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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Donations to Wikipedia is a Money Allocated for a Cause.

Admittedly, Wikipedia for me is useless for reference purposes. Why? I have yet to meet a professor who respects it and who would allow a citation from this huge free media of knowledge. I also have to admit that if I google unto something and Wikipedia results come out, I read it first over the rest. Do I sound like a paradox queen here? If your minds are asking questions, I'll explain why I feel this way.

Click this and you'll be in the page you are seeing here... the donation page.

As I write this article, I have already sold more or less fifty (50) custom essay orders (See one of my earning schedules here) to customers. Naturally, from those orders, not only once, twice or thrice I have been instructed that Internet sources are NOT allowed, especially Wikipedia sources. Understandable, right? Professors want citations from books and not from stuffs contributed by just anybody. Professors HATE plagiarized works as well. Thus, I have my online library subscription where thousands of books are stored... and only few have access. I don^'t know if you've heard about Questia.

Going back to the Wiki story, if Wikipedia is useless to my side job, why I put such title for this article? It is because Wikipedia's founder has been appealing in very page of the site for donations (as I saw it last december 26 when I made my donation). I did try to put some of mine (donation) and it went through perfectly. I donated a very little amount of course as we are all frugal in terms of donations. However, any amount would do and if many would respond, with all the users of the site, at least even $1 each, I think it can make the site run smoothly for a long period. How many millions do use Wikipedia? I know much. You can donate by Paypal as I did. I forgot to see other options as I was so excited when I saw that Paypal was okay.

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So why did I donate?

1. I believe in the cause of the site. Although it cannot be cited in many papers, it can still be read and the contents relate to what they are supposed to relate to. The references are correct although I cannot vouch for the accuracy and reliability but I always find most articles worthy of my time spent reading.

2. It is a wonderful and easy way to begin a search or a research. I always start at Wikipedia when I do papers. I try to understand the topic deeper and Wikipedia is an entertaining (not boring) way to start: at least for me. When I understand many things about my topic, I proceed to work with my subscription database and it makes the work a lot faster.


3. It is free. What else can we ask for? The reason why the founder is/was appealing to the public is because of the fact that maintaining the site is not free and naturally not easy. Thus, it makes it more worthy to donate no matter how little you think your donations can be. Your donations are a big help for users who are unable to buy subscriptions to expensive sources of knowledge.

4. It is a very useful link provider; you'd know where to go. Many topics are interrelated and linked. External links are as well provided there. This is why the reason number 2 above exists.

5. Who else has the goal to make anything/everything known under the sun? This the reason why I admire the vision of the one who founded this site. It is simply a good thing to put every thing in writing, without discrimination as to who shared them. Let the world be equipped with more knowledge.

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So what are you waiting for? Donate to Wikipedia's cause now. That can be a $1 and YOU can make a difference. In the donation page, there are default values (such as $30,$50, $100) but you can go to the custom (Other) amount and make the donation you can afford. Believe me, you'll feel good after donating, no matter how small that is. I did! Just click HERE..


  1. wow, I hope can donate too! :) wish me luck! :D

  2. you're right, especially today where "everything" is not free and not that accesible (even water, right? before, no one sold water for profit, but today, a lot of businessmen are into bottled water businesses), it's good to know that wikipedia is providing us with free information. Nice post ^_______^

  3. I agree! Wikipedia is so easy to use (for research about almost anything), it's free and the links provided are helpful and easy to look for when you need.
    I will also donate a dollar or two when I get my payment from a certain website.

    Oh, Happy New Year! :)


  4. I use Wikipedia every day, yet I didn't know about this... hmmm....

    *Champagne Held High*
    Cheers to a wonderful 2009!

  5. I have benefited from the Wikipedia project, and I have found their service is both reliable and factual. I think that their recent upgrade of editors has a lot to do with that.

    Thanks for an interesting article!

    WDW Auditions Most Recent Post
    Happy New Year from the WDW Blog!

  6. Whenever i browse for infos, it is wikipedia that i go to. Parang andun na lahat eh, diba? Thank you for sharing about this, sis. Didn't know about this until now.

    Happy new year! Mwah!

  7. I think Wikipedia is one of the most productive things produced by a collection of people online. I am amazed at the quality of contributions there. I know there are many critics but where else do you get to see new knowledge added by ordinary people like you and me everyday!

  8. Wikipedia can be a great source for writing papers. It is true that most instructors do not accept wikipedia references, but it is still useful. First of all, you can use all the references at the bottom of a Wikipedia page. Those are usually good sources of information that instructors will accept. Second, if you really do want to reference a wikipedia page, make sure you use the permanent link to the page version that you want to reference. Since Wikipedia can change from moment to moment, your reference should be to a point-in-time page that won't change. I successfully argued this point-in-time reference to one of my instructors.

  9. We need information, wikipedia gives it to us totally free. I really like wikipedia, in fact it is my favorite website to get information to. Thank you to all the staff that make wikipedia the best source of information online.

    More power to you guys.

  10. It's quite simple. Professors don't like Wikidpedia and other free sources of information because it cuts into their bottom line in the "publish or perish" world of academia. Some of the worst sourced books I've ever seen are right on the college library shelves!

    Sure Wiki has it's drawbacks but even if you use your own professor's printed work you need to check his sources for veracity too. Same thing applies at Wiki.

  11. i've used wikipedia tons of times. unfortunately, i haven't read that campaign for i haven't visited the site recently. but i guess i will be donating since i want wikipedia to stay. it helped me lots of times and it's my time to help it <3

  12. It is so thoughtful of you and very very sweet of you to do so. Even do a posting on this topic.
    But honestly I think my be wiki should start Ads like the google text ads not too obtrusive but relevant.
    It sure will help them a long way.
    Loved your informative blog too.. every post is so different. just don't change your posting style its wonderful and I love it.
    Two thumbs up for you.


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