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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Link Popularity and Integrity of Google Page Rank

A post on link popularity was made before this particular post. Moreover, at least three posts on Google PageRank, Page Rank, or PR has been made in this blog as well. Since this blog is a learning blog, there have just some observations on the relationships between the two: the link popularity and google PR. Both are of course a useful tool in determining how a blog or a website ranks in the entire world wide web (www).

As a plain observation, WebbieStuffs Blog just found out that there is not really a strong relevance between the link popularity and PR. Why is that? As previously posted, the blog which has the lowest score in link popularity is the only blog, among the three that I own, that has a google PR. The page rank is actually 3 and it is not a very bad rank with its 9 or 10 months of existence.

However, link popularity I think really gives a blog a good score. But it is very obvious that blogs with good PR are more respected. But should that be the case? Or we are just all brainwashed about google's pagerank? Another set of observations come the Webloglearner's way about this.

It seems that only older blogs really gain the PR: I have no idea if there are bloggers around who gained the PR in the first update of google's PR on after their 3 months of existence? I can tell that my blog with PR existed for at least 6 months before it gained its PR 3. Actually, the same is true with all its contemporary blogs. It seems that all of us have gained the same PRs by then. All the bloggers that were my online buddies before all have PR 3 by now.

What else? My two new blogs that have their own/respective domains are both searcheable in google and in fact, i see a lot of google searches going my pages. However, this fact does not insure these two blogs of the google PR. And why is that? As I have mentioned, they are both new and although some of the dates in the posts were as old as April, the custom domains were just implemented last July. This makes the blogs so young, only two months. I bet when it grows at least six months and have two google PR updates on them, they will have PRs too. They both have very goog link popularity as can be seen in the previous post. It is just a matter of time!

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  1. I disagree, Sis...

    My blog had PR4 before after only existing for 2-1/2 months. I started it in December last year and when google updated its ranking in February, i got it but unfortunately, lost it after 2 months bcoz of paid blogging. But i did enjoy the opps to it highest level so it's ok. Not all are given the chance to have PR anyway. I'm still thankful, though i'm still hoping that i'd get it back. (",)

  2. When it comes to PR I get depress hehehe, wala siguro akong pag asa dyan lol..

    Thanks for the visit.. Ingat lagi!

  3. The relation between the backlinks, PR and SERPs is never understandable. I have been checking my stats since the past 2 years but they never correlate. The best i can do is to have good number of backlinks to get PR in a few months and then relevant links to get better SERPs.

  4. I would love to see even a PR1 on my blog. It would be encouraging. But I do not have nearly enough link popularity. My blog is still in the launch pad.



  5. Thanks for the insight. I have just started my blog and I am struggling to find the best places to get back links--in a quick way. Google is always changing its algorithms on SEO so I am never quite sure on the best course of action!



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