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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So These More or Less 35 Subscribers Serve No Purpose?

I just post exactly before this post a free gift giving to my existing subscribers. And it turned out no one has claimed! That means I never spent my budget of 900 Entrecard credits, a free give away to my first 6 responding subscriber. The result is completely negative. Indeed I got a lot of responses of frequent readers bt I presume, no one among them is a subscriber since no one has claimed the gift.

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Anyway, I have a lot of things to conclude from this fact:

1. My RSS readers who subscribed through my feed in this blog in a reader are NOT reading!

2. My e-mail subscribers do not read their subscriptions as well

3. The feeds might have been delivered later than 3 days.

4. The feeds are not useful for me, it is there for display!

5. I will make another test to confirm these conclusions.

For reason number 1, it is obvious to clonclude so since no one really claimed until the deadline of the free gift hit. I am sure everyone loves credits or free gifts so long as they know but since NO ONE read, the supposed to be 35 or so persons subscribing or at least a percentage of them, have claimed the gift.

For the number 2 reason, it goes the same direction and point as the reason number 1.

For the third reason, I hope this is the truth, that the feeds are just delivered late because I myself receive my subscription sometimes days later or even a week. So this is another possibility that I consider.

Indeed, the reason number four must speak for it! Since no one has read the feed delivered to them, to my supposed subscribers, I think the feed counter is only for display? It is a very sad fact then!

I will, as I said, make another test giving longer deadline in the near future when my feed cout change largely to see the percentage of those who calimed the gifts.... and that time, I will give variety of gifts and not only ENtrecard credits so even the non-EC member who subscribed will also have their fair share of gifts.

1 comment:

  1. oops... i'm sure your very much disappointed sis, hope that those subscribers really are into doing what they get into diba?


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