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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Getting 300 EntreCard Drop Backs and Other Lessons

Having spent some serious moments with entrecard in the past few weeks, I have learned lessons and I have observed and also devised ways in getting as much drop backs as I could. Since I got returns on what I have invested, I would like to share them to anyone who is interested in getting as much drop backs as they could too, just like me.

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The graph shows that this blog has many times garnered very good drop back rates reaching as high as 367 cards... I loved those days!

I have to admit that I slowed down lately and got so little returns in the past few days but the graph here still shows that I had many 300 and more returns in certain days. I would like to note that the "Satistics" portion of entrecard is a very helpful tool in analysing the entrecard activities that one blogger and EC member has. However, I have to warn you, reader, that the statistics seems to be not in "real time" or not as updated to the last minute but it is still very useful.

So here we go, I will show my graphical statistics and the entrecard's explanation of it as well as my additional note and some tips in improving the performance of such graph.

Card Drops
This is the record showing the daily number of cards that were dropped on your blog (or my blog), where the EC widget is directed or pointing when clicked. According to EC explanation, "a good number of drops improves your advertising price, and your position in the Campaign listings."

Indeed, I have observed that the price of my advertising varies or is "slightly" dependent to this card drops TO my site here but of course, the ad price is mainly affected by the demand: the more people advertise on that site, the more expensive the advertising cost becomes. I am very sure you have seen that.

How Did I Improve on This and Get Better Drops Back?

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I am a devoted dropper until I got the connection problem.. I am trying to regain my balance though...

1. Dropping as much EC as possible. We have 300 limit daily.
With a good connection (which I really lack for the meantime), this task is so easy to achieve. This is usually our complaints as I read on every EC member's posts about dropping the maximum number of cards which is 300 because it is very time consuming especially if the internet connection is NOT high speed. However, There is still a remedy to normal-speed connection (just like mine). I made dropping as a side-activity and NOT the main activity. What I do, personally, is to make the things I do at home such as read pocketbooks, exercise, do the laundry, etc., while letting the pages of each dropper I had the previous day open. Then I take a pause to drop.

2. Dropping earlier saves the day.
Entrecard's standard time is six (6) hours later than my time zone. I live in Netherlands. I start dropping as soon as 6:01 in the morning strikes. Why? NOT all of the droppers who drop back to our drops do so in the nex day. There are others who drop back the moment the drop is made to their respective sites and they just drop on previous day droppers if they get short of "today's" or the current day's drops. This means that the earlier one starts dropping, the more possibility of getting some drops back. Getting a drop, whether today or tomorrow is always better than not getting any returns at all.

3. I drop back on yesterday's droppers.
Why? To really be able to drop on them all. Yesterday's droppers are already complete as of the current day making the drops even more complete and to be more organized in my dropping back. This means that my dropper will always get a drop back even though I don't do so on the same day.

4. Avoid fast dropping programs/techniques.
Why again? Because most of the people, but obviously NOT all, in those fast dropping groups drop to each other when they too use the service. If you are not listed in that dropping list, no much traffic will flow back to you. That will only be good for you if your aim is only to gain credits but if your aim is like mine which is first traffic and then blog recognition, then fast dropping is absolutely a no no.

5. Entrecard forum rocks.
I remembered being so active in the Community forum of EC few weeks back when my work was still not as heavy as now (year end closing is heavy for accounting professionals) and I got a load of visits to my blog from the active forum members and most of them comment on my posts. Isn't that an amazing thing? I also got one of the moderators in the community remind me of my warning and he/she was able to delete that warning. What can I say more? EC is such a great help for bloggers.

6. Advertise. Advertise and advertise more.
This is up to you what your target audience is. For me, as long as my blog get exposed, I am happy. I am the kind who buy ads in volumes of low-cost advertising. If you can see in the succeeding graphs, some of those ads were as cheap as 8ECs per day but gave me high clicks. For me it is worth it.

I choose to advertise in new blogs, putting a limit of arond 16 or 32 ECs per day to advertise and getting good returns. AT least this way, if I don't get click thoughs from those ads, they are so cheap that I wont regret buying them in the first place. This is to save heart aches compared to the feeling when I buy expensive ads without returns. My main goal is traffic anyway rather than blog recognition.

This is to show how the advertisements affect the drop backs or visits to this site. Take note that I had the highest number of EC visits on the 15th and the same is true in this graph where my advetisement did great.

7. Commenting is a load of benefit to a blogger.
Obviously, there were times when I could not drop back to all of my droppers. I just leave some relevant comments to some of my droppers (sorry to others who were not accomodated but I also visited your page though I was not able to drop nor comment) because I have had more than 300 drops. Commenting will cause a visit back, a drop back, and more likely, a comment back as well. And the good thing of this is the backlink earned when commenting.

8. Be conscious of the traffic maximization technique: Don't drop to a blog owned by the same person.
Personally, I try to avoid dropping on the all the blogs owned by the same person. If possible, I would prefer that the 300 drops I get or all the drops back I get would come from different IP addresses making them a unique visit. I tend to comment to the rest of the blogs I know who come from the same owner and don't drop on them. All the same, they know I was there due to my comment. I choose another blog to drop my card at: owned by another blogger.

9. Choose where to drop, and be wise with that choice!
Obviously, we are not always full of blogs to drop. Sometimes we have only around 200 (or even less or more depending on our actions too) blogs to drop and if we aim to drop 300 cards, we need to have the extra 100 to look from outside. In my case, I can even mentally picture out blogs that usually drop back and blogs where my drop is most likely to be worthy. Just like some blogs such as Orange Inks, Matthias Chronicles and Moms Check Nyo or any of the rest of Liza's blogs (the owner of Moms Check Nyo blog), I am more or less 100% that these bloggers drop back. Thus, over the rest I choose them: I also drop back for some bloggers who dropped their cards on my widget two days ago if I get short really and of course, some are from the most popular blogs because these people usually are heavy droppers.

10. Try to be the most popular in any way.
This does not ONLY mean dropping and being the top three (3) of your category. This (being in top 3 of your category) is of course very avisable, as I was able to be in top three for some days but competition is tight and being there is a big help because new members (just like when I was new) get curious and click your widget. It is a very good free ad space!

I was able to be the Top advertiser for some time in the past week but I have had internet connection disabling me to buy ads in the prior days and I think I am down now. The same is true in my dropping but I am trying to get back to my feet now as my ALexa is staggering.

11. Have patience
Getting in the top of your category, or the top advertiser or anything good at EC takes time. I noticed that it was at least 2-3 weeks getting at the top and it requires full consistency. This means really dropping 300 each day, advertising on at lest 50 blogs each day and things like those.

Still, I am in quest of more knowledge and stuffs. This little thing I know, this is a personal experience and if you read until here, I thank you and wish you good luck in the community... in the entrecard community.


  1. I learned something new. I thought these were all excellent tips! :-)

  2. good post. I have a new knowledge about EC now.

  3. How do you advertize on 50 blogs a day? That too consistently?

    I agree with you ec has been a great value add. I get a lot of visitors through it.

    Wow you have gained a lot of wisdom about ec and your points here are very enlightening. I never even thought about point 2!

    Why does EC have a 300 limit? How does it matter to them how many cards people drop?

  4. why do you have this capcha thin, it is such a pain to enter the verification code? Have you tried without it, I dont think it increases spam substancially. It just makes it easier for commentors like me

  5. Nice stuff. I have just gone into entrecard, and i find its wonderful.

    Keep up the good posts!

  6. Once you have a list of sites you drop often, start batch files like the files you will find at http://cheapkeywords.info/ec.html.

    Right click the page and view source, and you will get a text file. remove my links and put in yours. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMAT - the only thing you can change is the actually website.

    Save somewhere that you can access it, as a html page on your blog, like I did or wherever works for you. Using Firefox or Chrome and clicking one batch open as many pages as you have in the batch. This makes it quick to drop and close.


  7. Your post is very usefull to me. Thanks.

  8. Good points. I don't drop 300 cards a day because I also want to comment on blogs. If all I do is drop I'm not visiting blogs, I'm just dropping, and that's not cool for me. I'm please with my traffic and I'm very pleased with what Entrecard is doing for my site.

  9. Entrecard brings in a lot of visitors to my site as well. But the bounce rate is very high. It appears to me most of the visits are just for dropping a card and then vamoosh.

  10. Also, beware of those new entrecard members whose sites have malware attached. Have strong antivirus and antimalware software!

  11. Really good tips. I'm new to entrecard and appreciate your insights.

  12. Thank you for this article.

    I'm also a high volume, low cost advertiser. I prefer to "spread myself around" instead of spending a lot of money on one big advertiser.

    I want traffic, but I also want readers. I know that E-Card has increased my traffic, but I'm not sure how much of an increase I've had in my readers.

    I've seen an increase in comments from new people and an increase in click-throughs on my ads. So this is good. I love E-Card.

  13. Thanks for the tips! I am new to Entrecard and always looking for ways to improve!

  14. everyday my goal is 50 drops. thanks sharing your idea. I'll be back for more.!!

  15. Wowoweeee, full of tips... I think the maximum I drpped so far is 15 lol.. don't have so much time for blogging with my sched.. Thank you for the tips!

  16. Hello Rogue, thanks for the tips... I haven't participated in the forum yet... so little time for a busy mom like me...

  17. Great tips you've shared here. 300 drops a day though, WAY too much for me. Perhaps half that will still provide a lot of value.


  18. I was ill for a while so not active and am so glad I am back. Thanks for the great advertising tip too about ads on new blogs. I will take this up today and see how my traffic increases and will let you know. I am so glad also to see you again.

  19. Thanks for the tips. I have a bit of tine in the next couple of weeks, so I will give them a try and post back with my results.

  20. Thank you for the tips, I am still learning, too, and have been with EC for about 6 months...always something new to learn :)

    Bella Casa Blog

  21. Hi. I agree with the drop early part. Now that it's Christmas break, I could drop around 1PM Philippine time (this is when the drop counts drop back to 0). But when school's back, I'd be a little behind in dropping.

  22. nice posts, very helpful for a newbie EC dropper like me ;)

  23. I agree with the commenting part. It would be best for the bloggers to start practicing this habit (if they havent started yet) because this will really bring traffic to their blogs.

  24. I also drop 300 a day to max out the opportunities to receive a drop back from those blogs. :)That will also increase the chances of receiving more comments and links.

  25. I also experimented dropping while America is sleeping. I also made a quick blog post about it. I observed that when its night time in the US, I can drop faster and so maximizing the number of drops on each blog I want to visit.

  26. @Sofhal Jamil,
    No problem. I am just paying it off forward.

    I am glad you feel that way. ^^

    @Doing Business,
    Thanks and am happy my readers are learning.

    I changed the number to at least 200 blogs daily. Others are so late in approving the ads so the average i can really count is 150-230, the number fluctuates because some bloggers approve all together in one or at times so few approve my application to put my widget in their blogs. Just go to Campaign, I dont visit them, i just hit advertise.

    @Ivs (again),
    I already removed it. Thanks for the advise.

    @Shakti Singh DUlawat,
    Thanks Buddy. Yup, I do my best.

    @Crazy rocker,
    Hope you keep coming back in here. I have much stuffs here. ^^

    Thanks for the advise. I used your drop list before and I owe you one. I think I'll embed your advise in the post above. Hope ill have enough time.

    Thanks and You're welcome.

    @Stacy's Randm Thoughts,
    No problem...

  27. Great informative post! I hope to use these tips and to maximize my chances to be on the EC top 3. I remember being new to EC as well and clicking on the first 3 cards also. Nice post!

  28. Great suggestions and explanations as I am new to all of this and it feels kind of overwhelming!

  29. This is by far the most informative post I have read about Entrecard. After chatting with you in the forums, I was curious to visit your site. I'm glad I did. All new Entrecard users should read this article! Kuddos to you!!!

  30. I'm starting to wonder if the new 25 ec bonus for posting means dropping is less important than it used to be. On the other hand, you can drop 25 cards in less time than you need for a thoughtful post. I tend to powerdrop, clicking on widget advertisments until my browser has 15 or 20 windows open, then closing the whole mess. Of course I start my powerdropping chain from people at the top of my most monthly drops chart, and my project wonderful advertisers, and my widget advertisers, and people in my double dropping contest.

  31. @Jolie,
    I am glad to hear spmeone who appreciates what they get. I do appreciate EC much for the very big help in many ways... but of course, there is always room for improvement and i want to do my best in any way I can.

    That is very true, that is why i make it a oint to give some time commenting to have some people involved and stay for a while to reduce the bounce rate as well.

    Thanks for the warning buddy! I read a lot of complaints about that and it was discussed and commented in EC forum topics as well.

    Thanks and welcome to the community.

    As long as the blogger dont focus on dropping alone, EC really gives high value... I need one important thing though to attain this; TIME.

    @Mike Golch,
    You're welcome. No problem.

    You're welcome.. Indeed we want to improve more and get the best that we can.

    @ Success with women,
    That is not bad...

    @ Joops,
    Indeed time is very difficult to deal with, especially to full time workers like us.

  32. yes i have experienced this too..
    to use the entrecard.. u need speed..
    and one more thing if u are low at speed say u are using 128kbps connection that is a low one.. you install firefox addon ( IMGLIKEOPERA ) ...
    through whih u disable image loading and hence speed up..
    hope u try this suggestion..

  33. At last, here is one post which does not complain about Entrecard.I am really sick of all who complain about entrecard.Its a good service and making the best useful of it is in one's own hands.

    Dropping earlier is the day does increase the possibility of drop back :)

    This post is a must see for all entrecarders.Dugged the post ;)

  34. Really great tips friend Evey body has its on style of getting 300 drops back and you doing it in great way some will drop on fix sites some use entrecard generators some only drop on here inbox but I love entrecard for sure but confused about many things

    The all trafffic of 300 drops are just in flash to do drops traffic not targeted , just stay for seconds to do drop and go away and bonce rate will be alerting saying site is of no use.

  35. hi! i'm pretty new at this and so all your tips are really helpful! i've generally blogged before to my friends, colleagues and students only using multiply and facebook, and it is only now that i've become more serious about blogging, especially about our movie. i'm really grateful for sites like yours that offer constructive advice.

    salamat! (that's thanks in Filipino/Tagalog)

  36. This is the best blog post about enter card that I have come across. Lovely and Informative.
    Reading through It seems obvious you have a lots of experience here and it was very generous of you to share it with all your readers
    I have learnt a lot from this blog and sure will keep visiting for more well researched info, based on your experience.
    Great Post!

  37. Hat's off to for your detailed post about Entrecard ...I too use Entrecard and had learnt a lot of new things from you...Thanks a lot..


  38. Very Nicely Written! I'm going to have to show this to some of my friends. Thanks very much, good work!

  39. You supplied some very good tips. Glad I ran across your blog :) This post caught my eye. Keep up the good work! Take Care.

  40. Thanks Im really intrigued especially about the blog dropping idea. Luckily for me I do not work so this should be fun, especially if it means getting hits!

    $100 Video Contest @ http://www.nysilly.com

  41. This is one of the best post i have read about entre card. Thanks for this wonderful tips. No wonder I was unsuccessful with my drops.


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