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Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Weekend is Quite Disappointing for the WebbieStuffs Here

I make this post with a bit of a heavy heart. I never met my goals for this week due to some reasons I know of: my work and tiredness. However, there were also unforeseen and weird reasons my mind is still in the process of comprehending why and how.

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The Top 4 Reasons why I am disappointed for this blog include but are not limited to:

1. Unachieved Alexa rank for this week;
2. Unachieved Technorati Authority for this week;
3. The paid post company playing tricks on me!; and
4. The Stumble Upon Exchange Is NOT effective anymore.

About the first disappointment, I was expecting that this week, I am out of 200K range and would cross the 100K range for I had around 235Kth rank this start of the week. I am a bit ambitious when it comes to my traffic ranking since with the help of EntreCard, the traffic can really get higher. My problem this time is the lack of time to encourage more traffic. With my morning work session closed last Tuesday, I do hope that my traffic would be better from this week onwards. My ultimate dream is to set my Alexa ranking to 5 digits with at least 2.0 page views per visit. A Realistic goal since 99,999 is only 1 rank away from 100,000, right? And 99,999 is already 5-digit traffic rank!

On the technorati issue, I am strongly confused about this. Last weekend, I tried to ping technorati from my 78 authority. I was os happy because after pinging, my authority in technorati turned 94. I want my technorati at least turn 100 this month and 94 was only 6 authorities away from my dream 100 for September. The sad event however took over. The 94 authority, after a few hours, went back to 83! I am just clueless how it coud happen! If any of you who might read this may enlighten me on technorati lowering the authority? Since I was back to 83 technorati authority, i was far from 100 again. I wanted to do my best though but it was still far since the last update few hours ago, I only gained 6 more authority making my technorati authority 89 at the present time while I post this. Still, 11 authorities away from 100. I do hope I can just achieve my 100 goal in the next few days because as we all know, September is ending.

I have posted days ago on my participation with paid posting. Honestly, as of this date, I have eleven (11) of them in this blog and I bet you would have a hard time identifying some of them or most of them for they greatly blend with my subjects here. This past days, the site has been playing tricks on me marking the opportunities available but once I clicked them to take those opportunities, they just tell I am not qualified, or, my blog is not qualified for the opportunity... Whew! I already contacted the support reagrding this before and I was told that this happens when their own system play tricks on them not exhibiting the correct legend for the availability of the opportunities to bloggers.

Lastly, my disappointment with the stumble exchanges for it is not anymore working. I have read a reason why and I know it is better not to join anymore in exchanges because the stumble upon seem to have notice some actions that exchanges are not healthy. This can be counted as one bad thing for my traffic because stumbling and through stumble upon, a traffic to my site can really be accelerated at times.

I do hope the following week will be more promising. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. hello my dear.. i do hope that might not be your week... who knows next week it will be much better....

    happy weekend...

  2. Yeah hopefully next week is a lot better, hope you are ok! Re: Postcard, I can always send you one if you like ;-) Have a nice week!

  3. Don't be so thinking about Alexa!
    The ranking can be played with if you use the alexa widgets and the toolbar with higher page views..

    Only think on how much you worked on increasing the readership of your blog and the earnings from it.

  4. It will get better I am sure..I will always be here as I love your blog. Huggles and cheer up.

  5. I have had good and bad things this week, though I did manage to get pagerank for this blog but I am soooooooooooo behind with everything.

  6. thanks rogue for letting me know. pasensya na ngayon lang nakasagot, sobrang dami kong work, di ko maasikaso agad. ayusin ko links mo later huh.



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