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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Drop Inbox is Still Holy

Language here may involved EntreCard terms. If you don't understand, be a member. If you don't like, please ask at the comment section.. I am sure lots of experts with EC are hovering around.

Yes, I still go back to my inbox. This is when EntreCard is concerned. However, this is not on a daily basis unlike before that I could still drop 300 a day. Now, when I reach 100, I am already happy. If my inbox is not enough to support my planned drops for a day, I resort to my fast loading dropping device which I have a link in this blog called "EC Ko".. If you are interested, click that and you can make much drops in few minutes.

The fact is, although I use this technique as well, I understand the shortcomings that it offers vis-a-vis its very good potentials.

And here are the rest of it.Why do I say that? I will enumerate the good reasons why dropping entrecards from the inbox is still the best solution rather than having the fast dropping scripts.

First, the favor is returned for you drop to those who really dropped (visited your site) to your page.

Second, you will have a big probability of getting a free links, free ECs, other freebies from those who give awards and incentives to their Top Droppers.

Third, your droppers has a possibility to respect you as a good dropper back.

Fourth, a sense of connection is built between you and your "real" and serious droppers.

Fifth, your drop return is high, so it is also like earning 1.5 cards back per drop while for those on droppers that are so serious, they even earn more than 100% of their drops! That mean, gaining at least 2ECs per drop (one from dropping and one from the return drop).

Sixth, you help EntreCard back by visiting your pages too. It is a good way to say thank you to the site who devised a way for us to enhance our traffic. And many more reasons...

As I said, and I repeat here, using fast dropping scripts is not that bad... for I use one or two as well, when it is time to gain more and I do not have the time or if my drop inbox have been dropped already. But more often, those people doesn't really drop back for they use that same fast dropping device leaving you out if you are not listed there.

Before, when I drop more than usual and reached 300 each day, I always have to look for extra pages to drop upon because my return was around 50% of what I dropped. Now I think it is time that I list here my extra sites for dropping. It is good that the drop either originate from me or my inbox and of course, if the situation calls, my preferred fast dropping script found in my link list called "EC Ko". At least here, I can categorize these sites, by PR, by dropping back or by friends.

I know that many use fast dropping sites or pages. It is actually obvious as I look at the sinking traffic that EntreCard is getting.

This is not a very good indication for EC's Traffic. If it becomes too worse, it can even go out of circulation and many members would be left without a tool to get more traffic. Being grateful in a way is not bad. That is why I make it a way to navigate the site often.

These are the sites I consider Worth Visiting in A Way or Two (most but not all have ECs)

1. Blogspot with PR (WebbieStuffs)
http://bloodycomputer.blogspot.com/ - 4 - Bloody Computer
http://hackhowto.blogspot.com/ - 3 - Hack How To
http://cooltipsntricks.blogspot.com/ - 4. Tips n Tricks Collection
http://dailyfreesoftware.blogspot.com/ - 2-daily free software
http://computer-internet-technology.blogspot.com/ - 4- Blogger Template
http://computingtech.blogspot.com/ - 5- Computing Tech
http://megalit.blogspot.com/ -2-In Real Life
http://wongsk.blogspot.com/ - 2 - WongSk
http://www.viennadaily.blogspot.com/ - 4- vienna daily
http://todaysblogreview.blogspot.com/-2- The Blog Reviewer
http://paperkraft.blogspot.com/ - 5 - PaperCraft
http://modernhistorian.blogspot.com/ -3- The modern Historian
http://malaysiadigest.blogspot.com/ -3- Malaysia Digest
http://trafficdash.blogspot.com/ -3- Traffic Dash
http://marcdionisio.blogspot.com/ 4-My Drift
http://www.debontherocks.com-4. Deb on the Rocks
http://travellingspouse.blogspot.com/ -4- Travelling Spouse
http://waterrosez.blogspot.com/ -3- Water Rose
http://www.youareaflyonmywall.blogspot.com/ -2- You are a fly on my wall
http://don-pepot.blogspot.com/ -2- don pepot
http://aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com/ -2 - A Nice Place
http://personal-finance-management.blogspot.com/ - 3- Personal Finance
http://inspiredartbeat.blogspot.com/ -3- Art Blog
http://cromely.blogspot.com/ -3- Cromely's world
http://www.makapalm.com/- MakaPalm PH

http://barkbarkwoofwoof.blogspot.com - Bark Bark Woof Woof - PR
http://barefootbum.blogspot.com - The Barefoot Bum: The New Athiesm - PR5
http://discordianstooge.blogspot.com - At the Hillocks of Hysteria -PR6
http://barkingrabbits.blogspot.com/ - Barking Rabbits . PR3
http://jonswift.blogspot.com - Jon Swift - PR6
http://bildungblog.blogspot.com/ - BildungBlog -PR5
http://www.bluestemwine.blogspot.com/ - PR3
http://www.winklekat.com/ - PR3
http://www.technicallyeasy.net/ - guest post on technology here

No PR Blogger
http://googlebible.blogspot.com/ Google Bible
http://computerfasternow.blogspot.com/ - SpeedUp Your Comp

And what is your dropping policy? Do you have a fast dropping list too?


  1. Good info. I think EC will pick back up. The problem is more people are selling their credits lately. It's like the stock market. It will fluctuate, like anything else.

  2. I always use my inbox whenever i drop ECs. Well, that's bcoz i don't know any other way to do so. Hehe.

    Very well detailed tips, Sis. Keep up the good work!

  3. Same here.. I've been reciprocating drops only for months now. I'm quite happy with 150-ish traffic from Entrecard because 250-300 was so exhausting for me to reciprocate :(

  4. i only click one by on on my drops box, sometimes i use someone's fast drop in www.rubenmanik.com/Entrecard (if you have site just like the site i use, plz tell me).

  5. very well said. i also drop from my inbox but instead of today's i drop from yesterday's, that way the list is already complete.

  6. Here's my 300 drop list: I only use it for special promotions lately.


    Since the Entrecard toolbar, I use favorites instead of my drop box. I can control the number of sites listed, drop on those sites regularly to build loyalty, and because they're favorites I am inspired to spend some time on those sites when I drop to read and comment (or just enjoy).

    Recently, I've added ALL the favorites to EACH of my sites so I can choose one of my sites each day to focus on and STILL hit all my favorites. Or, I can drop 1-6 times on a site by changing accounts... an idea I had today to reward good blog posts (1-6 "stars") for when I don't comment or digg.

  7. hello dear, good for you that you have even got reached that 300 EC per day.. whoaa i can't i might be a computer freak but it is not really in my nature to do such huge things, i was really affected when i lost my pr before but since it came to my senses that blogging is more important to me than anything else, this way i could send updates to my fellow friends that i left way back in PI, sorry took me forever to get back here kasi naman nabusy beauty ko..

    as for your comment: my husband's job is in a short a laborer, that's why he needs titanium and their's another one na mas matigas at will never break no matter what... don't know what it's called eh...

  8. Hi. Found you in the EC marketing forum and want to invite you to try Firestorm forum for all your social network exchanges. Much larger group of people participating, many from Entrecard, and much more to offer in terms of marketing your blog. firestormforum.com Hope we see you there.


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