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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Bonus: Are You One of 'Em? Existing Subscribers Get Your Gift from WebbieGurl!

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THIS is NOT a contest!
Although WebbieGurl posted yesterday and has clearly stated a good pacing on posting, another post is coming right now. Why is that? Someone already came from google from yesterday's post, thus, I presume it has been indexed already and it is alright to make this bonus post.

I just feel generous this time and I would like to reward those existing subscribers that WebbieStuffs Blog has. This blog never promoted subscription and since it reaced at least thirty, WebbieGurl thought of rewarding those loyal followers. Feedjit also indicates that some visitors come from mail, which means, two things: the visitor either subscribed through email or had my comment arrived in his or her email. But either way, I am just glad.

Today, I would like to test my subscribers. If you happen to be online and received this message in your reader, or in your email, it is your chance. I know and I also experience that readers and subscriptions are quite late these days so I am giving you a chance until midnight of Tuesday GMT+1 to take this opportunity.

But what is his opportunity? This is to give credits to my EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS. I do not encourage you to subscribe unless you want it wholeheartedly and you want it because you find it useful. PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED AND YOU FIND THE CONTENTS OF THIS BLOG NOT SO USEFUL! Existing subscribers, you are entitled 150 entrecard credits. However, since we have limit, This is limited to first 6 subscribers who reply here and saw this message from his/her reader and/or email. Post a comment and claim your 150 ECs here if you are an existing subscriber. The first 6 to reply on or before the deadline will get the credits.

Again, this is NOT to promote subscription. I hate forced subscription because it is useless. This is to:

1. Test if people who subscribed reads what they were fed or emailed from this blog;
2. The speed of arrival of the feed to the subscribers
3. To see the response rate.
4. ANy other good reason I missed out.

So Are You One of Them? CLaim Your Free EC's Now! Comment Down Here to Claim!


  1. Thank you for visiting me. I hope you'll find a lot of interesting information about the movies.
    Please visit my blog frequently and keep in touch there!

  2. Hi.
    For sure your subscribers will be happy with the great gift they'll be receiving. Lucky subscribers..

    You got a very nice blog, that's why you got loyal subscribers :)

  3. useful info naman palagi dito eh, kaya naman marami ka talagang subscribers ;)

    have a great week ahead.

  4. this is a very good contest...your blog is very interesting and I am sure you will get a lot of subscribers!!


  5. You're really generous, Sis. (",)

  6. What a great way to thank your subscribers! =) That's a good one!

  7. I also do not believe in forced subscription. I'd rather hear the visitor's comments to check if they're reading my content.

  8. This contest is very encouraging! Keep it up!

  9. Nice.. that is pretty much interesting rogue... that will help your readers dig for more... hehehe...

    just want to give you a good luck and hugs for it...

    happy week days...

  10. Wow, so generous! You gave me an idea on what to do with my EC credits, I just have to find out how to do it hehehe.. Thank you so much for the visits and comments! GBY sistah!

  11. Hello there, came to say thank you for the very nice words for our special day!

    Wifey is so makulit (did i spell it right?) about this EC thing, she told me so many times to sign up and have EC on my blog but I can't figure out how lol... I think I just have to ask her to do it for me..

  12. thank you sister for supporting my new blog, how I wish I could put Ec there too hehehe but can't..

    Tha's so nice of you to always give your subscribers a reward..

  13. Hey! I would thank you for the comment you sent here http://orangegraphics.splinder.com/post/11410234/Template+Alcool+-+Humor+per+Bl

    ..I also understand just a bit of english, but I spent some time reading your blog and I realize that I like it! :D


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