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Thursday, November 20, 2008

NO, I am NOT Away, Nor AM I Busy

Folks, I am NOT abandoning any of my blogs. But as you have seen, there have been some lost traffic and unupdated blogs for days due to reasons that are beyond my control. I have been using this International Internet provider since I arrived here in the Hague but now, it seems that their paypal checkout counter is having problems. With this internet service that I use, which is actually called fon and can be visited at http://www.fon.com, all I need to do is pay with credit/debit card or with paypal when I needed to connect.

stranded, stuck, stagnant, blog problems, bloggingStranded...

The problem happened just this weekend and we could not do anytthing about it for the moment. Having a connection (aside from FON) in this country means waiting at least 23 days before installation and that is a lot of time to wait.

All I wish this time is to have the paypal checkout of FON be back soon (The checkout services for credit and debit cards are offered by Paypal too). I can still access blogger blogs but other platform blogs, I cannot. Why is that? Because FON is sponsored by google and skype. Thus, all googly webs and skypie websites are accessible without problem. I am still trying to post the best way I can. In fact I can, but I have to admit I hate to post with a lost readership and exposure because I would have lesser visitors. My traffic last week was ranging from 350-500 a day and now, it runs to just around a hundred... sigh.. so bad.

I watch too much youtube videos instead these days because as I said, google is FON's sposnor and i guess youtube is related to google and that is why. But at this moment, I just want to post as usual, after realizing that soon, in a month and a half time, it will be the google PR update and I do think it is best to have some pages indexed at least.

And as an instruction, If you want to comment in any of my posts in any of my blogs, and if you have blogger platform blogs, please use that url instead so I can comment back faster.

More power to bloggers and I do hope I would get the connection back at home. So long bloggers!


  1. Hi,
    That's sad to hear. Hope your connection will be back to normal asap. Just paying you a visit today :) take care

  2. sorry to hear that, i hope your service will be back soon. kaya pala MIA ka, hehe

    take care webbiegurl!

  3. :(( It's sad rogue. But we always wait for you newest post.

  4. that's kinda sad, well, patience is a virtue... we can do nothing beyond that, but to wait.. hmmmm i am not sure if what i'm doing to my blogroll helps in doing backlinks... it is just simply a kind or article and i just copied the direct url of it...

    do you have anything to suggest rogue?

  5. Oh it's sad. Being disconnected from the internet for a few days makes a blogger uncomfortable. I hope you'll get connection soon :)

  6. aw, that's sad. hope it will be okay soon. :)

  7. @Twinks,
    Indeed sad but it is okay now.

    Not really MIA, i still have access from my work and now even at home is back.

    Am back friend... my blog can always be updated even with the connection coz blogger is always available to me.

    Indeed but it was solved in a day or two. Im so glad.

    Absolutely, it is bad to be disconnectd, especially for bloggers like us.

    It's okay now Lynn.. Thanks a lot for all the comforting words.


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