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Monday, September 29, 2008

So What's Your PR in the September 27 Google PR Update?

Of course mine is still zero obviously. But I am happy with the update. My other two blogs fared better than this one. Relatively, the domain was bought on the first week of July and I still wish that three months from now, I would also enjoy the PR for this blog same as to my other two (2) blogs who has their own page ranks by google.
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But what is Google PR anyway? Is it important to you? Why? For me, it is important. The reason? I just feel good to have it whether it has no meaning or it has a meaning. All numbers are just important to me. The technorati authority, the Alexa traffic, the IZEA real rank, the link popularity... you name it and I am interested. And why? It is a feeling of "achievement" above anything else. WIth a PR, it makes me feel that my blog is "real" and this particular blog has yet to achieve this "feeling".

I read a lot of happy posts that day from a lot of online and blogging buddies happy about their page ranks. I am very happy for all of you and I am happy as well for me. Although all I gained from another blog of mine is only a pagerank of one (1), I am very satisfied that it gained a PR 3 months exactly after having its custom domain. Moreover, I retained my PR of three (3) in another blog again and this is what matter matters to me though this blog is not having its custom domain yet..

So what is with this PR? For others, it means more paid posting opportunities, and just more opportunities in general. To others, it gives them a sense of respect in the blogosphere and to the rest, PR could be nothing but an arbitrary number given by google. And to those who are like me, it is a symbol as a blogger's achievement.

How about you?
Did you get a better PR this time from google?
Are you happy about it?
How do you look at PR?
If you look positively at it, why?


  1. Indeed, Sis! It is an achievement and siyempre, more opps din. Hehe. Congrats to us! Cheers!!!

  2. hi rogue! 2 of my sites were slapped to 0, moms.. check nyo retained its pr and my new site got a pr1.

    are ec drops, wala na ata limit sa IP, alam naman nila karamihan maraming sites ;)

  3. well, I managed to boost 2 of my blog .. PR3
    and 1 just stuck in PR2
    all of them are new, less than 3 months-old, actually.

    PR is good, especially when you are aiming at paid-reviews to earn cash from the net.

  4. o yes, i am really very happy to see my pr 2.
    in less than a month. I need lot of google traffic to my blog.... so i am looking forward for more.

  5. Hey, I am really impressed by the way you have designed your site. You seem to be doing a lot of research on entrecard and google page ranking. I would like to get some tips from you. May be we can chat sometime and discuss things. My chat id is: vimita78@yahoo.com. You can add me if you want or send me your chat id.

    Cheers !!


  6. Friend, I need to really concentrate on my blogs. I am not able to spend time on my blogs. I also need to find out more information about entrecard & google. I see people playing with money earned from google adsence but for some reason I am just so stuck up.

  7. My website strongmoderate.blogspot.com is still holding at PR 2.
    Although my traffic has gone up the number of links has not grown all that much.
    I would like to have a higher PR but I'm generally not sure how to do so in a surefire way.
    I look at PR as a tool for paid reviews and also as a badge of honor. I think its important to show how important your site is as a whole on the internet. I look up to sites that have a high PR and great content.

  8. @ Lynn,
    Congratulations for your PR3 sister! Of course more opportunities i guess if bili kana ng domain. Mura na ngayon kasi ang baba na ng dolyar diba?

    Am so sad to hear about that coz you are one of the bloggers i know who does not say no to lik exchanges. But on the good side, I have seen so much opportunities posted in those blogs so i bet this can be one of the reasons? AT least you earned much from longer time of having PRs on all your blogs, right?

    @ Nich,
    That is a big wow! COngratulations Buddy!

    That is wonderful! PR is not that difficult then as long as not so much paid posts i bet.

    @ Vimita,
    I was actually helped by a friend in making this site look better. I will contact you but y email. Just wait my friend. Thanks for always coming back in here.

  9. Heeeyyyaaa

    My Blog's PR improved from PR 0 to PR 4

    I cant even tell u how happy I am =)) !!!

    Finally, I feel that my effort has paid off :)

  10. How about you? Ya, it's cool, but more for traffic for me.

    Did you get a better PR this time from google? NOT sure... I'm linked via today.com and they seem to over ride anything for my blog...

    Are you happy about it? Well, today.com's domain seem to out rank a lot of other places and I think that trickles down.

    How do you look at PR? I Don't

    If you look positively at it, why? My blog is about drawing cartoons about mental health issues then giving them away... lol No money in giving stuff away.

    Maybe for a future post you could look at today.com and tell me what I should be doing to make it work for my blog...lol... well, that is kind of a joke.. :)


  11. As my husbandteased me, my sleepless night bloghopping daw paid off.. I gained PR2 in four months blogging considering that i changed it into personal domain last month.. Yup, its a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement for me... Don't worry sis, i think when google update the rankings again, this blog will jump from 0 to 5.. that's what I think!

  12. It sounds like you know what you are doing and moving in the right direction. This is a great blog and will soon get a google page rank I am sure.

  13. PR and paid reviews are always in conflict. Advertisers will assign you many tasks once you have high PR. But once you start doing paid reviews, the big G will slap your blog and give a penalty of PR0 and never get a PR rank anymore, unless you remove all paid reviews and request for update. By then, when you have PR0, advertisers will just abandon your blog almost forever. This is all what I experienced myself.

  14. I want to get a better PR. Mine is still PR 5 like always. I want PR 6 or 7 though. I am still trying to figure that out how to go higher. :p

  15. im lucky that my site retained its PR3 and one site rose from PR 0 to PR2. its nice of google. don't fret coz u have a good site here, it will soon have its turn.

  16. hi rogue its been a while since i visited you, i'm kinda busy upgrading my pc hardware.. so i got busy with it lately.. hehehehe...

    so anyways, nice... aper i still got N/A in G... hahahah funny huh, it was 0 before but then again... for some reason, i got an N/A yikes.. not applicable? am i banned now?

    congratz for the 2 blogs...

    happy weekend

  17. my blog stuck on PR3.
    my community site is PR 0 (age: 3 months).
    and my other site is PR 2 (age: 2 months). It's quite funny how Google treat this last site of mine, considering the ages is only 2 months and the traffic is very very low (1-2 visitors a day), not to mention that the content is very very minimalist. =))

  18. Work site got PR8, so boss is happy.

    Own sites all stable or risen by 1. I'm happy.

  19. My Blog has PR2 now. Tks anyway rogue. Salaam.


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