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Friday, September 12, 2008

It Is Weekend and 'ts Time to Enjoy and Relax.. Isn't It?

I was browsing around and I saw a lot of blogging jokes. When I looked at the credits, those jokes were from http://www.blaugh.com and so I proceeded to the site to spend a good time laughing, smiling, grinning and having a happy heart reading!

When you click the images, it will lead you to the original source. I made it to say my thanks to the ingenious maker(s) of the following cartoons. You can either click the images or just browse down to see he rest.

Nine Wonderful Bloggers' Hits!

Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?

Modern Day Bully

The Widgetized Kawasaki


How to Overcome Writer's Block

Act Like a Professional

Don't Drink and Blog

Blogging Fodder

Understanding Women


  1. hilarious! the pregnant woman is my favorite ;) thanks for sharing rogue.

    about the bbq, charcoal enhances the aroma eh, pero you can use naman your oven, or toaster or turbo broiler. ;)

  2. Hysterical! I am not normally one to find cartoons funny, but these amuse the geek side of me greatly.

  3. Excellent found.I will be using there images in my blog with credit link back. Thanks a lot...

  4. Hahaha...It made my day. I like it.

    Post more funny and interesting stuffs.Thanks

  5. I hope people take time to relax. Thanks.

  6. Funny!
    poor kid..can't go out and play..hehehe
    thanks for the share..
    happy weekend

  7. Hilarious. I guess sometime blogging takes over our minds and turns us into crazy people =)) I love the pregnant lady, too funny!

  8. I am pre menstrual lol so all good jokes are great coming my way.

  9. Hahaha...They're really funny! Will check the site myself.

  10. just went at the site, pretty cool..

    Have a blessed Sunday.. dropped EC too.

  11. I did not know that this site was around the cartoons are really funny.

  12. I really thought the one with the resume was funny. I guess I'm a professional booger, too.


  13. I think the pregnant woman comic strip is funny, reminds me how some are also adopting pets just have something to blog about. :P

  14. I love the illustrations but I like the messages better :)

  15. Wow man great pictures really great loved lot watching them i love this type of stuff..

  16. nice post

    really interesting cartoon

  17. Quite interesting and funny.Smart thinking :)

  18. this is great one rogue, you have awaken my sleeping soul... thanks for the visit... kamusta naka? super busy?

  19. =)) MAN.....those are hilarious...OMG...i loved the one with 2 boys arguing on who's dad has more traffic...lol


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