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Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Your Subscription Policy?

The policy I meant is not a business policy. Nor it is an insurance policy. The subscription is neither newpaper, dvd, nor magazines. I actually meant subscription from fellow bloggers and other online individuals.

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I have to admit something. With my old blog, and the rest of the startout blogs I have had, I tried to buy subscribers to actually appear "cool". It is actually the effect if there are just more subscribers, be it in email or in rss feeds of a site or blog. However, was it a wise move? I have to say that in a way, it could be good but not really lasting in the long rn. Why i'd say this?

I myself have been bought by subscriptions that pays out good ECs. Or something that is a good offer which is difficult to refuse. This made me realize a thing or two on subscribing and letting others subscribe. I viewed my own action about it and I know that a lot more bloggers and fellow online individuals feel the same way as I do and might even do worse than me. I just know it no matter how they deny.

1. Forced/paid subscription is no good in the long run..

2. It can be good if the webmaster can out flashy and really catchy titles to allow the forced/bought/bribed subscribers to actually see the site.

3. Subscribing not fully hearted or forced/bought/bribed subscription easily makes those subscribers get bored making them mark those subscription as SPAM!

4. Subscribing not fully hearted or forced/bought/bribed subscription easily makes those subscribers get bored making them unsubscribe so easily.

5. Frequent posts might get those subscribers get bored too easily.

With the above mentioned reasons, it is not a good thing for the blogger or the webmaster to force subscribers. It may look good to outsiders but personally, I do not see the good lasting effect of this idea. It is better to simply let subscribers or readers have their decisions. I have subscriptions that I do read when they come to my desktop or to my email and I love those posts and so I do click.

However, it is still at the technique and style of the blogger or webmaster. If they think they can hold those subscribers and/or if they believe at least some percentage of the many click going to the post page when it comes their way, then go on with this tactic.. It just doesn't appeal to me though.

Now I have stated my subscription policy. What about you? What is yours?


  1. Two important points: Titles. Frequency of posting. I'm working on this. Titles should be descriptive, maybe longer than the ones I use (but they don't fit so well in the sidebar), and not "catchy" or funny if this causes confusion or suggests something about the article that isn't true. Updates: Seems every 3 or four days is best (depends on how long the posts are).

  2. as for me, i don't buy those subscription thingy, because when it comes into that, i am very much picky on what to read and what site to go, i mean, i can say that you have it with your own free will right?

    hehehehe... pero nasa tao na yan, if they wanted it to happen that way... kahit walang magbasa ng entry ko for sure those close/true friend i got way back home are eager to know what's going on with my new life here in US. kaya, i made this for them and dedicated it for them as well...

  3. I think you are correct. If they are not joining out of interest, they aren't going to stick around. But I can see why someone would want to try that tactic. When visitors come to your site and see that you have only a handfull of subscribers, it can be a turnoff. But hey, we all have to start somewhere.

  4. Buying subscriptions is like paying people to read your posts. For me, it's not at all a good idea. People will subscribe if they'll find your site interesting which will make u feel proud then because people like what you're doing.

  5. Paying people and making them subscribe is something like the PTC sites where you pay the readers to read your content.. I would not appreciate that.

    A new reader should be happy with your content and naturally subscribe if they want.

  6. I am learning a lot by reading your blog!

    I never knew I needed to have a subscription policy. Maybe that is why i dont have any subscribers that I am aware of. So maybe it is time I made one :)

    But I agree paid subscription doesnt look like a very good idea.


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