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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Removing or Solving the Inline Text Problem and the Full Page PopUp from Adbrite Part 1.

Your WebbieLady here has a lot of things in mind about what to post. Honestly, I am thinking which post to make first among the following: 1. I received another payment from BidVertiser that made reinstate the blog that made me earn that amount; 2. Post on my recent problems with disappearing histats counters in all my sites; 3. Post about my discovery of removing inline text ads that are really destroying the beauty and dignity of the post, a site or a blog;
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4. Post about Webbielady's recent circussie planning and adventure with Netherlands' national circus, Renz.

5. Share how I solved the Adobe movie script popup problem causing one of my entrecard account from
my political blog to be deleted, and now it was reinstated due to that solution.

I cannot post all in a time as I have mentioned that this blog needs some pacing in its posts and so I have to break down the above listed topics in a couple of weeks to post them all.

I found the topic listed in number 3 to be more useful over the rest. Inline text ads from adbrite. I used adbrite that is why. I never earned anything yet, although I have some earnings in my account ($4 honestly) but have not received any payment yet, unlike in BidVertiser, where i received twice already. But I do run it (adbrite) the same as the image ads are so interesting that they just got clicked without reason by visitors at times.. I actually got many clicks only that the revenue per click is so little.

Talking about inline ads and that full page popup, which I believe the latter may also affect the site's readership and credibility plus it (a site) might get deleted from entrecard, I just found the reason behind the existence these two things. I divide the post into two parts, this part covering solely the inline text ads. The inline text ads actually cause the paid post entries from payperpost to be declined or disapproved. Only that time I knew that the problem existed. I googled and all but I did not find the reason for the occurence of such inline texts. They just show up for no reason, whatever keyword one has in the post. I even tried reviewing my html code, deleting this and that and it never worked.

There are two options to remove the inline text ads from Adbrite. I am not aware with other inline texts from other scripts or codes such as from AJAX, etcetera, for I only have used adbrite. These two are the possible solutions and they are so easy:

1.Remove all your adbrite ads (that is if you don't earn from it, that would not hurt).
This was the thing I did for this blog actually. Not much earnings, why not take it away? But of course, I am open to the idea that I might reinstall now that I know how to make the inline text not appear despite the running of the ads.

2. Disable that inline text option in your ads.
This is a more flexible option than the first if you are earning and want to retain the adbrite ads. This actually involves replacement of the current ad codes with a new one where the inline text option is disabled. It therefore involves signing in to the adbrite account, creating a new ad zone plus generating the codes and installing these codes as replacements to the just removed codes. See the short tutorial here and notice the red squares I used to emphasize stuffs:

adbrite problem, inline ads, inline text, inline text ads, adbrite ads, inline text ads problem, remove inline text ads, disable inline ads, disable inline text ads, adbrite
The default ptions are as what you see. It is therefore important to UNCHECK that inline ads option. That is the only problem actually that at least 90% of the publishers do not notice and we are excused for it especially if we are new. I have to admit I never even understood what inline texts or inline ads were until my paid post was disapproved because of these disturbing and awful texts around 3 months ago.

That image actually says it all. I have seen so much forums on this and yet, no one tried to go back to the basic. The reason why I preferred to post this first is the fact that when I googled this, I had difficulty looking for the real answer on how to disable the inline ads (underlined text ads from adbrite). I have read at least a dozen of forums on this topic with lots of people asking and having the same problem. I do hope then the next time someone has problem, this post can help them remove the inline ads or inline text ads from any code or script provider aside from adbrite.

Now that you know how to be safe with adbrite, you might wanna try running its ads. Just see what you can get by clicking the banner I support here:

or if you want to try BidVertiser, here it is!


  1. will be waiting for your post re bidvertiser. i haven't received any payment from them yet. baka in the next decade pa. lol. glad u got paid na. :)

  2. I recently removed Adbrite from my pages and others that I manage. It was earning significantly less than Adsense even though I was displaying them on the same pages and I even tried rotation, so they were in the same locations. Adbrite's minimum payout for me was $20 and Adsense is $100, but at the rate I was earning I will hit $100 with Adsense way faster than $20 with Adbrite.

  3. bidvertister ads suck.. I mean it, I earned 30 cents in 5 days and got them all over my site :|

    sorry for late returning a comment :p

  4. I will also remove the inline text from my blog,this is causing problem to my readers and it don't has big earning potential also.Thanks.

  5. i agree topic three is most useful. I agree this has a direct influence on how the reader perceives your site.

    You have a lot of ads placed prominently on your site. Which location do you say is the best?

  6. @Lynn,

    As of now, I have earned $49 from Bidvertiser, Lynn so for me, it's not that bad. SOme of my referrals has really worked. :)

    @ Paul,
    I think Adbrite really earns less. I have never received anything from it. Sigh, I don't have its ads running anymore.

    @ Sofhal,
    You're welcome Buddy!

    @ Kevin,
    Well, as I said, I gained a little from it, mostly from referrals.

    @ Free Money Maker,
    Exactly! That's also the reason why I did search how to remove it.

    @ Ivs,
    Yes Ivs, ads can be put but to really destroy the site to have the ads everywhere and cluttered does not look so good both in physical form and for readers' percepton.

  7. I have heard this problem from many others also. Actually you are right ad placement is really an art and comes from experience.

  8. Some of those advertising companies have those, I have a full page ad thats annoying, I am considering to end it but it makes as much money as the inlines. Thanks for visiting I posted a comment returning your question about the ibogaine side effects. =))

  9. I know what you mean, I've had my blogs for a couple years and all of the work placed into them, I would think my rank would at least be on the alexa chart. My blog just started picking up traffic, but its alot of work.

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  10. all of these add based systems suck in one way or the other. And of course some will get you banned here and other will get you banned there. So i guess it's going to be a trial trying to find a happy medium that won't get be kicked from EC or black listed on google. :(

  11. Can Adbrite or Bidvertiser useful for us? I'm sorry, I don't think that PPC / Adsense is a good way to make money online. It is mostly because my experience till today. :D

  12. I've tried almost every one of them but somehow AdSense works the best for me (even though they only give me cents per click :( )

  13. A million thanks to you Webbielady. I have been facing this inline ads problem for quite long. They distract the readers from the articles and hardly get me any revenue. Google got me to this page.
    Thanks again. :D

  14. Hey ur post was very useful on how to remove the inline ads thankx buddy for the information...


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