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Friday, September 19, 2008

Beady and Affordable Accessories are Simply Great!

Lately, I have posted here about brushes and prints on photoshop. It was virtually artistic but this time, I am talking about beady stuffs: artistic too but in real sense! What are with beads anyway? First, they are great accessories; second, they are relatively cheaper; and to top it all, beads are beautiful, colorful and easy to match with any outfit or color or style.

This is actually my own birthstone...

A few weeks ago, I have made an article about beads which are great ways for women, both personally and entrepreneurial wise (though the post was unpublished and still being kept by me). Indeed, beads are both good for personal use, as a useful hobby as well as a business.

If one is familiary with beads, it would be known that there are lots of advantages when dealing with beads. Why?

See the wholesale deals...

>Beads can be purchased anywhere.

>They can be in any accessory store, in textile and designer's shops and of course, they can be purchased online.

>There is also a wide variety of beads available from glass beads to gemstone beads or even wooden beads.

>This gives more flexibility to the design of the accessories if there are a lot of supplies to choose from.

Some beady delights on display...

The best deal however? If you buy them at bulk because wholesale beads
have definitely great discounts! While I was enhancing my knowledge with regards to beads, I actually came along Beads of Cambay, a whole sale bead supplier. I have also found out that the business is currently offering discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of “high quality” gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. So if you are looking for discounted and high quality wholesale gemstone beads, this is definitely the best deal in town.

In fact, even a press realease was made for this very huge discounts on the best accessory materials-- the beads!


  1. If this is a paid post, it is appropriate to indicate that it is somewhere in the article. BTW: Your third image links to a 404 error. And, you've specifically said this article is for "women". I think men might be interested too. Finally, I'm not sure this is "weblog" related (ok, maybe as a review... which it is tagged). But, actually, I like this article better than most of the ones specific to blogging (except for the problems I've mentioned). Maybe it is time for you to refocus your blog to include more "real" things.

  2. imagine.. we have the same reviews pa sis.. thanks for the commento ha.. nabusy ang beauty ko, so ngayon lang ako nakabisita ulit sa page mo...

    as for your comment: thanks, now you are a mystery to me.. hmmmm.. now its your time to show up..

    oh.. thanks for the warm wishes.. don't worry i told my bana about it and he wants to say thnaks daw...

    my birthstone is topaz.. hahaha

  3. To NewsPie,
    Thanks for noticing. I am happy that you have identified that this one is indeed paid. Tha means you closely follow my posts and this blog.

    SOmetimes, other psid posts has notation not to put a disclosure to make it appear as a part of the blog maybe and I like it that way to, coz as much as possible, I want to blend them off with webbie stuffs contents.

    Correct ka dyan gurl. I saw yours as well. I am glad that this one has been approved in a matter of 24 hours. Bilis yata ng support!


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