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Friday, September 12, 2008

Grab These Free & Cool Photoshop Patterns!!!

It is always "in" to have some unique touches in everything. Like today, I have discovered a very unique style of photoshop brushes and patterns. I was actually amazed by the wide selection of brushes and patterns in the site.

It is actually called Brusheezy.com! It is exactky a place for artists to download and vote for the best custom Photoshop Brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet! I just learned that the site is also updated every day with new Brushes for Photoshop so anyone can check them back often and/or may submit their own! There is a catch though! If your work or submissions is not up to Brusheezy's standards, it might not be accepted.

photoshop patterns
Unique and artistic patterns found at Brusheezy. Click to see more of it...

I treid to browse around at some Brusheezy's Photoshop Patterns and I was amazed by its uniqueness. I upload here a group of pattersn for you to see and also for you to discover the site as well.

photoshop patterns
The Carbon Fiber. It is one of the patterns available and it has a review section, donation button and rating from other users. Click the image to be transported to the page...

What else can I say about Brusheezy? It is found at http://www.brusheezy.com and... "Stupid Name. Cool Brushes!"


  1. Here's a funny set of brushes: Ron Paul


    Prior to bookmarking this site, these were the best brushes I found (still high on my list):


    Brushes are a good 3d effect in photoshop. I've used ghosts and skulls this way. Also, they make good blood spatters (also used this one). And, finally, for frames around photos (to fade the edges of the photos).


  2. WOw Newspie! You are an expert when it comes to brushes then. I checked out ron paul and it was quite a discussion in there too about the political thing... i never saw you have a political blog? Or did you use that US flag among the 7 sets?

    Your ideas above are too helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. this is pretty much interesting... makasilip nga...


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