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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Could It Happen? I am NOT that Informed with Technorati Authority

If you have read my last post, I was so triumphant declaring that my goal of hitting of 100 or any three-digit technorati authority would come true. I have to say, I have had an authority of 99 that time, the moment I actually posted my preceeding entry here.

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Know what? Just a couple of minutes after, when I refreshed my blog, the technorati authority jumped down to 80 from 99! My Goodness! Honestly, this is NOT the first time that my authority has been jumping down, but this time, it moved down for almost 20 authorities downwards and it was never good for me or for anyone!

Honestly, I do not understand what I have if I have a good authority. All I know is, I love greater authority! Who doesn't anyway? I love numbers indicating good things: from Alexa ranking, google page ranking, any ranking, any authority and specifically, the technorati authority.

I have, in fact, a suspicion why this happens. I usually ping the network if I have found that my authority is static... I do that around every 10 days and it would definitely go up. However, the new increased authority would stay for a day or two and go down really bad. I bet it is better not to Ping technorati anymore and allow it to just update itself rather than being bothered...

I want to hear from your experiences.
1. Did you experience your authority(ies) fluctualting downwards?
2. Do you feel good if you have greater technorati authority (TA)?
3. ANy ideas on what does it indicate i your TA is good or higher?
4. The best answer fo this would receive free 200 ECs from me (provided, at least 12 comments/answers are made here)


  1. Hi, regret I'm not familiar with this subject, but I sure like the picture, wow! Lee.

  2. Technorati authority indicates the number of links pointing to your blog. So, everyone expects this number to keep growing. But, Technorati has a small tweak here. They take into account only the links created in the past 180 days.

    So, if you have some links to your blog that were created about 6 months ago, then it will keep falling off the Technorati count. Your authority might go down when the links are not counted. So, to keep your Technorati Authority intact, you should be getting the links consistently.

    This is similar to ranking systems used in sports. Just compare this to the ranking system in Tennis. Even though not exactly the same, the concept is similar.

  3. I'm not really checking about the technorati authority of my blog. I'm satisfied with my PR so I didn't bother checking other ranking. I hope other bloggers can answer your questions. :)

  4. I am checking the site now and see if I could sign up.. I'm getting interested with this because of your post.. Thanks for sharing!

  5. hiya sisterrette, just signed up with mine but too bad they're currently experiencing backend issues so I wasn't able to finish... Thanks for the info!

  6. ohh..that's sad, i wonder what my technocrati is ma-check nga.. i hope it will go up soon.

  7. Im so lost at all this pr stuff it will take me forever to learn!

  8. Hi,
    I don't how the TA works, I'm not a tech genius. So far, I've noticed that my TA increased since I started blogging, it never decreased. I love having good numbers, unfortunately, my PR was slapped..and its beyond my control anymore.. :(

  9. I know little about Technorati either. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the post though because it gave me more insight into Technorati and how it operates, especially with the one comment left above to help understand it better!

  10. I do check Technorati authority every once and a while and your are right. It is pretty messed up the last couple of days. My number dropped 100 points. And they have counted a post that is on my blog as linking "to" my blog three times, the same post. So, it should even be lower. Strange.

  11. The way I understand it, TA operates in a daily basis. It only considers links in a 30-day period. If your blog isn't getting a link each day, the possibility of a TA dropping significantly in number is more likely to happen.

    hope this helps a bit.

  12. My Technorati authority went down too a few days ago from 86 to 50! I don't think I did anything wrong! It's a mystery! I always Ping Technorati every time I write a new post.

  13. technorati stinks IMO ...
    I lost over 300 links last week and over the last 3 months have lost a total of 600...my authority was 900 with new links coming in regularly!!! that are not be recognised...I have removed the technorati badges from my sites and I doubt whether I will ever take the time to visit them again..
    sorry that this is so negative ..but I spent many hours in gaining links through active link building...and technorati continue to turn a blind eye to their problem...
    I have a post at my blog on this subject with over 100 comments here
    feel free to check it out :)
    ps I find HubSpot's Website Grader much more reliable and I hope they give technorati a run for their money ;

  14. same here, sis. it always is fluctuating. but i don't really mind for as long as i have opps. hahaha!

  15. Same here. My rank went down. Used to be 30k+ now 50k+. Displayed that i have zero fans but when you click it the list appears.

  16. Very soory to hear this.I have started to add blogger as favourite.I am adding you.If you wish to read my post then please visit mine and add me.But this is not essential.


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