. I tried to take a peek for the site's traffic and I was also amazed. It is abviously trying to gain readership with an obviously very good record in the past weeks. It is still continuing to plummet up. Not all are goodies goodies though. I have found some correctible spellings which I assume a reasonable short coming since it is a site that is not funded and it is outstanding in its own sense. I have done dtons of wrong spellings in this blog anyway. I am actually referring to the words "therefor" (in the About Us section) and "politic" (in its category section) which I think are not in their correct spellings? Or maybe I just referred to the words therefore and politics. I hope the writers may clarify this.

Overall, I like the site and I suggest you to read. My favorite post? Or should I say the Heated Hated Post is found in this link. Try to see what it is. I commented as Rogue there.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sharing What I Like Today: Love Dancing in His Rhythms

It is Monday and I wanna befin it right. First, with morning exercise and then my breakfast. At nine (an hour from now) I got to run until one pm. In fact, the viseo that I am sharing has been an exercise and dancing companion to me since I discovered it around a month ago. I just like the music and more so the artist.

Shaggy has been a favorite for me since I heard his voice. I got hooked with his Sexy Lady song but I already liked Angel before, though I was just clueless it was him singing. I like his unique recognizable voice and so are the voices of Chapman, Shakira, and the Red Hot CHili Pepper... So long, just a briefie on this Shaggy Buddy Buddy Doo.. ^^
Orville Richard Burrell (born October 22, 1968, Kingston, Jamaica) better known by his stage name Shaggy, is a Jamaican American reggae singer who takes his nickname from Scooby-Doo's companion, a nickname given to him by his friends, during his teenage years in which his name bore a similarity to the Scooby Doo character. He is especially notable for his distinctive sub-baritone voice. Speaking on 'This Morning' on 27 August 2008, Burrell states the name Shaggy is a reference to his then hairstyle. Wikipedia
In fact this music suits my love for football/soccer. Been playing this game back in the university..and maybe ths is the reason why I ma mistaken as a male in the blog worlds for my love and I can relate to lots of sports.

A Great Educational Service by Bedfordshire University

The good thing about having the Internet these days is the availability of information in just few clicks. Today, I have stumbled online from a multi-awarded university and I have read through what it is offering. It is the University of Bedfordshire! What caught my attention is the university's Clearing process. Technically, it is called University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2008. Wondering what is it? That is why I wished my university was like that of Bedfordshire for this whole Clearing process is really aimed for good and it is obviously very helpful. You can also view it from this url: http://www.beds.ac.uk/clearing.

The Clearing 2008 in Bedforshire actually starts this 14th of August and runs until mid September. Why I said it is helpful and I like this Clearing process? It is because in the dates covered, the University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team will be on standby to offer students and aspiring students alike, support and advice. This team can help them get onto a course that’s right for those student, answer questions about financial support and tell those students all they need to know about studying at the university. Isn't that a great university service? Do you want to know more of this Clearing? The team can be reached at 0800-013-0925.

What intrigues me more about this university is its good records. Another reason to wish my university was at least similar to this. Bedfordshire University, as I learned from its website, has enjoyed a vast array of success since launching in 2006. It has leapt up the league tables a massive 24 places in the 2007 Times Good University Guide, and have also successfully climbed up the league tables, according to the Independent 2008. This is not counting the various awards it has garnered.

Isn't Bedfordshire a good university offering great services? Again, check out its Clearing 2008 and I am sure you'll like the concept.

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