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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Internet Protection Item: Help Filter Those Porno Sites

After my very previous post on email security and authenticity, this time I share again to you something that relates to our online safety. Sometimes there are just a clear need in filtering some kinds of websites. The most we know are pornographic sites and we all know the reason why. Among others are:

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1. Inappropriate for children

2. Inappropriate in work area

3. Inappropriate in public areas

Don't get me wrong as I have nothing against these sites. They exist because of popular demand but at times, there are just this need to block and filter them. And the sad side? Internet filters really do not make that protection 100% of the time! Why I said that?

A recent US Government study concluded that even the best filters could only filter/block 91% of adult websites, leaving 9% or more unfiltered. Those numbers become more important when you realize that 9% of the available Internet pornography could be as many as 100 million pornographic images and videos! And worse, if the individual in front of the computer knows how to bypass it or deactivate it, well then the filter's performance drops to 0%.

How Do You Solve This Internet Filters Issue?

If you are serious in filtering the websites that can be opened in your screen, a pornography-detection tool like SurfRecon is one good and important help. It provides a level of detection combined with the filter's protection: PROTECTION + DETECTION is the ultimate solution for internet safety.

The pornography-detection tools (software) allow users to scan a computer system and see what the filter missed. If a child or spouse is using an anonymous proxy or some other application to sneak a peak at adult content--or if they are simply using a CD-Rom, external hard drive, or thumb drive to hide porn on your computer--SurfRecon will find it!

So remember, filters alone cannot get the job done. Protection + Detection. Wny not try and get SurfRecon pornography detection tools and see how it works?


  1. Or just get an adult filter on your web browser and that should do the trick.

    My blog; http://twisthis.blogspot.com

    Thanks! I love your blog!

  2. WOW... 2 thumbs up for this entry dear. it is certainly lovely infos... now i know how...

    as for your comment: hehehe.. nice, it is also the bday of my late grandma [father's mom] then before that date was my brother's bday.. hehehe.. we tried so hard to do it on 8 for Mother Mary's bday but we just can't do it, hay... sige nlng ...

  3. wow ..really nice info ..even some of the blogs i visit ..contain porn..so i feel really afraid opening those weird blog names is in my family pc .. thanks for visiting ...do keep visiting and commenting often :-)

  4. How much does it cost Rogue?

    I encountered this in my blog before and a lot of emails are coming into my inbox even if my spam filter is on and really aggravates me...

  5. wow, another good info.! thanks for sharing. :)


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