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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kill that Irritating Whole Page Auto Pop Advertisement!

The title may also be known as: I Solved that Inline Text Problem and the Full Page PopUp from Adbrite Part 2 as I have the part 1 for this.. This post is the continuation of my discovery of some things on my adbrite ads. I already posted on how to remove or disable the inline text ads two posts ago or you can see that solution from THIS POST HERE.

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This time, I would like to share how to stop that whole page ad that shows up everytime a page is clicked or reloaded on your/our sites or blogs. Luckily, I paid attention and I was able to remove mine which is, I have to admit, even myself is very annoyed by it. It is that whole page ad popup that steal the time from everyone who loads my page for around 10 seconds or so, very irritating, very annoying, kills the fun of blogging, grrr...grrrr.., etc.. right? This can kill traffic onestly as I have a lot of fellow blogger buddies complaining about both inline ads and auto pop up until I discover this solution. Sometimes the ads are not that wholesome for some other ad providers (but in Adbrite, I hìgot wholesome pops at least...^^).

Before, in order to remove this forced ad or popup, I have had to delete my ads itself but now, I have found out how to run the adbrite ads without inline text ads, and without this annoying popup though as of posting date, I do not have adbrite ads running around.

Maybe a lot of bloggers around have already posted about this but I am not aware as I have just discovered this solution lately and have not searched online on how to remove this. If you are an EntreCard member, this is a big possibility that your blog be deleted if you have this auto pop-up that has to stop every visitor or anyone who tries to load a page in you site/blog. Why I say that? Because a blogger friend of mine who has auto-played music got her account deleted for that auto music playing and this auto pop is no better than auto playing music, right? The solution is presented in the folowing instructions and image.

1.Remove all your adbrite ads (that is if you don't earn from it, that would not hurt).
This was the thing I did for this blog actually. Not much earnings, why not take it away? But of course, I am open to the idea that I might reinstall now that I know how to make the whole page pop up disappear despite the running of the ads.

2. Disable that Whole Page Ad Option.
This is a more flexible option than the first if you are earning and/or want to retain the adbrite ads. This actually involves replacement of the current ad codes with a new one where the whle page ad option is disabled. It therefore involves signing in to the adbrite account, creating a new ad zone with a disabled whole page ad option, plus generating the codes and installing these codes as replacements to the just removed adbrite ad codes. See the short tutorial here and notice the red squares I used to emphasize stuffs:

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Notice the only you that is required is to UNCHECK that option. We just miss it out when we make out ads, especially if we are new.

This applies to adbrite specifically but I am not aware about other advertisement providers if they have the same auto pop ups but the idea is the same, just look at the options. I just hope this helps everyone, especially thos who have been deleted from entrecard due to this reason..


  1. I agree full page ads are a big distraction. When I visit a site I dont want to start with an ad. I went there to read the posts...the ads are just incidental.

  2. sometimes, pop ups discourages viewers and readers to continue visiting your blog, especiallly when it is a very annoying ads. i do that, but since i have encountered it on my pc, no problem with me, no hassle for me if i visit your blogs, but what about those people who did not enable their block popups?

  3. I'm glad you did sistah because its really killing the time.. when you load the page, it will take like a minute then when you post a cmment another pop again... sooo grrrrrr talaga hehehe.. Now, your iluvph dont have it.. that's where we always experienced it..

  4. Wow, you're blessed with skills like that, im horrible in fixing computer stuff. Your other blog don't have pop up anymore, am glad for that!

  5. Well, I dislike those full page ads a lot. People get the wrong idea why we blog (not all of us want to earn that $0.10 per thousand visitors). I'm very glad Entrecard doesn't allow it anymore.

  6. Full page ads can be extremely annoying. It fools a viewer into thinking that he/she is visiting the actual site making a search irrelevant (if the page was found through a search engine). Glad that you took care of that. ;) Kudos to you!

    P.S. What I hate more than full page ads? It's those ads that are commonly found on popular news sites. Whenever I started reading an article, they suddenly swoop over the part that you are reading which is really really annoying. LOL!

    I don't mind sites that are full of ads. Just don't let them become a distraction to readers/visitors.

    BTW, thanks for always dropping by Orangeinks. I really appreciate your support. Cheers!!! ;D

  7. Hi, I guess I don't have that problems as I keep my blog empty save for the music player.
    All adverts have cookies, tracking cookies...and they will know what, where you see on the Net...

    Even awards that are going around have cookies, some tracking cookies.
    You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

  8. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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