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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Talking About Dollars Attached to Blog Posts...

I am thankful I chose such a theme like this in my blog, webbie related stuffs. From paid posts only, I have earned a considerable amount of dollars.. As I have posted in this blog entry here, I have displayed and shared some of my earning options online. Again, mine is only a side earning, I do not have plans ever to go full time earning online.

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Although that earning ($247) is NOT big but it is NOT so bad either, right? Plus the fact that I do not have a google PR in this blog.... i still get that earnings...

If you are a member of any of the paid posting sites and you do paid posts such as me, you know that people who do say paid posting is bad for a blog's health have not really tried it or failed in it. As for my opinion, I can say that: that statement is ONLY true if the blog is earning in another way. However, if a blog or site is not earning anyway, getting into paid posting is NOT a bad idea. In this blog where this post is written, I have earned at least $200 in paid posting only. Not counting the thousands of earnings from other sources, that is another story partially tackled in this blog entry again.

Opportunity and Real Cost
Don't assume I sound like an economist here. I sound like accountant and auditor though, and that fact I can admit. Because I am, in real life! As for your monetising options, all you have to do to be in or out in a paid posting industry is to consider the overall bad or good that it can cause to you and your blog. What your WebbieGurl is pointing out here is the fact that you might wait too long before joining, and before you know it, you have spent so much of the OPPORTUNITY cost (OC) in there. OC is not literally money but IT can be converted to some considerable amounts if you have acted wisely given some situations.

Earning Much? Make Money in Blogging Blog?
I am NOT! This BLOG is NOT a Make Money Online Blog or Earn Thousands Fast.. I hate that assumption and the deceit that goes around that line. I am telling you that everything requires hard work and perseverance, and sometimes, a little investment.

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This is just to inform you that online earning is very possible. This is NOT from blogging but from online effort. From blogging, read more to gain as well...

Paid Posting Is Bad?
Thus, if you have decided to make paid posts, I have various suggestions for you. You have two options here, whee I am a meber as well and I do earn too. See my respective earnings and read the captions and the choice is yours where you want to join. If you leave a message here after acting, that would be better as I do my best to help you in any possible way I can.

PayingPost: I just joined this blog few days ago and have not seen its earning power yet. I suggest you join and refer your friends because this is a relatively paying post site and not too many are in yet. One eferral here will allow you to earn $15 each. I can say that is NOT bad.

BidVertiser: I only earned $28 from this and have received this amount already. No regrets joining. They pay also if you refer some of your buddies.

paid posting, payperpost, paid post, earning online, blogging, blog earning, blog monetising, ppp earnings, paid posts online, paid blogging (click image to join) Many know about this already, pay per post. It is pretty effective as you can see in my earning above. If you have been rejected before, you can sign up again, there is no harm in trying. I bet your traffic and posts have become better than then. Good luck! Click the little image to register.


  1. I thought Paypaypost requires a site to have at least like PR2?

    Hey, btw, you have a PR my dear, it's PR 0, not that your site is unranked. Unranked means no PR. And some advertisers don't mind paying you a small amount to link them for SEO purposes. =)

  2. hmm, I saw your stats and I am not sure if I got it right. Maybe you can give me the figure. Why I ask is I saw an increase in my traffic, but my Alexa didn't improve much, in fact, sometimes it drops. Now my Alexa is 265k, with more than 10k unique visitors this month. So sometimes I wonder if Alexa is accurate, cos it only takes in account of those visitors with Alexa toolbar, and only around 40% of my visitors use Firefox, if I am right. Anyway, perhaps it's still updating, cos last month my traffic did drop. Thanks. Maybe it's not that important afterall.

    Do you do SEO in this blog? =)

  3. As for SEO, I have not studied it really… But I know that if many posts have been indexed and searchable in google, it gives PR to the domain.. Just like my site here, I have observed that the indexed posts were many and were heavier than the paid posts, thus, I was able to acquire a very little PR. Unlike in my blog in this part here, the number of paid posts are just much…

    But for me, as long as I am earning, and the blog has loyal readers and traffic and comment activity is alive, I am already a fullfilled blogger. After all, I have also PR in other blogs without doing nothing so that means, if I will have it, I will have it….

    For you, you have nothing to ask for… As I have previously said, your blog is a giant success already and it is very beautiful..

  4. I referred you to my stat counter because histats give a very detailed report if one is interested. It is even more detailed than Alexa.

    I do not use Alexa toolbar, not even google toolbar so when I browse around, I dont get bias with the PR but I want to see the content and make comments or read, rather than the PR. Although PR is really good, and would make the blog earn even more, I have not paid so much attention to it lately. In my other site, I also have heavy paid posts but it was able to acquire a PR of 1… and PR2 here.

    I don’t think you need to worry about your Alexa. I am in constant goal to reach 5 digit and I think in 2 weeks time I will get it. But for you, I see your site as a big success already. You have a very good PR, a very organized website, a very prestigious award and a set of loyal readers. Alexa is not really a determinant but for me, I love seeing it grow better. But as per my observation, I check my Alexa at least 6 times daily and try to understand it… and there was a couple of times that they are down and do not give exact records… i can see the difference because histats is there to backup the report and show me the real stats.

  5. my blog is just average, still plenty of room for improvement, but thanks for your support.

    u check Alexa 6 times a day?? Why? i thought it only update a new ranking every wed and sat, according to what i see on my two blogs ranking.

    anyway, i think conversion is more important if we were to monetize our blogs. just to check, on the average, how many average unique visit u have per day that gives u Alexa 103k? fyi, i use "MINT" for my stats but it's not shown to the public though. thx for sharing.

  6. Hello sister, good job making money online hehehe... That's not bad at all..

    Ask ko lang, how do you tag a photo like the one you use here.. I been trying to figure that out but seems to be not doing well with it hayyy... hirap ng alang alam sa tech hahaha

  7. my blog is too young for opportunities like those... My wife said I still have to learn a lot of things on blogging hahaha...

  8. @ chubskulit,
    As I have previously explained here, as long as the word is relevant to the photo, and/or to the article you have written, that is good.

    As for me, I have tagged that with words such as earning, blogging, monetising, ppp, paid posting and related stuffs...

    I don0t believe that.. Your blog is absolutely ready.. plus, Rosie is there to always guide you. ^^ You are such a strong blogging couple tandem!

  9. PRs come and go, i think some advertisers know this already so they still give jobs even if you don't have a pr. your earnings are not bad considering how busy you are ;)

    hope you had a great weekend ;)

  10. wow, good for you sis! i wish my energy in blogging will come back so i can spend more time in the computer and do more paid post again. but my little one slow me down. :)

  11. no harm intended but why is your grammar so bad. I am sure if you improved you could achieve even better results

  12. @ Liza,
    Indeed Liz, it is also good to know that some advertisers are starting to realize that.

    I am hoping for another thing, you do not need earnings, you need a hassle free delivery. God Bless friend.

    Thanks for reminding me. I hope I can improve. But I think my grqammar will just stay as bad as what I currently. What a pity and shame for me, right? ^^

  13. That's very rude, I don't think your grammar is bad at all... I tried accessing the one who said it but it don't exist hehehe... I think he is just envious of your talent and skills, that's all!

  14. I just banned by payperpost due to quality issue on blog and I have feedback a lot to them about their recent audit. Honestly what they try to do I not agree because every country have their own style of writing english. If they need such a good grammars and Think out of box blog, better as them hire a english teacher to help them write a blog for them. Is true they have consistant payout and lot of jobs to grab. After this. I started to feel their management really need to deep discussion what they has been done so far in the audit.

  15. Literally, my blog has dollars and other currency symbols into it. Lol. :)


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