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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Time Around I am More Proud to Be Asian!

Why? Because I am Asian! And how? Is it your business anyway? I am proud to be Asian because I have found a really comprehensive blog or website called The Asian Economist. And what is this site all about? Nothing more than "commentaries and satires without censorship.". I have read quite some articles in this site and those articles made me admire the writer. They are neat and comprehensive but I have to admit that with my stubbornness, I often disagree! I am always the devil's advocate, eh!
The Homepage of the site with its featured posts, post summaries and site sponsors

I have wandered quite some time around this site discovering its technique. Currently, it has three members in its list, with a director-writer together with another two fellows. And one more thing.. one of them was educated in the Philippines when he was a child! Amazing! I was educated in the Philippines as well.

The aspirations of this site in its "About" section, even impresses me more. It is independent! I even thought that it a bit comparable to the style of New York Times! It is very organized and comprehensive. I quote the founder/writers' apirations here, found in its
About section:
Here at TheAsian Economist.com we strive to provide articles that are factual, thoughtful and sometimes even humorous one. Our goal is to write articles that are entertaining, informative and that are not cover by by the big media sources. We are not only a economic online magazine but we provide editorials from Arts & Entertainment to Techonology.

We, the writers, here at TheAsianEconomist.com are all unpaid. We are not funded any big corporation that overlooks our articles, therefor we can publish any articles we like. We write freely, not for the money or for the our bosses (because we don’t have any).
What is in the Politics Section?

Indded, the blog/online magazine is not only about economy. It has its various categorizations namely: Arts and Entertainment, Asia, Economy and Business, Politics, Technology, and the World.

I do love the feature of the blog/e-zine with that slide show of featured articles in the site that can catch attention of the readers of what is currently hot. You see in the images of the screeenshots here that the categorizations are helpful when one wants to read in a certain category such as politics or technolofgy, among others.
Somewhere in the Techno Region...

Since the writers are all youngters and students, The Asian Economist, surely inspires the youngsters of its views. I do share some of their sentiments for we are in the same generation. I am 23. It should then gain a better google PR (it has PR 3 at the moment) to be more searchable and accessible to the youth.

The site's traffic with a promising trajectory

I like the site design wise and all. It looks very professional. I tried to take a peek for the site's traffic and I was also amazed. It is abviously trying to gain readership with an obviously very good record in the past weeks. It is still continuing to plummet up. Not all are goodies goodies though. I have found some correctible spellings which I assume a reasonable short coming since it is a site that is not funded and it is outstanding in its own sense. I have done dtons of wrong spellings in this blog anyway. I am actually referring to the words "therefor" (in the About Us section) and "politic" (in its category section) which I think are not in their correct spellings? Or maybe I just referred to the words therefore and politics. I hope the writers may clarify this.

Overall, I like the site and I suggest you to read. My favorite post? Or should I say the Heated Hated Post is found in this link. Try to see what it is. I commented as Rogue there.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review and pointing out the errors. It's tough to proofread everything and while at the same time manage the whole site.

    Our traffic has been increasing lately because of the effort that we have put into promoting it. We hope to grow even more in the near future. Once again, thanks for the honest review.

  2. Great to be Asian and I am proud to be marrying one. Sorry I haven't forgotten that task you assigned me. I will get round to it. Been quite WEIRD FEW DAYS.Hope you are not upset with me..Huggles.

  3. Your skills as a website reviewer are improving. Your images are properly linked to PAGES (instead of to image files). Your review is very positive, as I think all reviews should be. There are a couple of minor things you may have omitted (also in the pursuit of being positive). Anyway, I think you shared something that you liked and that you were honest.

  4. @ nhuong,
    actually that is understandable and as i said, i make so many mistakes myself... but i just posted those in case you might have missed those. Only honest opinions/reviews can be helpful..

    you sure are super excited for that. So bad you missed the lucky chinese date, the 080808..

    not all were positive.. the later part says it. I try to improve though..thanks for noticing that..That means you clicked on those images. ^^ Thank you Brett!

  5. You are very aggressive to do the review! Great to see your review for it! Malaysia Boleh!! Im proud to be one of Asian !

    Btw, if you would like to win 400 and 2weeks advertising banner in my blog, feel free to join the contest in my blog with 2 simple steps =)


  6. Like you, I am amazed too on the success of The Asian Economist blog.

    Recently, they even shared their secret of traffic generation from Yahoo Buzz. I'm sure you have read it too. I think Graham got good reason bringing up Yahoo Buzz in Entrecard family.

    Dear all, We got a new teacher in town. The Asian Economist is not made by students, they are the teachers.

  7. ya i visited the asian economist...its a grt site... i was searching for sarah palin and this site gave me gud info..

  8. Great Review. Althought the trajectory certainly seems to be heading up it is also possible that this is a bump due to the Yahoo Buzz, it remains to be seen if they can sustain that. Generally I'd say the Asian Economist is pretty good however sometimes their spelling and bellicose style may drive away readers in North America or Europe.

  9. That's so nice of you to recommend that site. I am an Asian too, proud to be one so i'm going to check that out later.

  10. I am so proud I am Asian too... Wow what a thorough review. I salute you Rogue!

  11. oppps not related to the topic.. just wanna asked you why I can't access on your other blog anymore (webloglearner)tried opening it several times today but it did not load up.. don't have the link for your other blog (I love the phils).. Pls give me the link so i can add it up on my list,..than you!

  12. Hi.
    I am proud to be Asian to.
    You did a great job writing a review about the site. Not bias and very positive. You're one good writer and no wonder readers keep coming back here.
    Have a great weekend :]

  13. I am giving 100 ECs for the best view given above. I have chosen Atniz to have the best insight shared. Thank you for sharing your views everyone and for visiting the site I referred here. More freebies to come, just have some time to visit here.

  14. Ohh..correction. I found the comment of Johnston up equally good so I added 50 to the best comment pot, dividing the winnings between johnson and ATniz. Correction: I sent 75 ECs to both Atniz and Johnson commenter up.

    Thanks for sharing your views Guys.

  15. as an Asian and a friend of nhuong I am glad you did a review of The Asian Economist. Nice job. :D


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