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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The WebbieStuffs EntreCard Business Now Opens!

Since I joined EntreCard (EC) around four (4) months ago, no monetary intent was with me. However, with number of credits piling up in my account,although not so much, aside from sposoring contests, I would like to benefit from these EC credits to the best that I can do. After all, I gained them.

I have never sold a single credits yet. I was always generous with these credits in the promotion section giving benefits or credits to those who would do me some favor. In short, buying favors with EC credits. Lately however, some changes have been made at the forum section where the rules do not allow anymore the things I and others used to do. Now, the favors are for free but requires a "give-and-take" effort. I have seen the good side of this new rules but other do not follow these rules and/or not aware of how it functions. But for the meantime, these rules such as Stumble Upon Exchange dail, Digg Exchange daily, Technorati Exchange Daily, Reddit and other social bookmarking exchanges seem to benefit th etraffic of my blog and I am just glad about it.

What I Plan to Do in the Meantime? Continue joining these exchanges and make the best out of it. In fact, the other few days, I was posting an announcement for someone to drop for me. I was announcing that I would pay the dropper cash if he/she drops from my inbox. I received a warning however, from Entrecard that doing so would be illegal. So the plan is off for now. I really want more traffic for my blogs and spending a little is not that bad. After all, if one is without work, dropping for cash would be a big benefit.

The Business:
Now here comes the monetization part. I would like to sell EntreCard Credits. I would like to sponsor contests. I would like to lend entrecard credits.

The Sale:
I am selling Entrecard credits for $3.00/1,000 credits. Whole sale from 5,000 credits can get the ECs at $2.00/1000 or $10.000/5,000 credits.

The Sponsorship:
I always love to sponsor contests.

1. As long as you have a minimum link popularity of 2,000, I would sponsor your contests. I have 3 blogs that sonsor these many contests around.

2. Your participants must list the sponsors.

3. The links must be "dofollow"

4. COntact me at any of my EC account, just visit any of my blogs and click the "E" in my EC widget and you will be redirected to my EC profile for that blog. Blog 1, Blog 2, and Blog 3.
Write/PM me your intention of holding a contest and needing of sponsors.

The Lending:
I am lending EC credits to those who have an urgent need for them. Maximum borrowing time is 2 weeks. The interest is fixed at twenty per cent (20%) and that does not matter if it is 1 hour, one day or two weeks. Just let me know you want this EC sonn and you sign the promissory note I would design below. Just post it in the comment section or send me in my EC account as instructed above.

Borrowing for the first time starts at 1,000 credits only. The credit limit increases by 500 ECs depending on your credit record.

The Note:
WebbieStuffs EntreCard Lending

The undersigned blog promises to return the __1__ EC credits borrowed plus __2__ interest on ___3___.

Your Blog Name at its url

1 - amount of credits you want to borrow
2 - the 20% interest of the amount borrowed (i.e., 200 if you borrow 1,000)
3 - Date you want to return/repay the EC plus interest. Maximum date is within 14 days.

The offers above are valid as long as they are stated in this post.


  1. wow sister napaka generous mo naman, nagpapahiram ka ng credits lol..andami mo sigurong stock? I think that your business plan is pretty good!

  2. Nice idea, Sis. Galeng mo talaga pagdating diyan. Keep it up!

  3. I've never heard of (or imagined) that anyone would "lend" entrecard credits and charge interest. An original move. In no time at all, you may own Entrecard.

  4. hmmm..i think i'm one of those who doesn't read rules.. hehehe.. ewan i am just tired.. well i have noticed that as well i accepted ads yet i don't even seen them dropping at least once in my dashboard.. nakaka disappoint talaga... i think being generous shouldn't be abused...

    btw, ask ko.. what happened to my account with earning that 10 pound? i haven't heard from it na kasi eh.. where should i checked it?

  5. napakabait mo naman in terms of lending. pano yung lending na part? what if d sha sumunod dun sa promisory?

  6. @ckulit,
    i dont have that much credits as i mention it... but i have a little and i have encountered a couple or three instances when people need ECs and so i just thought of this as a possibility. ^^

    Am just applying my learning and profession... hahaha.. Business yan!

    @News Pie,
    Was just a thought. At least if someone may need it, here I am! ^^

    I think you neded to read. I have 3 approved referrals and only one did not implement it. I had the feeling that it was you..

    I think that person would be very ashamed. You know we live in the cyberspace and i don't think anyone would need a marr in their blogs, right? Cheater, swindler? Well, it would be better with money or billions/millions, but with EC, i dont think it's worth it. That is why there is a 1,000 borrowing limit at first and increasing depending on the credit record, to see a persons capacity/willingness to pay!

  7. After 2 months on Entrecard, I've made more than $30 USD by selling EC credits and selling my private Ad space..
    Last week the EC economy has been in recession. Many members has tried to sell their credits, but only a little bit buyers.
    So, selling it's not a good business. But, maybe is still interesting.


  8. wow, i'm speechless for i don't know how this ec works. hehe i still need to know more about this ec thing and i hope i'd be interested to really do it soon. good job! :)

  9. well, your offer is good. You really trust entrecard-people huh? That's good. Anyway, just lend those people who are willing to pay ^_^

  10. Hi Friend, I was away from town for quite a while so could not catch up with you. I see a lot of new changes on your site, its really interesting. Keep in touch.

    I hope to be regular now ;o)

    Cheers !!


  11. Hey friend, that is a really intersting information about entrecard. I never thought entrecard was so useful. I was wondering if you could give me some tips about it.

    Cheers !!


  12. the price of ec's have fallen drastically
    the current scenario of 1000ec=$1

  13. nice idea selling ECS gd way.u can earn money

  14. What I have so impressed with your business are the way you organize your lending system...

    wow, that is so awesome and the best idea to help EC members..

    Best Video Collections


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