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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Web Hosting Geeks? It Would Be My Choice!

I am not paying hosting this blog with a fee yet... but if I do, I have found my choice already.

Obviously, I am still with the free hosting blogger platform. However, with my blog buddy, hosting this blog with a paid host is always an open option and of course, that too gives more opportunity to this blog if in case. Why? Isn't it obvious enough that most of us, if not all, actually want more flexibility and independence in our websites and blogs?

With this dream in mind, and I know you do have this dream too, I want to share one of the cool sites around providing hosting to those lots of us who want the website hosting, which i can tell is also cheap or affordable. But if you don't want it cheap or affordable, Buddy, you also allowed to have a lot more flexibilities at Webhosting Geeks' cool hosting categories.
These are the samples:
Isn't Webhosting Geeks great, providing all those classifications? I suggest you take a peek at the site too and see what cheap and wonderful hosting-related stuffs and services it offers


  1. Wow. It's a nice trick. So you only pay for a domain ya? Tks. Salaam.

  2. hmm... this is a good option if hostgator fails me again!

  3. true... if you want to purchase a web hosting for your page better to choose the best..

  4. Yea, it is important to know exactly the right thing about your hosting provider before even deciding to buy a package from them

  5. :D
    thank you for choosing my blog to put your entrecard on, hopefully it won't be the last...

    thank you and more power

  6. Yeah based from what I read about them, they seem to be a great choice if your want to have flexible access to your weblog..

  7. If i could have known that the provider I chose will hinder me from viewing it for a week, I could have search and found a better one like this.. lesson learned..

  8. Do you think it wont be a problem with them no matter which free web hosting I am in now? Just in case, I decided to change this account of mine into a domain, would it be ok?

  9. @ Jamil
    Yup, but there are lots of options and that is another good thing. Try to brwse around their site and you will see, it is still up to you to decide.

    @ Angeline,
    Just see the pros and cons and the decision still lies on you.

    Sometimes the best one that suits to your needs is not necessarily the best in the market my dear...

    No problem. Thank you as well.

    @Rose and Joops,
    Thank you for sharing your views here. Joops, i have had the same problem actually... worse as i needed to pay someone to fix that problem... sigh... we are both using free host, that is why.. heheh

    I think it is okay Rose, but there are many options for domains... this one is more on hosting, but i think they have domain related products as well.


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