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Monday, September 8, 2008

Missed Your Movies? Watch Them Online for Free Then-...

It is always my intention to be free of monetary burden whenever I do things. I know this mindset of mine is not an in-born attitudde but rather an acquired character. Studying five (5) years of accounting/auditing to acquire my license as a CPA has made me really frugal to the max! I just dunno why. It is that they call the accountant's prudence maybe. Thus, in anything I do, I try to look for freebies or discounts.

This is how the site looks like...

Talking about freebies, i recently got this craze over a website that offers its visitors a whole film. And its database for films is quite full and complete. So far, all the films/movies I wanted to see, they are there! Honestly, I know that there are some ethical stuffs involved here. But they are just available and so I watch them... although I read from a site found in this feature that posted before about ethical questions on watching full films online with all those patent or copy right infringement thingies.

I just want to share with you though that a site like this indeed exists. Of course I have tried a lot of downloads of movies before using either emule, torrent or anything else but some movies takes even more than a week to download despite my connection speed and they consume quite huge memory of the PC. So, watching them online is pretty cool!

The Shanghai Noon page full of useful information to viewers (enclosed in red lines)...

About the ethical stuffs, I actually put the burden to the site's part for no one would watch unless they upload and made the films available, right? However, I have to say that there are limitations too so that is part of the "imperfectness" that the viewers might be discouraged watching films from this site. These disadvantages include the following:

1. A necessity of a very fast connection
2. The size of the video depends on your screen size/monitor size of course
3. The films have Japanese subtitles making it quite a disturbance to the viewers
4. Some films are divided into 3-5 group of videos to be able to see them full.

The good side that I like? It has the following:
1. Reviews by the viewers and so you can be guided to decide whether to watch or not.
2. Reviews of the videos uploaded if they worke good or not
3. Some films have various uploaded videos so the viewer can choose the best running vids.

I am not encouraging you but I am simply sharing the information with you about this website found at http://www.watch-movies-links.net.

I have acually watched countless of movies, whether these movies are too old for me and I missed them when they were first shown for I was a baby when they were out and hot, or these movies, I missed due to work or studies before, or movies I just missed for any reason or movies I want to watch again. So far, I remember watching the following:
The Manchurian Candidate
Big (I love Tom Hanks here actually!)
Kung Fu Hustle
Our Italian Husbands
Miss Congeniality Too
And many more..and many more...I also plan to watch Shanghai Noon next after work and going around today.


  1. I see you have comments enabled without using the popup window. Very good! I also notice you are a CPA: I think this is the most "personal" information you've shared with us ;) Maybe I would like to know more about you. That's nice.

  2. oh..this is totally interesting here.. instead of paying bucks watching a movie one time in a theater why not download it or watched it online for free. that is one way of saving extra moolah....

    as for your comment: I was addicted into video games before and i definitely know how to play with it too.. starcraft which is famous now broadwar as they enhanced it, Delta Force, etc... I just love watching the video they made of it and the music combination too...

    got you some award on my page CLICK IT HERE

  3. Hi Rogue, I agree with News Pie, this is the first time i've seen a post with some personal stuff about you. Hubby will like this site since he love watching movies. I seldom watch movie, pag love story lang saka ako nanunuod hehehe.. Thanks for saring the info!

  4. nice, especially for movies that hard to find. thanks for sharing.

  5. Good that you're frugal. I'm trying to be frugal especially now that I'm preggy. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I am not very good at being frugal but do need to try. I need to find more ways to save money.

  7. Hi Rogue!

    I've watched a couple of movies there as well. Maid of Honor, The Hottie and the Nottie, hmm what else... I already forgot! But it's a great site for free full length movies. :)

  8. Hi, I usually like to watch movies online for free, a habit that i cannot explaine and i also keep going on for searching new websites and here i found your blog on it, i would also like to tell you that some 2 or 3 months ago i found out this website 10StarMovies.com, i hope you also gonna like it.


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