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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deleted at Entrecard? Humility is a Good Virtue!

Your webbie blogger has much ups and downs when entrecard is the topic. I have to admit I have never seen my widget in the first place of the most popular blogs for my category but i have seen it in the second place. For me, that is already enough. After all, it has its exposure in the main Campaign page of Entrecard (EC).

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The entrecard account for this blog has been deleted for so many times already. Maybe four? Or even more times and I cannot perfectly recall anymore. But the point is, it has been deleted and not for once only. But look and you will see that I am still active with Entrecard (EC) and at the same time, this account has been intact until now. How and Why? As the title of this post says, humility is the answer.

Why Your Account Got Deleted?
This is the first question that one needs to answer if the acount has been deleted. The answer for this can be a couple of hundred reasons or more.There are just too many reasons and that makes the probability even higher that an accont be deleted. Whether the reason is purposedly done by the account owner, or it is accidental, Entrecard does not care. It has its own terms of use or terms of service (TOS) which admittedly, not so many are too happy to read.

Human Nature, Withdrawal
The first reaction of a human being after getting such deletion notice is to feel bad; to blame the one who did the deletion; to bear grudges against EC; to hate EC; to leave EC; to despise EC; or at worse, to stop blogging! Of course the list goes on as to the possible reaction or reactions after a blogger's EC account deletion. I must say that the one that I hate the most among such reactions is to stop blogging. These bloggers forgot that they use EC to help their blogs and NOT they blog because EC exists (although many cases of this exist now)

I know many fellow bloggers who fall under different reactions but the good thing, I also know many who tried to solve the problem and their accounts were reinstated just like what happened to mine many times after the many deletions.

What To Do?
First, one must admit that EC is really helpful. Why? Only with this admission one can continue being affiliated with the site or with its services. After such admission, the following can be done to be able to reinstate the deleted EC account:

1. Admit the deviation or mistake you have done against entrecard and email them to ask for apologies or reason out for the reason they stated why the account has been deleted.

2. Solve the problem or manage that deviation you have against EC's TOS.

3. Request for reinstatement of the account;

4. Wait for not so long time.

5. Be active and enjoy your stay and repeat the process when your account gets deleted again.

For me, entrecard is a big help but this claim might not be true for others. t is up to you to decide. But again, when your account gets deleted, humility is the answer.


  1. been there done that!... my EC account was deleted before also, but with all humility on my part and correcting my mistakes, they reinstated my account in no time at all. Thanks to EC support staff! they're cool and super friendly!

  2. fortunately, i haven't experienced what you've experienced. what were their reasons why they deleted your account?

    but i admire what you've done, being humble despite it all. that's the best thing to do, i believe so.

    take care Rogue!

  3. oo nga i've heard from a lot of bloggers about this. you pointed those things so well and i hope a lot of bloggers will read this to avoid panic. siguro ako i will panic hahaha.

  4. Okay, there might be resasons behind, sometimes we can't accept the facts yet sometimes we then to do nothing aobut it...

    hopefully that my EC and P3 will not be having problems...

  5. @Eric/BlogdeManila,
    Indeed Brother... You did what I was just saying here and now, I have one testimony that in EC support have open minds.

    I don't exactly remember all the reasons but these are some: a widget in the post page and NOT in the main page, non-exisiting landing page, having a copy of EC widget which is an image and NOT a real widget...

    Being an EC expert as you are, I have read last time from your blog that when you cannot drop in your normal pace, you panicked... hahah.. you are at the top already, just relax.. ìì

    Indeed sometimes because I have a known two blogger friends who simply stopped blogging caused by EC problems...sad story huh.

  6. Decent blogs don't get deleted.

    Can you name some of the reasons they gave in the past for deleting you?

  7. Hi Rogue, thanks for revisiting my blog. it was such a pleasant surprise for me :) Seems your blog is doing well already from the looks of it. Anyway, when my Entrecard got deleted..i didn't try to reinstate it. Just got lazy, I suppose. have a good weekend and hope to see you around in my blog again :)

  8. It is nice to hear someone on the other side of this issue. I side with your line of reasoning. I haven't had my blog deleted (yet) or warned, but it is quite frequent that I hear people complaining about Entrecard for one reason or another. I have had my share of complaints, but usually in the form of 'this is what I think could be done better.' If my account ever did get warned I would make whatever changes I thought were reasonable to fix the issue.

    I remember being taught this lesson early in life by my mom: "Don't cut your nose off to spite your face." These are people who overreact to a problem and attempt to punish the so-called source of their problem (Entrecard) but end up hurting themselves more than anything else. Entrecard isn't going away because a few people's blogs were deleted. No blogs on there are popular enough that their removal will significantly hurt Entrecard. Right now there is no equivalent service that people can choose between. By not making changes they're more likely to stop getting a good number of visitors than to gain a loyal following of like-minded individuals who also hate Entrecard. In other words, I wouldn't want to write to the quitting crowd - they aren't a loyal audience.

  9. I had one of my blogs deleted for inappropriate links of all things. My particular site was the most family friendly site there is considering it was about Mickey Mouse and my love of Disney. I am sure this must have been a mistake, but no one responds to my e-mails about the issue. I am very frustrated. You are correct about humility, it also goes along with constructive critisism.

  10. @ Bas,
    I know more than decent blogs that got deleted as well. I already mentioned the reasons in my first reply-comment.

    I'll be visiting of course, now if a more frequent basis. I am visiting back my old commentors and paying them visits to see if they are still as active as before. ^^

    I am wondering if you are referring to the recent twitter-ec issue? That is hot, I just read. ^^ I have posted this entry already before I knew that thing .. i mean, if we d refer to the same thing. ^^

    By the way, i have visited your blog and have wondered why one of yours got deleted As for the links, I have never heard of a case yet that a blog got deleted in Entrecard (EC) for having bad links? Hmmm.. you made me think...

  11. My other blog got deleted the next day I added it. I was shocked..normal reaction. Imagine they approved it, was able to do some drops then the next day deleted it..hehehe.. I emailed them regarding the issue, they're all very helpful about it.
    You cited very useful tips..thanks for the share.

  12. @Nova,
    Indeed sometimes because I have a known two blogger friends who simply stopped blogging caused by EC problems...sad story huh.

    >>>They shouldn't let it affect them, i'm still hoping and praying that i won't be affected with this phenomenon kay, i'm really devastated if that happens. it is really one of my source to at least earn and pay something that i need to buy as i'm still waiting for my permit.

    I have answered your comments too dear check it from HERE

  13. This is such a humble post. My hat's off to you for writing this one. Entrecard is indeed a great help to us bloggers and I think their rules are not too much to comply to and actually fosters responsible blogging.

  14. hello Webbie, thanks for dropping and comment. Yes, I read you right. Iknow how you feel about being deleted from EC. Personally, if the owner of the blog got deleted from the EC while I am dropping at the same time, I will also wonder what have happen to my avid droppers card. If your havng this problem, I hope that it will be ok soon. take care.

  15. Hi webbie, I hope that your Ec deletion issue is solve now.

  16. @ Twinks,
    Indeed they are very helpful about it. In fact the email goes directly to special mail, as I remember, it is deleted@entrecard.com... and the action is fast. I admire it because it really causes trouble to droppers and others too when the EC is deleted and it is still there being displayed.

    And the count goes on.. another blogger friend just took his blog.. It is 404 now and that makes them 3 in the list now.. two deleted the blogs and one stopped making posts..sigh..so bad.

    Thanks for that and coming from you, it is aamzing to hear that. ZYou are so correct about the help entrecard is giving us. Instead of complaining, most of us find it better to complain, complain and complain...

    @Lispeth and Lis,
    I want to tell you that these problems were in the past. I have learned so far but since I dont know what is the future, one of my many blogs might get deleted again. Who knows? But I am being careful about it. ^^

  17. I picked up a virus on one of the Blogs while dropping 300 blogs, those should be deleted!!

  18. Hi,

    I created a new blog and set it up on Entrecard. They deleted it after 3 weeks because I didn't have 5 posts.

    I tried to argue that I had a new blog so it wouldn't have 5 good posts straight away but they wasn't interested.

    I tried to talk about it on the forum and broke another rule without realising it. This got me some abuse from other Entrecard members before the post was closed.

    Well I wasn't willing to compromise the quality of my blog by putting up a few quick low quality posts to get back on Entrecard, so I just had to wait it out.

    Eventually I reached 5 posts and got re-instated within a couple of hours of sending them an email. :-) Hopefully I'll avoid getting in any more trouble!



  19. If all else fails, just try something else. Getting banned from Entrecard is not the end of the world. It does help a lot with blog traffic, comments and the like. But I think that may be one of it's problems. Users take it for granted and forget to look around for other options and methods of promoting their blog. Don't get trapped in one system.

  20. That's really horrible..

    Got your comment answered HERE

  21. I got banned for breaking a rule that didn't even exist. When I complained, ec just changed the terms of service.

    One of Graham's own blogs breaks the same rule but I guess his blog won't get deleted!

    It took over a week after emailing ec to get back on. :(

  22. It's really great timing that I stumbled upon your site. I think I needed just about everything you said, especially that I'm a noob with Entrecard. Thanks much!

  23. I remember letting an entrecard member know to turn off their auto-playing-music as it's against Entrecard's TOS.

    Was trying to be nice and helpful, but got a harsh comment instead. Oh well O_o

  24. @Trivita Mom,
    That is a bad news! We all better be careful about that.. but how can that happen? I mean, is it possible to just pass by and drop abd take a virus?

    @John | Retro Code Programming,
    And in the end all are happy huh? It is still a success and I know you did not feel bad about that because you still pursued being a memeber. Plus, it is also a good point for you, you have the quality and membership at the same time at last! Congratulations..

    @Stephan Miller,
    I think the main reason is the community's popularity and ease of use and obviously its good effects that make bloggers get hooked.

    Yes, they're gone now and nowhere to be found.

    @ Sandra,
    Hmmm.. Nepotism. I mean, well, you dont scold yourself often but instead swear when you commit a mistake. The same is true with the owner I think?

    I also dont know a lot of rules so maybe i dont know if i break one or not... sad..;(

    @ Tiago,
    I am happy to read that. Good luck and welcome... ^^ Happy Blogging too!

  25. Hello, Too many people talking about how Entrecard deleted their accounts. My was too, but It's not the end of the world and there is and always be others good sites to be a part of.

    I send them a reply e-mail and told them a little bit of what I really think about there blog standards and etc.

    Funny thing today. I went to pick on what was suppose to be my account link and there is my site. Try to log in and my e-mail does not show on there

    And I added there foolishness to my blog post at

    Nice day Admin and everybody else here.


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