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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving Needs? It's all in the Video Here: Mega Brands!

Buddy, are you ready for the holiday season? As for me, I am getting ready for it. In fact, I have discovered a great website to acquire my gifts from. It is one awesome and creative site that really enhances the imagination of kids. It is called megabrands. Since the coolest season of the year and the holiday season is coming near we have to think of gifts, right? What's my plan? A Christmas holiday with the people I love and value, and of course, the idea of gifts is always present. I want to receive as much as I want to give.

I got so many cousins and the one that is my favorite, I want to give her the Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse from MegaBrands. It is a true mickey mouse magic for a child's heart. For me? Can I have a gift for myself too? It seems that the MegaBrands Shop is convincing me to buy more. There are just a lot of toys to choose from this site. I am too excited to share them all with you, to make the kids happy or to make ourselves happy in this gift-giving season.

megabrands, chritmas gift ideas, christmas gift, toy gifts, toys, toy storeBrowse the site and you can filter the toys you wanna have from age category, brands to have your favorite names, prices to suit the pocket's capacity, by categories, per catalogues or even the award winning toys can be viewed... So what are we all waiting for? get ready for this season of joy! Give love, give gifts, give MegaBrands Toys.

MegaBrands.... Creativity to the Rescue!


  1. Hi Rogue, now I can see your face. You have cute face like people on my lovely country, hehehe. May all your wishes come true on your Christmas!!! :D

  2. finally, i get to see the face behind these great posts. :)

    i like your accent, rogue. hope your wishes will come true. :)

    anyways, regarding payingpost, yep, that's the image for my affiliate. just click it and you're there. thanks a lot for being so thoughtful. i really appreciate it. mwah!

    merry christmas! LOL

  3. hi! visited, unfortunately unable to view your video :(

    God bless and enjoy life :)

    miss ya

  4. Thanks for all your support folks.
    I have to tell, I changed the video into voice video alone... if someone missed the original vid, it is in my photobucket...

    It was too long for the purpose it was made for. I missed look the requirement of two (2) minutes maximum, understanding it to be the minimum.

  5. Very nice, i just wish i see your face hehehe...

  6. is that you on the pic rogue? The vid is nicely done, good job...

    By the way yung question ko on your other post, mali yung word that i've used hehehe... what i meant with tag is .... how do you put a picture of certain website like the one you did here, in your post. I dunno how to capture or to do it.. do you save it and copy it or what.. sowi, dami kong tanong lol... anyway, thanks a lot for always visiting!

  7. @Joops and Chubskulit, you were a little late in visiting. I have pulled out the original video where I have shown myself. I already transferred the video here in this post as my remembrance. I exceeded the maximum time thus, I needed to replace it with the one up. ^^ Thanks for your support, two.


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