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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are You Preparing for the Upcoming Google PR Update? Do You Have Tips?

It's December and soon enough, it would be three months since the previous google update last September. Honestly, although I have read around about PRs (google page ranks), and I even wrote on them, I am still left with zero PR for this blog. Yes, I have a PR 3 blog and a PR 1 blog but it is still a challenge to get one for this particular blog, WebbieStuffs, because it has a lot of paid posts in it.

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See where my site visitors come from.... I need to improve on SEO!

Admittedly, a PR better than zero, be it page rank of one (1) or google page rank of two (2), I would be exteremely glad to happen/ to be awarded for this blog. I just don't know where to start. My traffic has been feeling bad lately because of the EC problem last week coupled with my stat counter having its server down as well. This means, without traffic (although I am still below 100k rank) and zero page rank, no opportunities from paying advertisers. This blog has earned me around $300 but that is so little.. I mean, if there is more, why must I not earn those?

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I am curious what you have been up to to prepare your blogs for google PR update in the coming week(s), I have taken some peeks on my referer and some of the posts here also got hit from google searches but I do think they are not that concrete and heavy compared to the weight of my dofollow links in favor of paid posts.

On the side however, I still give my best shot. I do the following:

1. Clean up my previous posts, the ones I made in the beginning with many links without being conscious that there is such thing as google Page Rank or google PR or PR;

2. Link and tag for keywords some of the photos and images I previously uploaded, long before I understood linking and tagging images for keywords;

3. Cleaning up my link listing as there are a couple of blogger buddies who just made their blogs disappear in the net;

4. Making comments and putting the links of my post that can directly relate to the post I am commenting to;

5. Thinking the best way I can to make worthy posts that can be easily searched but has lesser competition and not overrated subject/topic yet.

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How about you? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I am no good in SEO and I would be happy to hear from you. I am a good learner and I will be happy to apply your ways. Happy blogging everyone and good luck to all of us in the upcoming google PR update.


  1. Pal....you are not the only one... I have been killing myself for the next deep crawl and I have not seen a thing. I have been making sure to post everyday, comment on other blogs, using comment kahuna, linking to others etc.....Everytime I post on forums regarding the next deep crawl or PR rating....i get no response...please let me know if you here anything.

    Organic Grog

  2. i have no idea about SEO either, sis. when google updated last Sept, i got 3. i lost it in three weeks after doing paid posts. it came back and stayed for 2 days and now it's back again since a couple of days ago. lulubog and lilitaw drama ng pr ko. harhar.

    anyways, hope u'll get one here, sis. best of luck!

  3. Odd, I got a pr1 rating mid November, I had just stared my blog late October. Good luck on your PR ranking, thanks for the info as well, will use it to double check my work done so far.


  4. though you said you're still on the process of learning in increasing your traffic and earning, what you have just posted help me a lot. I myself is very new about this blogging..

  5. I have just started reading about SEO, too and until now, I still don't understand the whole thing. But cleaning up your post (with so much links) is a good start, this way, you will be limiting your outbound links. :-)

  6. hay naku, i don't want to expect anything from them anymore, since it only gives me frustrations if i kept thinking about it...

    hoping that i'll probably at least 1 hahahaha.

  7. my pr2 site was set to pr 0 after the google updates...:(. i don't know what happened.

  8. way to go! your info are getting better each time!

  9. Hi rogue. Don't worry about PR, just keep on blogging!!!

  10. I am confused about page rand but am a pr3 and want to get to a pr4 but no idea how.

  11. howdy! generally, i found your blog interesting and i envy how you do it. I'm pretty sure by now you have more earnings than $300. By the way, my blog is already 1 month old and still i can't figure out what is traffic and how can i earn.

  12. I have been brought from PR-4 to PR-0 in the last up date. I don't know whether I'll regain my PR again...

  13. Wow. You are certainly providing a lot of info here. I've never been able to get anything on Google PR. I like your idea about tagging and linking the items. If you have any more info, feel free to email me. I need help big time.

  14. @Robroy,

    I think we are both late with this now. I posted this over a forum at entrecard and many have attested that the update was as early as November.. Others even changed their respective PRs at the beginning of the month! But anyway, our investments will be okay fore the nest update so no regrets, eight?

    We are alike Lynn, but i just try to do my best on what I read around... and in some cases, for my other blogs, they are effective too.

    Thanks for the info. Indeed, many at the entrecard forum has corroborated with what you are saying.

    Thanks for that. I am happy when someone learns with me. I am a learner as well. ^^

  15. Google PR is a pretty easy update. Unless of course if you blatantly buy or sell links.

  16. Thanks for that info just uploaded a new website, How long do I have wait for next PR so I may get a rank for it

  17. it's me again rogue. I wonder about your title. Is it a preparation to the next PR Update?

  18. I'm trying as hard as I can to get to PR2 and I think the best thing is getting backlinks mainly bt commenting...not only do you get the back link but also make new friends and learn new stuff ;)

  19. @Shamim,
    I believe you are telling a good point as I saw that happened with my other sites. Here, I sell reviews and naturally, dofollow links which I am so anxious to get that PR better than zero to sell better of course.

    There are testimonies of getting PR in a matter of four weeks as long as an update happens right after you had the site. My PR 3 website however waited at least six months before gaining its PR3.

    I thought it would be this month but i never knew it was done last November already.

    @Market Secrets Blogger,
    I do the same thing as you do but four blogs to handle dont give me ample time to make give all the comments I wish to give.

    Oh, I mistakenly approved your comment. I hope that was relevant. Thanks.

  20. One little tip is to fix this:


  21. This blog is new so I will get a nice whopping 0 for it but over time I am sure I will get some pr lol.

  22. Your tips are an interesting way to prepare for the PR updates. I have been writing a few guest posts which get me some back links. Is that a good way of improving PR?

  23. I once joined paid posting,and got opportunity for 2 paid posts in 2 days for 20$.But,I felt it was not worth to risk my PR.Better be careful with paid post.I think you may consider "Review Me" which asks only nofollow links(You have already checked that out,haven't you?)

    To increase PR,try commenting in dofollow blogs.It will definitely help you to get good PR.And thanks for reminding me,I have to add tags for all my previous images too.

  24. Great advise and very informative blog.
    enjoyed reading.

  25. nice introduction overview Roj...thanks for sharing...and indeed u are a great learner and is just pleasure to ahve u around:)


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