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Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Some Scripts Stop the Page to Load, Fix It!

I have been through it. Two of my blogs has these two scripts distracting my readers or visitors and I have to admit it caused me traffic and redearship. I had an adobe script notice freezing in this blog before and a pop up whole page ad in this blog . While I explained in this post how to remove the whole page popup, I have not written my experience on that adobe movie script warning that was so irrititating and freezing my blog's page load anytime a page is viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow!

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I had to see what was causing that script but I had difficulty. I searched online and some of the advices included some, which, might be advisable in your case if you have the same problem with movie or video script causing your page to load, but in my case, it was the second situation below:

1. Too big image size. I read this was an effective way to remove the script. One webmaster had the same problem and that problem was solved by reducing the size of the pictures or images in the pages or the site. It was effective per feedback. It was NOT the case for my blog however because my images are hosted differently and NOT hosted by blogger nor Picassa Album. I use photobucket.

2. Real video scripts in the site or blog's configuration. In the forums I have read, video scripts are indeed the cause. And that was the case for me. I had a script in my blog, which, unfortunately, not running properly anymore. I had to locate that script and for certain reason, it was not easy. It was a geocounter stat I had. I used it before in the blog that had problem but I never knew it would cause problem afterwards. I just thought it disappeared naturally without me knowing it was already becoming and causing a problem that time. IT EVEN CAUSED MY ENTRECARD ACCOUNT TO BE DELETED!

What I Did?
Just a piece of advice per experience, if you do not have any idea where the problem can be located or pin pointed, simply go back to your html codes or scrips you added in your blogs or sites. For sure it is there, it just need a little bit of scanning. Usually, try in your sidebar, leaderboard, bottom board or any place where you can possibly put that code. Of course sometimes it can be found in the html body itself but that was not my case. I use adding page element in my blogger platform blog when i put codes or scripts and that helped me locate it easily after realizing that it was from one of my codes/scripts that I previously added added.

Why it caused problem?
The situation is explained by Adobe itself here. In my case, I have seen that my script was broken and that it why it was NOT running anymore and IT CAUSED a great deal of trouble to my blog, In short, it was my fault after all.


  1. yes, i was actually wondering before what those scripts were. but glad u had it removed. :)

  2. to be honest dear? you have interesting post here... and it helps people/readers discovered what's the solution to their problems....

  3. I am very glad that you solved it - so many people don't seem to either know, or care, when they have similar issues. I get tripped up by the same blogs all the time. It is annoying!

  4. Oh I didn't know you have such problem in this blog. I have come across some blogs which hang my firefox, or simply pop up an ad covering the whole screen which I find is a nuisance cos instead of being greeted by the blog, I see a big ad! Actually, if I don't know that blogger well, I may stop visiting that blog...

    But I will visit you hehehe

  5. ask you, I see that your this blog has good Alexa ranking, but why your PR is unranked? Did you get penalise by Google? I am curious. Do share with me what happened!

  6. I actually come across a lot of blogs that have this problem, and one thing I have noticed is that it is even worse if you have a 'older' computer (Less than 2Ghz w/ WinXP)... or at least it seems to me. Those pages typically do not get visited after I come back a couple of times, because it is just not worth the trouble... especially when they crash Internet Explorer (or Firefox sometimes) and I have to re-open all my pages after rebooting.


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