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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Really? I Can Just Do It and Have My Website?

I have been blogging for quite some time by now. Actually, aside from the fact that I enjoyed doing this thing, I have another reason setout in my mind why I do love to learn the world of blogs and why I do have this webbie site to both explore the www and learn. What is that reason? It is to prepare myself and practise myself of having a real good website someday!

You heard it right. I do want to have a èrofessional website in my own design, idea, input and all of myself. Isn't that a big dream? Honestly, from time to time, here is an inkling thought in my mind on what kind of website to build. What would be the topic, how would be the preparation, the presentation and a lot more things to be think of. Another factor to worry about is, the design.

For me, design is very important. I know the same is true too so many of us here in the blogosphere. Sometimes, a blog or a web site simply hook our attention because of the design it carries with it. Whether you admit it or not, this is true. I always admire meticulously designed sites and blogs. Our blogs and web sites represent our business and their respective designs are the first contact point, or the front persons so they better be good for they obviously represent the website or the blog, and as mentioned, the business!

As a learner as I am, I tried to see what I can do. And I am happy that one bigportion of my problem has just been solved. The design of the web site can be bought! Wow! Isn't it amazing? Network Solutions does offer a wide array of web design services with a wide variety of designs to choose from the packages it offers!

Sample sites can be found here while the standard package include the following which help get webmasters' sitesup and running in less than two weeks and which are ideal for first-time Web sites:

One-on-one attention from an expert designer
Phone consultations to discuss your ideas
Search-engine-friendly Web designs
Design, copywriting, and set up
Webmasters' involvement throughout the process

Complete Web site includes a 5-page design and Web site hosting
Choose your design theme from our gallery of professional designs.
Network Solutions modify the chosen design to meet the webmasters' needs
See here for more and detailed information

I am just too excited with the idea that although I am not ready with a topic/subject in mind for my website, I already wanted the design! Try to see what network solutions are offering. Simply click this link and see for yourself!


  1. Actually i have to go against Network Solutions. It was quite famous for front running domain names..

    Anyways the web design packages are the ones someone should check out.

  2. Indeed.. for newbies like me, i think it would be best to buy it online and have it designed this way.. Paying a web artist/designer or expert entails far more costly that what the company offers.

  3. WOW, that is a cool idea rogue, you have to learn how to read and understand ASCII codes too that way you'll be able to read and debug way more easier. having an advanced html knowledge is really nice and even more interesting and not boring software....

    i tell you its a great thinking and plan here...

  4. A good thing about free sites is because of the volume they have lots of feedback and volunteer help. Also user contributed ideas and addons. Plus lots of competition. And you know they aren't in it for the money. So backends like wordpress (even blogger) usually have better technology and innovation than paid sites. I'd go for wordpress and a paid design. Or skip the standard web design and jump to flash.

  5. It's great to get such good advice and to see what other bloggers have fond experience with these types of services. Thanks again for the great blog post.

  6. I want to learn more about web design and hosting so thanks for pointing me into some direction.

  7. I am so glad I heard alot of your opinions guys.

    Actually, that is the reason why making the site alone is not so simple. If I have more free bucks someday, I want really a good site, may not be about money or earning but something really useful and blogging is one way to practise and achieve this plan/dream.

    WP is also relatively expensive. I mean, you dont see it right away but if you look at the total cost of all, it can be really expensive. Actually I am trying much options and trying to weigh out things which might work best for me. I always want the best deal and lesser cost things in town. ^^

    Welcome back Amica!

    @greennot mean,
    No probkem. Thank you as well and keep coming back my friend. ^^

  8. I personally would be more willing to learn advanced html rather than spend that kind of money on design. There are dozens of sites that teach how to use html (and advanced html)

  9. I Like your idea, I think I'm going to continue this blogging even if I dont have any idea of what am doing... I'm just asking my wife what to do with this stuff hehehe..

  10. hello sisterrette, you're right design is very important as it set the aura of your biz/page..


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