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Friday, October 17, 2008

This is My First Time for the Five Green Tacks!

For those of you who knows what the image mean, I am just glad and surprised to see it yesterday. I have been trying to see which one gave it to me but I just could not point it out.. If you have any idea on tracing the generous giver, you may tell me here, please.
tacks, PPP tacks, PPP postie tacks, postie tacks, positive paid posting rating

The WebbieGurl is not however aware which blog among the two listed really got the good rating. But anyway, it is a great feeling to see this full five green tacks making me feel appreciated and knowing that the advertiser did not disapprove of what i posted.

I always make it a point to make my postings appear to be part of my blog, this one, which has a theme related to computers and internet. Happy blogging and posting everyone!


  1. Good for u, sis. keep up the good work! mwah!

  2. nice... i was also surprised with those track rogue, since i only got 3 green tracks before. didn't have any idea about it either, but i'm thankful whoever are they.. the blessings will goes back to them....

    nice feeling i know what you felt

  3. Congratulations and you deserve it. You have a great writing style!

  4. Nice to hear that. Continue your good work and more tacks will be added for you..

    About us, we started off with 3 tacks. Within a month of doing paid posts, we got 5 tacks already..As of now, we have an overall rating of 5 tacks, 10 votes, and no ban.

  5. congrats mate ,go ahead ,hardwork is the key .....

  6. Happy weekend, Sis. Here to drop an ec. Congrats again with your 5 tacks. You deserve it, no doubt.

  7. Jiayou! that's a great achievement!


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