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Friday, October 3, 2008

Maybe A Good Pacing Will Do?

FInally WebbieStuffs has crossed the border! Border of what? Border of we site traffic. Since I begin to blog around ten months ago with this blog I have never had a better traffic than this Webbie blog. Now, having an Alexa rank of 196,000th is already an achievement for me. I have never achieved this traffic ranking before. Of course, I have to say thanks to ENtrecard for this and for Liza in introducing me to a great traffic building service.
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Maybe it must be as good as the ducks' pacing....

My traffic is only a half-baked cake though. WebbieSTuffs neve gained any PR this September 27 google update. But no hurt feelings because I still earned a hundred bucks from paid post despite the zero PR. Plus, this blog still enjoys its learning. With two more blogs in a row maintaining and having new PRs, I start to learn some things. Those two blogs of mine have regular posts but not as frequent as this Webbie Blog. Thus, I have been thinking, posting daily is not really the answer. Maybe a good pacing and a good timing would do the trick. But after all, how can I do it if Webbie contains posted stuffs? I presume, the paid posts would be paced as well.

What else is new? My post few days ago, which happen to be on wekend clamouring about unachieved Alexa ranking, now I am taking it back for Webbie's rank was updated only after 2 days to reflect the rank higher than 209,000th place. I am still aiming for 5 figures rank though, at least and even the 99,999th place!

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Or maybe even just like this.....?

As for now, I am back to promoting the traffic of this site. It has been days since I started to drop heavily and return drops as well. The results are great for I gt at least 70% returns or even more for all my drops. I just wish I can also find a partner to exchange surfing with me to reduce my bump rate. I know my average page views of 2 per visitor will be soon 1:1 ratio and I really don't like that figure. In short, I am stuck with the new EC rules for I cannot award my surfers with ECs just like before. Sigh... I also have to close my EC Biz post due to new EC rules.

What's your opinion with the new rules?


  1. First congrats with your good alexa rating, mine still seven digits hehehe.. You're almost there though.. 5 digits... if i drop to 6 digits i'd be happy hehehe..

    about ec, i still can't figure out how it help traffic coz kahit nagdadrop ako it don't affect my ranking hehehe..

    When I read about the rules of the EC, you're the one who came up in mind first because I know that you were planning your biz before... hayyyyy kakadisappoint no... Yaan mo sis, i think, next Google's ranking update you'll be in the middle or even higher righ away...

  2. Hey, how come I dropped ec here but this is what i read:

    Blog deleted
    The blog with this Entrecard has been deleted.

    do you about this?

  3. Hi ckulit! Thanks a lot for thinking about me ... You have read it then.. Anyway, I need to put note on its "out of business".. And the good thing? I was able to gain $10 before it closed.. no losses for me..

    The EC is working good. Thanks for asking.

  4. Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yup, I'm a Filipina and currently living here in Washington state.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. It's Been a long time my friend,

    Well Entrecard has also killed my business of selling EC and it also has killed my traffic..

    Hopefully we will find other ways to earn money and get a fair amount of traffic online

  6. now the ec is working hehehe.. the other day when i dropped one it said that it was deleted... error lang siguro..

    Accountant ka nga, numbers is very important hehehe.. Personally, everytime my alexa number goes down, i feel so happy..

  7. mine is too damn high, I can't post as much as I would like to because I'm so busy with work and online class, but one thing for sure am getting a lil' bit addict in blogging lol..

  8. congrats with your good Alexa rating, mine is the same.. Thanks to entrecard...

    RE: yes blue is one of my favorite color..hehehe:D

  9. congrats for ur alexa rank and hope u will much better than it.......keep blogging...

  10. sad to hear about the new EC rules... anyways.. you'll still earn more dear, imagine you can earn 100bucks? i don't there are days or even weeks that i can't take any reviews.. since i'm only relaying into one website.... i am not sure why tons of website don't like my new template... sucks.....

    thanks for the comment: hehehehe... your right the barretto's rocks!!!

    people have so many attitudes and we just can't judge someone basing on something she did....


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