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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Discovery Today! Shop in the US, get a Cheaper Shipping

The other day, I was visiting my advertiser from Project Wonderful and I really got interested in the product it was selling/featuring in that website. It was an African Beady Necklace that looks very unique. I wanted to buy it but it was sold in the US of A while I do live in Europe. That is quite complicated, right? The same is true with my Ebay. I used to buy products from Ebay when I was in the Philippines. I bought from Philippine sellers though and shipping wasn't that complicated.

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I know there are a lot of wonderful and affordable prices at ebay, especially from the American sellers. However, the same problem happens. The products might be that cheap or might be that unique and beautiful but the shipping costs and risks from the seller to me as the buyer here in Europe just wont compensate it!

With the mentioned problem, I tried to look for a solution. I know I have mentioned many times in this and my other blogs that your WebbiGurl blogger is very conscious with finances and returns for my money's worth are always considered. That is not uncommon for an accountant of course. That is why. The good news despite this problem? I just found a solution to it. It is a package forwarding service that is located in the United States.

So How Does the System Work?
1. The site, which can be found at www.shipto.com offers solution for people living overseas and who want buy online in the U.S.A.

2. Buyers can win eBay auctions or buy online products and have them shipped to www.sipto.com's address and the buyer will then be notified by email when the package has arrived.

3. A shipping calculator is used afterwards to see how the buyer wants the package reach him or her anywhere in the world by using inexpensive USPS Priority, Express or FedEx with big discount. Does that sound interesting?

4. To register at the site, it is free, so why not try now?

5. They give more incentives to those people who try to help them through its affiliate program paying 10% commission from their fees (residual from all repeated orders). This can be found at
http://www.shipito.com/affiliate-program ..

I found this site really interesting and I have though it is very useful and worthy to share with you, my online Buddies!


  1. do they cater shipping to Phil? hehehehe.. too lazy to read the whole site.. so para madali just ask you nlng about it.. thanks dear for the info..

  2. I am always interested in your new discoveries and I am back after a family funeral. My cousin passed away that is why I wasn't online..hugz

  3. This is a great and convenient service and I should think many will benefit from it.

  4. These companies are getting very clever and they help lots of people with convenient shopping ideas.

  5. this is a nice discovery. we, usually buy stuff from the US and let my sister mail it to us but if this will lessen the cost dito na ako hehehe...

    taga bacolod ko gli :) ikaw?

  6. Whoa, very nice to know.. Me and wifey always buy stuff online now that we're here overseas, and yes the shipping kills us...

  7. Maganda ngang solusyon yan sa problema ko hehehe.. Very good post, dapat doblehin ng sponsor mo yung bayad sayo hehehe...

  8. Sounds interesting. I will check it out. Thank you for this tip.


  9. I Used Shipito.com and this is a great shipping from US To Canada and not even expensive i used it on Lacoste Swim cause they havnt got it into canada and on Lacoste online they only ship usa.

    Neway i found shipito professional



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