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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sharing What I Like Today: Love Dancing in His Rhythms

It is Monday and I wanna befin it right. First, with morning exercise and then my breakfast. At nine (an hour from now) I got to run until one pm. In fact, the viseo that I am sharing has been an exercise and dancing companion to me since I discovered it around a month ago. I just like the music and more so the artist.

Shaggy has been a favorite for me since I heard his voice. I got hooked with his Sexy Lady song but I already liked Angel before, though I was just clueless it was him singing. I like his unique recognizable voice and so are the voices of Chapman, Shakira, and the Red Hot CHili Pepper... So long, just a briefie on this Shaggy Buddy Buddy Doo.. ^^
Orville Richard Burrell (born October 22, 1968, Kingston, Jamaica) better known by his stage name Shaggy, is a Jamaican American reggae singer who takes his nickname from Scooby-Doo's companion, a nickname given to him by his friends, during his teenage years in which his name bore a similarity to the Scooby Doo character. He is especially notable for his distinctive sub-baritone voice. Speaking on 'This Morning' on 27 August 2008, Burrell states the name Shaggy is a reference to his then hairstyle. Wikipedia
In fact this music suits my love for football/soccer. Been playing this game back in the university..and maybe ths is the reason why I ma mistaken as a male in the blog worlds for my love and I can relate to lots of sports.


  1. :D honestly the song is so not me, i'd rather listen to Low by Flo rida, no offense!
    i even can't believe it has been your exercise and dancing companion. his song hhmm i dunno the title but it's the theme song for euro 2008 is better, i like football too, chelsea is my favorite team. whats yours ?

  2. Tell me about it lol..I need to be able to get into gear as I have been too busy on the computer and not been able to get much exercise of late.

  3. ohhh.. i love the music,, napaindak tuloy ang beauty ko while listening to it... its a good exercise ha...

    you should try to watch those horrible movies sa worlds most amazing videos mostly idiots and stupids jud mga maka experience sa mostly death situation...

    happy week days..

  4. Hi,
    I'm a Shaggy fan too..love his music..it makes me wanna dance..
    My fave is Angel. I love the It wasn't me and Sexy Lady too.. oh! I love all his songs..
    thanks for the share..

  5. @ Natshiz,
    Actually, i like drummy music when i do the exercise.. it is actually free style dancing that i move only with the beat to reduce the measure of my waist or at least maintain it.

    Yeah, it was the theme song..actually all my fave singers, (Shakira too) has been connected with the football... My fave? Juventus.. I like Buffon and a lot more Italian guys..well.. I lived in Italy and saw then on TV on an hourly basis plus I got an Italian for a better half should I say?... ^^

    Just moving around, sweating and just be free like crazy you know..

    @ Nova,
    yeah, the drum beating really makes me move too! that's why i make it as my exercise partner...also with other songs of him plus that of shakira.

    @ twinks,
    Hey! We have similar likes Gurl!

  6. you love reggae pala, Sis. same here. Shaggy is one of the best among the reggae artists right? i like his song angel too.

  7. I dunno actually Lynn, all i know is i love the baritone voice of Shaggy.. whenever i hear the voice, i definitely recognize that it is him.. angel is indeed great but i dance really cool with sexy lady...suits me! hwaahahaha ~x(

  8. i love his music, too/

    btw, dropped ec here.

  9. hi! thanks for the sharing the site.
    Yeah ive registered my name already.

    thanks again :)


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