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Friday, October 24, 2008

And Now The Promise... Who would Get the Freebies?

As you can see in my previous post, I promised to give 200 Entrecard credits to the one who would answer the questions I asked in that post the best, provided there would be at least 12 answers/comments. And I have 14 so far, thus I am giving the 200ECs before this weekend. I have seen the comments and it made me a better blogger! ^^ DO not laugh at that because I indeed learned from those commentaries in there.
you deserve it, deserveing, desert, winner, merit, prize
I feel generous and so thankful and I am also giving two more freebies for the other two answers I find worthy. That means one 200 EC and two 50ECs. WHy is that? In a simple way, only by those questions, I learned much about technorati and my constant questions of fluctuating authority has been answered. Who does not want to be thankful about that?

If you want to learn more about technorati, you may as well visit my previous post and see the reactions of other bloggers about it. The one who received 200 EC isAssess my Blog from http://assessmyblog.blogspot.com/ and the other two receiving free 50 EC each are Stephan Miller from http://www.stephanmiller.com/ and Kim from http://www.laketrees1.com/. Thank you for sharing your valuabe ideas guys! Your entrecard credits will be in your accounts in short moment. You will be contacted and informed about it and if you do not have the EC account yet, you can decide what you will do with your prize.

For now, I am asking some more questions and I will just give the same 200 EC freebie to the one who can answer it with sense and an answer that I lke... Deal?

1. Do you think it does inspire commenters if they think they can get some freebies?

2. Is it a good idea or a bad idea to give freebies to those who spend their time and effort and think a little on a post like this and before?

3. Is 100 EC enough for 12 title clicks on this blog? I asked this because I always ask this service from fellow bloggers..clicking in favor of ECs. If your answer is yes, would you be interested? I am more in faor of page views than reach actually.

4. Don't forget that your answer can gain you free 200 ECs if you just put your thoughts on it, provided at least 12 answers/comments have been posted here.


  1. thanks for the 50ecs Rogue..
    very generous of you ...
    as for ecs as an incentive to comment??
    yes I believe it works ..
    atm I have a prize of $200 being offered next month at my Top Artists' Directory...and on my laketrees site I'm giving away a free portrait for Christmas (worth $6,000)..

  2. that's so sweet rogue, that is really one way of returning a favor to your readers.. happy weekend

  3. 1. Yes, U can see that I've answered your question ;))
    2. Good Idea :-o
    3. 250 EC is good enough :)]
    4. Tks. =))

    You're very generous Rogue. Salaam

  4. 1. Sure! That's a good reward for your commenters.
    2. Good idea. Time and effort is important. :)
    3. Maybe 200 EC. :)
    4. You are so generous. Wish you the best. :)

  5. 1. Yeah. Rewarding your commenters will inspire them to comment more. See you've inspired me already.. ;)and it is a great way of expressing to them that you appreciate there time in reading your post and commenting.
    2. It is a good idea. You're returning the favor through giving them freebies. Plus, thinking of what to comment is not easy....in my part. ;))
    3. I reckon 100ECs is enough.
    4. Thanks for being generous to your commenters. Keep up the good work. :)

  6. First of all, thanks for your 200 ECs. I received it. In fact, when I commented on the previous post I did not notice that you have a contest. Anyway, I am happy that the answer helped you to understand Technorati better.

    My answers for the questions on this post are as follows:

    1. Certainly yes. Everyone visits hundreds of blogs everyday. But, to comment on some post, it should be too attractive and thought provoking. On the other hand, to stand out from the crowd you have to offer something. In my opinion, even if you offer something you need to write something interesting enough and leave an open ended question at the end.

    2. If you have something to share with your readers, why not? I feel it is good.

    3. I am not sure whether this works and I do not know how you are going to monitor this. Unless you ask the reader to leave a comment at every post they visit, it might be difficult to quantify this. It is not necessary to fix it at 12 clicks. The idea is to reduce your bounce rate. So, if you can get Entrecarder to visit at least one page other than your home page, it would be helpfuful. So, you can tell your reader to comment on a page other than the homepage and offer something like 10 Ecs.


  7. i'm really not into freebies. i'd comment even without freebies for as long as i'm in the mood to read posts and then give my opinion on such. (",)


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