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Monday, September 1, 2008

A Great Educational Service by Bedfordshire University

The good thing about having the Internet these days is the availability of information in just few clicks. Today, I have stumbled online from a multi-awarded university and I have read through what it is offering. It is the University of Bedfordshire! What caught my attention is the university's Clearing process. Technically, it is called University of Bedfordshire Clearing 2008. Wondering what is it? That is why I wished my university was like that of Bedfordshire for this whole Clearing process is really aimed for good and it is obviously very helpful. You can also view it from this url: http://www.beds.ac.uk/clearing.

The Clearing 2008 in Bedforshire actually starts this 14th of August and runs until mid September. Why I said it is helpful and I like this Clearing process? It is because in the dates covered, the University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team will be on standby to offer students and aspiring students alike, support and advice. This team can help them get onto a course that’s right for those student, answer questions about financial support and tell those students all they need to know about studying at the university. Isn't that a great university service? Do you want to know more of this Clearing? The team can be reached at 0800-013-0925.

What intrigues me more about this university is its good records. Another reason to wish my university was at least similar to this. Bedfordshire University, as I learned from its website, has enjoyed a vast array of success since launching in 2006. It has leapt up the league tables a massive 24 places in the 2007 Times Good University Guide, and have also successfully climbed up the league tables, according to the Independent 2008. This is not counting the various awards it has garnered.

Isn't Bedfordshire a good university offering great services? Again, check out its Clearing 2008 and I am sure you'll like the concept.


  1. This is great news and a good tip for those Studious ones. Today I have been plagued with a lot of bad luck so haven't finished those task yet and even wanted to launch my contest on the entre forum and there is a bug there and can't access it. I hope tomorrow I can finish the entre stumbles and also launch my contest..I already blogged about it on my yanji blog..huggles.haven't forgotten you.

  2. You are right in there yanjiaren. Bedfordshire University rocks!

  3. Most universities run their own clearing programs, especially those not associated with UCAS. Applying to non UCAS universities during clearing means you have options even if you're don't get accepted to your first or second choice UCAS universities.


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