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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trying To Earn From Ad Displays Again and I am a Bit Richer This Month!! Yeehah!

The month of November made its promising start for me. I am just excited with the turnout of events. I have somw unexpected earnings that the payment of which I received on the last days of October or the first week of November. I wrap them up here.

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I have stopped writing and earning for quite sometime because of their delayed payments but I am glad they are all in now. See the yellow highligh for the recent earnings... Not bad I guess?

What I am trying to say is, as long as you have the initiative, online earning is very possible. I have always pointed this out. But of course, as fo my level, my online earning is of course an extra. I work part time during the day (3 hours) and earns my living from my work. I am in search for a full time job as well. But my online earnings make me happy and give me extra buck. Honesty, I can never think an online earning can support me to live ever, but to have them as extra, the savings is saved for that matter.

This previous month of October, around the middle of the month, I received a notification from BidVertiser that I would receive payment at the end of October. As you see, I never run BidVertiser ads here, right? Nor in in my site here, not in this site either. It made me think how can I earn? Then I remebered I had abandoned sites, not updated, no more new posts and no traffic promotion. Well, this is the site, indeed that still run the BidVertiser ads and indeed gave me a little earning. As you can see from the image, the earning is NOT that big but from a site I never paid attention, this makes me happy. And now I revived that site again, posting new entries again and promoting traffic.

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Not so bad, as well! Especially coming from an abandoned site of mine.. ^^

Moreover, my writing jobs had paid out. I had long been protesting for the late payments but finally it arrived and it was quite an earning! And the good thing? I received them with the dollar a bit stronger against Euro! That multiplied the earnings actually compared when I received them before October's last week or this month.

I am experimenting on projectwonderful if I can earn with this scheme. For now, my earnings is only in the $5 level but I am trying to see ways if one can earn on them. After all, they are just passive earnings that a publisher like me has nothing to lose. I do hope though that when November ends, I can at least withdraw $10 from the earnings there. Hopefully!

In short, you can earn.. And this post, is to encourage everyone that the money is online and as long as you have the guts to get it, you can get it! But again, this earning is too far to make me live with it allone. Real work is still important and a need for me!


  1. This is the post that i've been waiting to read. (",) That's a cool earnings, Rogue... from a site that u haven't updated, it's not at all bad. I have been running my bidvertiser for months now but i put them below my page before. So put i put it on top now hoping i'll earn from it like u.

    Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement. Keep up the good work! (",)

  2. That's right Rogue, there's a lot of income oppurtunities online, you just have to dig hehehe..

    Just went to your other site.. kala ko bago lang yun, yun pala binalikan mo lang hehehe..

  3. Congratulations, that's awesome. its good to have someextra cash especially if you're not expecting it..

  4. hmmm, ang dami nyan ah, ibo-blowout mo na talaga ako paguwi mo dito hahahaha.

  5. Wow, it's amazing. Plz do share how you do that? :X

  6. Hi Rogue, thank you for voting for my artwork. :) Congrats to your current earnings. I haven't yet tried Bidvertiser on my blogs but seeing this post makes me what to. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Wow! Congrats for your online income! That's cool! :)

  8. wow that's interesting, i don't earn anything with adsense too, for some reason, you may want to share your ideas to me? hehehehe...

    you just deserve that girl, and imagine your not doing anything, you own incentives... awesome...

  9. Nice! Hmm.. I never try project wonderful. Is't good?

    About bidvetiser, its good alternative for adsense, at least for me. I received average 35 cents perclick compare to adsense which only 5 - 20 cents perclick. Depends on the type of blog i guess..

  10. You can generate income from abandon site? that is great, that mean your site still receive some visitor.

  11. I guess u're very lucky person. U can earn money from ur abandoned site :)

  12. Nice :D

    I also found recently that I made $20 from Neverblueads, an affiliate-based ad (I actually abandoned it after getting $1 for several months :D)

  13. hi rogue, sori now lang ko naka-bisita here balik, this comment might not be related to your entry. instead want to reply to your comment in my page.. you can do it my dear, pero since drain na ka when you get home from work, i think it's impossible to make 3 in a row... kasi naman wala akong magawa here and it is starting to have snow outside na.. so, definitely i'll be stocked inside the house...

    btw, teach me naman oh... hehehehe.. want to earn for the incentives nlng.. sis, matanong lang, are you calling your family in Pinas ba? i can recommend you a phone card which is cheaper for you.

  14. Hi, lets go for coffee and donuts, ha ha.
    Good for you. Have a nice day, Lee.

  15. Hi,
    wow congrats to your earnings, just in time for Christmas..malapit na.. you're rich na ha...pa cheese burger naman dyan..:D

    Twinks :]

  16. richer the better! Nothing like it to get money from unexpected sources. I guess you deserve a party!

  17. Hi! Thanks for sharing! I am also experimenting on EC and adgitize but I haven't earned any yet.

    Can you place bidvertiser ads along with google adsense? thanks! ^^

  18. impressive info..i like the way u write...its sooo u:)


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