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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adgitized and Hooked! Oh Not Again, Please.... But I Want to Earn More!

I have told myself some time in the past no more of ads earning signup and stuffs like those. I have lots to follow already. I have work, learnings, blogs, and of course, I have life to take care of! But seeing so many testimonials of earnings, who can't be convinced? I have read in the Entrecard Forum about this website that pays. Well, many pays but the way the points are earned in this site called Adgitize is simply amazing. Bloggers can earn in many ways, either by referrals through the site Adgitize's affiliate program or display ads, there can be no problem in earning.
I am going to follow-up on this site as I just signed up. That means I have read three (3) or four (4) testimonials but I have to witness and feel it myself before I can fully assess that success they have been telling. I want to earn as much as I can. Aside from my full-time 8-hour job, I would like to earn another extra €300 if possible with my laptop not counting my tutorials after work and my conversation services (I am a sweet talker that is why some people here pay me for just talking with them..haha). Currently I am earning around €200 from paid posting, my technical writing, ad displays such as Freebies4Webmasters and Project Wonderful (but have not withdrawn from PW as it is only $11 so it is not so big anyway) so I better try this one out as well, though as I said, I did not want to crowd this blog anymore.

Sample ad that can be displayed, try clicking them...

What do they testimonize and what is Adgitize's promise? for Bloggers and Affiliates?

1. When a visitor to the bloggers/affiliates' blog clicks one of the ads and signs up as an Adgitize member then that blogger or affiliate will be listed as the"sponsor". If that person becomes a new member and places an ad on the Agitize Network then the sponsor will be paid a one time finders fee of $5 for referring the new member. There is also a montly income of $1 for every month the referred blogger/affiliate continues to advertise on the Adgitize Network.

2. This is a good way to have traffic as well because Adgitize is also a social community. Members visit each other, tries to see the ad displays of each other and try to interact. More traffic means more earnings. I know that because this blog has zero (0) google PR but I still have many opportunities to paid post because the traffic saves me.

More places to go.. click 'em Buddy!
For Advertisers, advertising at Adgitize is cheaper and of good quality. Juts try and see and prove to yourself if I am lying. If I do, you can spank me! Now, you read until here so you better sign up here or I spank you! ^^


  1. i signed up the other day pero dun ko nilagay sa 4th blog ko ;)

    have a great weekend ;D

  2. for those who are still skeptical if they will earn on Adgitize or not, see my PayPal proof of payment at http://www.blogdemanila.com/adgitize-pays-real-money/

    i'm not boasting about it, but just like "WebLogLearner", I want to earn too!

  3. i signed up too, and made referral already hehehe.. hope it works..

    yung sa ec nga pala sis, pagka "get one" ang nakalagay instead na "drop". kasi when i clicked nothing is credited or recorded pag get one ang nakalagay at di drop.. anyways.. have a good day, mwah!

  4. pretty much interesting.. i'm still convincing myself to join or not, i might not be able to qualify because i don't have a good traffic and a zero PR too...

    thanks for sharing, don't worry i'm still reading more testi about it...

    I answered your comment HERE

  5. I added Adgitize to my blog too (http://electromagneticpopcorn.blogspot.com), and as of today, I haven't seen any earnings pa. Mejo maaga pa siguro. haha! nice site you got here! I'll be posting an adgitize article too soon (http://electromagneticpopconr.blogspot.com) Have a nice day!

  6. hi, just signed up after days of wondering whether to add yet another non money producing source to my blog , so i went and decided to try it out anyways yesterday( actually around midnite, before i fell asleep) , checked my earning reports this morning and made enough change to buy a cup of coffee. Not much but will at least try it for for a month to see how it works before i recommend them to my fellow bloggers. i wanna find out if they pay fast and on time. Happy Holidays. Nice Site!

  7. Right now I'm earning between one and five cents a day on adjitize. On days when I post it's usually five cents, which is better than other systems for low traffic blogs. Unfortunately it seems to be going down, more publishers than advertisers seem to be joining the system, and those already there may be working it harder.

  8. Hi! Yeah, I want to earn more.. (that's why I bumped into your site!)

    What I actually searched in Google was: How to earn from Adgitize and this blog came 3rd from the results. I still don't know how I can earn more as a publisher. I've been visiting other sites and clicking on their ads and updating my blog once in a while, but my earning is still 33 cents.

    I've been bumping into people who say they earned like $30 from Adgitize but they don't answer me how. I do hope you can help me on this. Thank you very much! ^^

  9. ho ho ho! same here!


    it's worse den a single adsense click! -.-

    Vicissitudes of Life

  10. Im going to take the plunge and try out adjitizer. Im even going to sign up for the publisher account, wish me luck.

    $100 Video Contest @ http://www.nysilly.com

  11. I couldn’t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post here!

  12. I couldn’t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post here!

  13. I just want to ask if putting Adgitized Ads on my free blogspot page won't jeopardize my adsense account. I'm not sure if it violates the rule regarding other advertising networks.

    Please advise...

  14. hi just browsing around for his adgitzed thing refer by my friend when suddenly got to your site,i'm just new in blogging and still want to learn and earn at the same time.i followed you and i will sign up to adgitized under you..i'll try my luck thanks!

  15. Sounds like easy money to me- I better work on it...


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