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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Link Popularity Learning

All right! I have three blogs and one of them is into paid posting and monetizing plus a lot of webbie thingy. One is more personal and one is political. Honestly, it is the blog that gets paid when posting stuffs sometimes that caught my attention. More often than not, blogs who are qualified to post some stuffs are screened or filtered. The most common filter is the google PR (google page rank or simply pagerank); the categorization, ALexa or any traffic statistics for that matter and one thing actually caught my attention: sometimes, it is stated, "upper 30%", "upper 20%", or "upper 1%". When I saw that I belong in the "1%" or withing percentile rank 1, it did make me very curious. Eventhough I have the notion that this rank is only within a category where I belong, which is "computers and internet", the rank is already good... or even better.

My Link Popularity report for 3 blogs two weeks ago...

Thus, I started to think what could have put me in that rank. Traffic-wise, mine is not that good compared to a lot other bloggers who are so good with traffic. I do not have PR as well. Anyway, I just do not have any idea actually but maybe it is the link popularity? With this in thoughts, I tried to check my link poplarity.

As usual, this site's learning is on the move. Around two weekends ago, I checked my link popularity... or should I say, the links of my three sites (First Site, Second Site, and Third Site). I wanted to post on link popularity by then but something stopped me. I wanted to know if comments have effect on them. SInce I comment on posts without hesitation, I know that I naturally added my links in many blogs without really meaning to add them: just putting the link to identify my comments. With this in mind, I simply saved my first link popularity check and see if my commenting passion have improved them.

Honestly, this concept of link popularity is not really very clear on me. Thus, I do need to dig down this and be educated about it. As questia resources tell it:

Today's link popularity report and I am satisfied with it...

Link popularity, a measure of both the quantity and quality of other Web sites that link to a site, plays an important role in search engine rankings. When it comes to Internet visibility, blogs have the advantage over Web sites. New Orleans-based law firm Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis and Eagan offers a comparative illustration of Web site vs. blog popularity. Its traditional Web site (www.gamde.com) is attractive and informative--and only 31 other sites link to it, according to Google. However, when Gordon, Arata partner Ernest E. Svenson started the Ernie the Attorney blog (http://emieattorney.typepad.com), it quickly became one of the most linked-to legal resources on the Web--7,920 other sites link to it. (Lang)

Today, I checked my link popularity again and I was surprised and happy to see the two-week changes. To see the comparison between the two, the images are here clearly stating the difference. It is a two week change and now I have evidence if my links in the comments have been affecting this link popularity or not. I actually plan to dwell more on this link popularity thing and maybe it could help my blog so much. I am glad to know that this week, my three blogs mentioned above are receving traffic both from google and search live and I actually registered these blogs to those search engines. That is however another story to tell.

If you have more ideas on link popularity, please share it here and we all can learn from it. Thank you in advance.

Are you interested to see your own link popularity? Simply click HERE and get it!

Work Cited:

Lang, Eva M. "Would You, Could You Should You Blog? Flexible, Low-Cost Web Logs Are a Formidable Business Tool." Journal of Accountancy 199.6 (2005): 36+. Questia. 20 Sept. 2008 .


  1. That's great, Rogue. Congratulations! U definitely deserve it for your hard work.

    Anyways, how did u get your link popularity? I was trying to scrutinize the image but i can't find a link. Was thinking of checking mine too. Just wanna know musta ang lagay ng blog ko. (",)

  2. nice, u deserve it girl.... uhmmmm... i got something from you and another additional to your uhmmmm "tags" thingy? hehehehe.. hope you like this... this is just one way from me to say thank you for the friendship

  3. This link popularity checking tool is nice :D I checked my LP and... well I am still in the green part...

  4. Great for you!!! I have to say I have no idea how all that works but love learning it!

  5. webbie!! I also hope to increase my Alexa to be as good as yours! What you suggest I should do to improve that? I know Alexa increment is slower when it's lower now...

    Yes I won! http://travelerfolio.com/places/any-stuffs/omy-blog-awards/

  6. Hi there..thanks for dropping a comment on my post. Hmm...you maybe right;)) lol!

    Anyways, useful infos you have here. I've been blogging for over a year now but PR, SEOs and generating relevant traffic are still a big puzzle to me, altho i have PR...tamad lang talaga akong mag dig ng mga informations about this things...how it works and what are their importance... i pretty much rely on what i encounter from other pages from every now and then...napaka impatient talaga, no! tsk..tsk..tsk!

  7. Yep comments makes link and that feeds the ranking.

  8. @ Lynn
    Thanks alot for that. Just look at the bottom portion of the post, the link to where to try it is there.

    @ Nova,
    Thanks a gain. Ill take it in few days. Really busy n tired these days gurlash.

    @ Gaolga,
    Yup, that is cool... ^^

    @ HealthNut Wanna Bee,
    You have a great LP i think plus you have a good PR and a set of very loyal readers. Congratulations to you!

    @ Eunice,
    Your traffic and blog are actually wonderful Eunice. I suggest you join EntreCard for the traffic. I will be sending you message soon about it.

    @ Nancy,
    PR is gained through time especially if the blog is pampered by the owner... my abandoned blog actually gained PR too. I posted about the relationship between PR and LP in the next entry.

    @ the chief,
    That is absolutely right my dear! ^^

  9. That's a good improvement from the stats last time. Btw can you share what kind of tactics you are using to build backlinks to your blogs?

  10. YEs Commenting on other blogs is very good way of increasing your rank..
    my BLOG have PR 3 but i have only 50- 70 users hitting my blog on average per day..!!

  11. @ Chetan,
    I believe that is indeed a big leap from the last time.. as for the backlinks, I buy links from EC (but not so much only around 5 of em) and I comment so much...

    My PR 3 blog has even lower traffic than yours , actually mostly from google only but i tried in the past few days to improve its traffic by dropping ECs on it..


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