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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trying Out Some Personally Made Robots in this Site.. What do you think?

WebbieGurl has made some quite big interval since the last post. It was five (5) days ago since the last post in here and that was quite long.

Why is that?

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Enclosed in red squares, the improvement in traffic and page views are shoeing. I am more happy actually about the increased page views, plus, I can visit many sites, browse the site of my advertisers and give them page views as well!

Lately, I have been busy trying the power of this machine. I mean, the computer. I have to learn and refresh macro knowledge in Excel (due to the naure of my profession which heavily relies on numbers and computations) and so macros in other applications came to my mind. I have been trying out some macros (robotic/repetitive functions) on the computer aside from Excel. It was quite fun actually and I have seen the results.

I bet robots are not that applicable if used the wrong way and if abused but for things one does in one's site, and it is repetitive, robotic functions are good. I have to admit that if one has patience, one can do anything actually.

The fun part?
I do browsing and a lot of stuffs while I eat or read.. I see no hand but my mouse is active and that was/is both cool and functional. I even browse around my advertisers' (both in EntreCard and Project Wonderful) sites to give them good page views as well. It helps a lot. My traffic even improved. Actually I waited a change in my Alexa before trying to post this out to see if it can be detected or has some negative effects. Traffic-wise, is it effective for Alexa. I would like to know your opinions however, in terms of other website performance measures, such as:

1. Would it (macros/personal robots) affect badly my site?

2. Would other measures such as page rank, technorati authority and other rankings be affected?

3. This is NOT a public robot, instead, one that I do and test alone and let it run here but what do you think, is it advisable or not?

4. Do not forget that your answer can give you 200 EC credits for free, as long as 12 responses is reached.

Thank you and I would love to hear from you. Hapy blogging everyone!


  1. Hi rogue, I want to share about it (based on my experience in my blog)
    1. macro/robot? I never do such thing, If you have one, plz let me know ok? hehehe
    2. Nope. I thing if you want to get more and more visitor, Content is the King. If you are all ready famous in the real world, it's very simple to get traffic.

  2. good for u, sis. i know u work hard on your blogs a lot, posts and traffic wise.

    anyways, how did u do that, sis? or can we find it somewhere? i want to check my sites' average too sana. :)

  3. I salute you talaga sis, for your talent in digging all these stuff. All I can do to generate traffic is to visit other sites hehehe... No time researching for all this.. Sorry to say, don't have any idea about robots and stuff..

    By the way, thank you for your technorati post.. Gave me an idea of how my blog is doing.. Now I know that it has a little power in the blogsphere already... Not so high though but hopefully in time, it will go higher...

  4. Sorry sis can't add any idea to your topic, not familiar with it... thanks for sharing anyway!

  5. I think it is not a good idea to use bots (also known as intelligent agents) to get traffic. The ranking systems claim to have measures in place to find out such automated traffic. I am not sure whether they can find it out actually, if you are adding a small percentage to your original traffic. But, if you are going to double your traffic, be careful.

    Google's Page Rank and Technorati Authority will not be affected as they depend on your incoming links and not really on your traffic.

    I notice that you are not using AdSense. That is good. Otherwise, Google might ban your account.

  6. its rewarding to see figures like these when you know you've worked hard for it!

  7. I have enver thought of using bots for anything but your post is very interesting.

  8. Hi added you in techno favs ad digg.Also drop on you with entrecard user photo freemoneymaker.My techno user name is manas28 and digg is kasakk.check and back to me to tell what are the results .Thanks and good luck.you have tried a tremendous job for your alexa ranking.I will come again to watch you and obcourse add me as your entrecard droppers.

  9. That is quite a move you have been making. I bet it must feel great to be moving up so fast.

    From your post it is still not clear what robots you are using? Can you be a bit more clearer.


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