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Friday, September 12, 2008

How About You? What Were Your "Firsts" in Blogging?

This is not an original idea. Actually, I just saw the post of a fellow blogger and a loyal buddy to one of my blogs (actually the very first one and now is too old that is why it has PR3). He is actually taking notes of all his "firsts" in blogging such as first post, first comment, first layout, first links, and all other firsts that can happen to a blogger.

Ciao! What are your very "firsts"?

This fact that I have read a post on a fellow blogger's "firsts" made me thin, "how about my firsts?" I remeber without knowing a lot of things. I mean
, if one is to be a blogger, and be aware of and NOT ignorant of at least the basic jargons in blogging, it takes quite some time. In fact, even until now, I still have to learn many things.

I am not a person who remembers everything though. Although if I trace it back, I could always get the first posts, the first comment and all the possible firsts but what matters to me is the learning I gained after having those "firsts"!

I never knew commenting existed...
I never knew Internet could be that "unreliable" for anyone can write anything...
I never knew what PR was...
I never knew I could make more than one blog and so when I discovered, I made an additional three.
I never knew what rss means or any other feed...
I never knew one could earn by blogging...
I never knew friends can be gained in blogging...
I never knew blogging could be so addictive and enjoying and time consuming process...
I never knew.. I knew NOT!

Honestly, the list is much longer than that. Now looking back, it was around ten months ago when I started really blogging. The first is of course the blog I mentioned above with a political and geographical theme. The rests? One can only imagine. This blog is only one among the around 20 blogs i built, deleted, built, deleted. But now, I am seriously blogging on three blogs, all supported by the free hosted blogger platform.

It is fun to look back into and see how and what were those stupidities and misconceptions. Now that I am back to work in three days time after a yar of enjoyable no working life, I hope my blogs would not be left behing. I also hope my 3-hour daily job would not be so tiring. I am also happy with the fact that I found this job within 6 8 weeks of stsy in this new place and although it is roghly 15 hours a week, it pays generously to a net of at least $1,400. I have to see then, after this coming week if it is still very convenient to blog. But I think the work is just too light with the number of hours, unless I get another job in my free time for more bucks of course and for the next vacation and for the future and for a lot of things.

And how about your firsts? I bet you are having some thoughts about them too. Your very first blog, what you did, how did you learn and all those stuffs. I would love to hear from your side too.


  1. I remember that my first post was actually just a short introduction on how we can earn online. Back then I'm not yet able to earn online.

    MY first blog was deleted by Blogger for an unknown reason

  2. I think u were referring to Blue, huh? I've read his post too.

    I can still remember some of my firsts here, like first post (since i can retrieve it anytime), first layout (i've taken a screen shot of it), etc.

    You're right, it's good to look back at those times. Sometimes if i don't have anything to do, i actually read my posts last year. (",)

  3. I had entire websites devoted to the topic "creating a website" (ie. How to write a post. How to update regularly. Etc). I don't do that any more (hopefully). I have a friend who used to "hack" computers: STILL a "first". I don't know why people do this (but maybe I'll learn why some day).

  4. Oh goodness, my first blog was a gardening one back in 1999ish? Eep. A long time ago. I remember my first "forum" was just a yahoo group thing too. Wow, I had no idea what SEO or pagerank or tags or anything like that was.

  5. I though I just had to put some words up there and everyone would come around to see it.

    'Little naive eh? :)

  6. I wrote this poetic treatise on my very first blog that when I tried to login again I couldn't remember my logins so I had to start a new one.

  7. This is an excellent idea. I like your firsts because many of them would be mine too if I started listing out my firsts! Especially the last one

    I never knew I knew not!

    Yup that is what education is all about. It is learning about things we didnt even know we didnt know. And what we learn from experience is the best learning.

    I loved this post you have written as it reminded me of my own learnings :)


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