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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Blog and the Blogger Moving On!

This weekend, WebbieGurl is particularly fullfilled and feels productive! Aside from personal updates with good happenings on some things in life, the WebbieStuffs blog finally hit the 172,000th rank and I am happy to move 15,000 this week. Thank you to all of my friends online and for those who help me out with my traffic.

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Another good side of the story is the fact that I am only a single authority away from my dreamt 3-digit authority in technorati. I bet the next weekend, the Webbie blog would be hitting its hundredth or so authority and WebbieGurl is so glad about it.

The week has been so tiring for your blogger. Real jobs tend to come really on the way. I had 3 interviews lately though I still lack one document that prevents my professional practice being done in this side of the world. But patience is a good virtue they say and I am just here doing my best.

A thing more to be thankful are my handful of commenters. Thank you for all your return comments. You inspire me more to give out and share my ideas on your posts as you remind me everytime you leave relevant comments on my posts. I have to apologize however that many of you, at least 5 comments this week were not published due to their irrelevance... But all the same, I visit you back and share my own ideas. Thanks to all of you.

Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow bloggers who have been exchanging favors with me. To all of you, you know what I mean. In summary, this is just an amazing and productive week. So long bloggers and happy blogging everyone!


  1. I take it that you are saying you have had 15,000 visits to this site this week.If that is the number that is great.

  2. No Steven, you misinterpreted it... 15,000th rank.. that means from 186,000th alexa rank to 171,000 that is currently showing...

    As an addendum to the post, i was diappointed with my technoratiauthority. RIght afetr i posted this, the 99 authority went back to 80. I dunno how it could happen.

  3. thanx as well for the comments and drops c: am glad to have met you by the net c: am glad you had moving to the top c: hope you get the job that would make your life productive c: enjoy your stay there c:

  4. Good job Rogue! Now am becoming conscious about this ranking thin hehehe.. Mine goes down too from 11 million to 7 million.. Not so bad right?

    thanks for the visits and comments!

  5. Wow, that's great sistah, ako nasa seven digits pa din, hoping to see it goes down to 6 digits hehehe. Yeah it feels overwhelming when you see your alexa rank goes down, nakakainspire magbloghop.

    BTW, sayo din ba yung travel blog?

  6. I think, next alexa update 5 digits ka na lANG, GOOD JOB!

  7. It is nice to get your updates...it feels like we know you very closely by reading such updates.

    This is a great achievement...maybe you can have an online party for your regulars like me :)

  8. good for u, sis. keep it up!

  9. thats nice..i bet how happy u are...

  10. wow wow.. what a nice traffic.. Hope I can have such amount of traffic.. congratulation 2 you then..

  11. cool. wish my alexa rank was that high. as of the moment, i think i'm still above a million. :O but am willing to be patient. :)

    hmmm... am hoping this comment is relevant enough. :D

  12. Wow! You really know what you are doing! congrats for you! Great to stop by!

  13. *clap clap clap* All the way.....


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