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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Read This Post and Get at Least £10 and 200 EntreCard Credits

WebbieStuffs Offers £10.00 ($20) and FREE 200 ECs HERE!Just CLick Here to Get It!

Yes the title DOES NOT fool you. You can get what I said you can. It is because I discovered a site called Freebies4Webmasters. It made me gain £10 (approximately $20) at the beginning of this month as a payment to my (1) signing up and approval and (2) implementing the code they send me.

The rules are very easy. Click here and signup. If your firefox wont let you open the link, tey other browsers such as Opera. After signing up, fetch your application ID and the partial 50 ECs will be sent to you. This is a need for me to know which one of you really applied in my referral section so no confusion will happen. The remaining 150 ECs will be sent right after you are validated. Validation is also shown on my account to all members I referred so just tell me your Publisher ID telling that you have been validated and I will send you the 150 ECs right away. You can do that either through email if I have sent you one before, but if not, please reply here or PM me at my EC account.
Complete instructions on filling out the form is shown in the tutorial section below...

I give you 200 Entrecard credits (ECs) to show that this is NOT a hoax. Right after I received my signup bonus of £10, I believed in it and I am showing here my proof of payment from paypal. You have nothing to lose for signing up here. If you have more than 1 blogs, you signup once and just add the rest of the bligs or site that you have. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 100 sites per person. But I don't think we all have 100 sites anyway so that is not a problem.

I will be posting the tutorial at the lower section of this post but before that, I want to highlight the benefits that this program offers:

The earning notice in my email that surprised me...

When I checked my paypal account, indeed it was there...

1. Sign up Bonus of £10 (approximately $20) per site. If you have many sites, multiply that £10 as well.

This however also means, you have to:
  1. (a.)
  3. (b.) Wait for your approval
  4. (c.) Implement the code they send by email or fetch it in you account using the "Get Code" link under the "Publisher Section" link; and
  5. (d.) Wait for their validation and payment.

2. Monthly payment of £5 (approx $10) per domain for doing nothing (one domain means you submitted 3 urls under it). That means, the moment your code was implemented, the succeeding months, your blog or site would have its own passive earning. It doesn't matter whether the ads were clicked or not. This mean "Ten minutes of your time will result in 12 payments a year, it's that easy."

3. Referring your friends and if they succeed the number "1" above, you get another £10 from each of them. Isn't that cool? Can you imagine the freebies this site indeed offer? We all have nothing to loose. I know we all want gifts and freebies and so I am sharing this. If you have difficulty understanding, and you are having little help for the site's FAQ, you can as well refer from some of the points I would highlight below. If this does not help, write a comment to ask a question.

However, since it is your earning, you better learn the tricks of the trade as well. You can earn many £10 but my referral can be used once because your IP is tracked and once you have added your first site, your next site will be your own referral. That means you can have £50 sign up for five sites but still, I would be giving you 200 Entrecard credits for the site you chose to register under my referral .. your first site to register.
This is the same image as above but with proper tips below so you would not scroll up again...

To get approved, please note:

  1. First register your "best" site(s) and urls.
  2. The three (3) urls mean (a) url of the main site or the domain. and the (b.) second and third url that you need to fill is for the sub-urls: your posts urls.
  3. When choosing the url of your post to enter in the second and third url, choose the best post: most visitted, google searchable (if possible), most commented or any other criteria you may consider to qualify that post to be "better" than the rest of your posts. This way you can be approved faster and earn faster!
  4. The payment email that was asked in the form is your paypal email.
Now if you are in doubt, please refer to the tips and tutorial below. If you have specific question (s), simply open this specific post and press "Ctrl + F" to look for specific terms when you have a question or two to ask. The points down are sub-divided into two phases: (1) for signing up and (2) Once you have your account and you can navigate inside.

I highlighted those points because I have referred at least seven people as you can see in the screenshots. That means, I have referred more than seven and most of them have questions. I have to admit that the freebie site is not very clear on some points and I have had to discover how things work. Just look at some of the points I present:

A. Tips When Signing Up
  • 1. Fill in the form FOUND HERE! Click the big circle saying"SIGN UP"
  • 2. See the samples for the three urls that it requires: It must BE under THE SAME domain. One for the homepage and the rest for the post/subdomain urls. Those are the specific urls where you are going to paste the ad codes when you get approved. That is why I recommend choosing your best posts for easy approval purposes.
  • 3.The payment email: Write your paypal email.
  • 4. Where did you hear the site field, please write http://www.webbiestuffs.com because if you are here reading this, I think writing that references is the truth. ^^
B. Tips After You Have the Freebie Account
Refer to the images and the captions emplaining them. Take note of the highlighted portion and their numbers in the side. The images are linked to their original sizes in photobucket so you may click them to see them clearly. The numbers in the images and the caption correspond to each other.

1. Take note that even you are signed in already, this images is still visible. I got confused at first thinking that I was not signed in but I was.

2. CLick the "Publisher Section" to see many information. The image you actually see is under the "Publisher Section">> "My Reselling">>"My Payments" and I chosed "all time" to generate the report instead of the default "today".

3. The report section for your earnings have a default of "today". You can change it into "weekly or 7 days" or "monthly/30 days" or even "all time" to see all your referrals.

4. The number of remaining referrals that are subject to the Freebies4Webmasters' review and approval. This excludes the approved applications.

5. Just look at my current referrals.. The application ID is actually 5 digit but I erased some digits for some security purposes....

6. The publishers. These are the approved applications under one's referrals. This means, the bloggers above, they only need the status of "verified/validated and they can completely claim their remaining 150 EC credits from me! (if they have not claimed their 50 ECs yet, this means I still owe them 200 ECs).

7. The validation status. All validated approved applications will receive £10 from Freebies4Webmasters site plus 200 EntreCard credits from me and a monthly payout of £5 as long as the ad codes are in their respective urls, still running.

8. My earnings from referral is still zero. I would earn them after validation. The same is tru if you refer your friends after signing up. I think you can still refer without being approved. You just get your referral code and send to your fellow bloggers or friends.

Just showing here what comes out after clicking the Publisher section. It is the subsections with brief explanations of their functions and contents...

1. That is where you click to sign up after arriving at the site.

12. Here, I clicked my payment history to see what I have received so far. I just signed up two weeks ago, received my signup bonus last September 1 and here I am, referring you to earn as well.

13. The record of my signup bonus that the Freebies4Webmasters have paid me so far. Looking forward to more payments.

To earn, all you have to do is follow their instructions. Those who signup and implement the codes right away, sometimes there are also more bonuses for implementing the codes faster. Just follow the instructions closely and you can earn. Read..read..read..learn..EARN!..


  1. i will join this when i recieve my eon card,, i still dont have a paypal acct

  2. wow, very informative stuff about freebies4webmasters. I actually signed up for this a few days ago and I know that it actually pays. Now, we just have to wait for the monthly payments to come in order to see that it truly is legitimate.

  3. @ Fashionista,
    Good luck. I hope there are still available advertisers and slots till you register.

    @Mr Sun,
    yes, you are correct in there. I am actually also trying other sites like this and see the results.I saw your post about this as well.

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  5. tried it, hope it'll do the fun for me .. hee,hee
    i'm into this online earning recently, but only on EC and PTC ..


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