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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Do I Do When I Need Traffic So Badly and Instantly?

I have to admit I sometmes do not have enough time to drop to the fullest. I have been so busy these days. I need to go to places for appointmenst plus I have my part time job and stuffs. Thus, I have days that I would need so much traffic. That means the day after missing dropping entrecard or the day after I dropped only a fifty cards or a hundred or lesser. These days, it has been my aim to raise traffic for this blog to improve my ALexa Ranking.... I just love seeing that number improve you know!

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In fact, I have two days of missed full dropping this week. That would mean dropping for less than 300 cards. Don't get me wrong, I am not after EC nor I am a dropping addict. I do all these stuffs for traffic purposes. That is why! In the days I need traffic, I do two things: (1) I force traffic from shout boxes/tag boards, usually those who use cbox and shout mix chatboards; and (2) I buy traffic of 100 soetimes.

My goal is to have at least 200 unique visitors in this blog daily. If I drop 300 cards, the nest day, the return rate is from 180-240 so far and that is not bad for me, I am happy about it. But as I said, there are days I miss dropping and I only get around 100 drops from my frequent dropping buddies and other blog friends who constantly visit my blog.

Before I jpined Entrecard, the tag boards were my way of having raffic. I could not count the return rate of this thing but I just hope I can. Mostly, others go back to tag to to gin traffic as well. I am just glad there are tagboards around. Although I do love commenting, sometimes i just dont have time to click and comment.. Others still have this old blogger comment form and it is a bit complicated to leave a comment and time consuming..PLUS the anti spam verification code sometimes make me dizzy! Why cant they just be clear and clear cut 3 or 4-letter thing? They are too long and just so unclear most of the tme!

I know the consequences. These stuffs such as bump rates and related things. But I have not made a thorough study if buying traffic in PTC sites are so bad. I mean, do they have lasting bad effect? Because for me, those traffic sources are no different to EC. SOmetimes EC drops can even last for 5 seconds only and regular traffic frm PTCs are at least 30 seconds... what is your opinion on traffic from PTC sites Guys? I qould like to hear from the guru's around. In fact, if I will have no much time in th enear future, I would like to look for more traffic generating sites and just pay... I dont want my traffic here die down!

I would like to hear your side of the story. Hapy blogging everyone!


  1. hi webbiegirl! mahal na talaga dito sa atin, wala na atang mura, hehe.

    re code: ok lang yun, sa social spark kasi yung code na yun. thanks for the concern ;)

    happy weekend.

  2. Oh Thank you so much for dropping by to my site and leaving sweet warm thoughts. And one thing, i can only be evil to people who's are not good to me at all, but i can be a very good friend to people who's are sweet. Just like what i said to my About The Author. We can be good friends if you will accept my friendship offer though, wink* God bless! And Happy weekend!

  3. Oh sorry i will not be much of help here coz im ignorant on these thngs, i am from the medieal times and until now im still groping in the modern world of technology, hehehe.

  4. Hi Webbiegirl,

    havent experienced the PTC for traffic though, just the entrecard, blog hop and comments are the way to go for me.

    I'd have to admit that I also failed to drop sometimes because the entrecard (server) just keep on failing. *sad* that's why I rely on the traditional means.

  5. wow..300 unique visitors per day? wow..
    i dont think i can get that .. mine the most is around 140.. how to reach 300..pls do teach me.. my pr is still 0.. perhaps u can teach me to reach some ranking too..haha..thanks..

  6. do you participate in forums? it does drive some good traffics too!;)

  7. Hi, nice of you to drop by my place, thank you.
    Love your blog...very interesting.
    You keep well and have a great weekend, Lee.

  8. What are tag boards?
    Can you give some examples of tag boards that have brought you good traffic?

  9. dropping ec for me is somewhat frustrating coz others don't pay me a visit to drop ec too. how i wish i can drop 300 ec's and get more visitors too. :)

  10. Indeed who doesnt love to see their Alexa rank go up. But I have seen that Alexa gets fooled with just clicks. As you mention many entrecard droppers stay just long enough to drop a card and even that seems to bump up Alexa ranks. Now I am not sure that is the way I want my rank to go up (I do admit that I like to see the rank go up even in that way).

  11. Your comment caught my attention:
    "the anti spam verification code sometimes make me dizzy! Why cant they just be clear and clear cut 3 or 4-letter thing? They are too long and just so unclear most of the tme!"

    I am with you 100% on this. On one of the sites I tried 5 times before giving up.

    But did you know that automated captcha readers have very high levels of accuracy. They can easily decode clean verification codes and leave spam comments!

  12. Entrecard the best traffic bringer. TRAFFIC only, maybe there is 20% of the people who would comment on you first before you comment on them when they are dropping.

    For traffic + comments, blog hopping is still the best!

  13. have you joined social networks for bloggers like mybloglog, blogcatalog or other blog directories? they can help boost your traffic, too.

    i don't think i can really drop that much. my maximum would be 20 per day. sometimes, i get too much interested with the blogs i drop cards to that i stop dropping for that day just to read the blogs.

    saw your blog, btw, on a ptc site.


  14. SEO ofcourse. It is the best and practical way of getting traffic.

    Check this out:

    Hope this will help you out.


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