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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Do You Take that Image in the Screen? Use Print Screen!

I am supposed to write another post but since a very dear blogger buddy who is always here in my blog wrote a question in this post which i find it worth making a blog post. If you would read her question, it is actually regarding taking the image of something that is shown in the screen: be it your profile page, your earnings, your dashboard, a photo you like, the whole screen, etc.

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This is the print screen key in the keyboard.. It is in the upper right portion of the keyboard, just look for it.

So far I have two ways to do it. The one is available to everyone and the second one is conditional. The first method I know is with the use of "Print Screen" function from the keyboard and the second method is with a software such as SnagIt.

The Screen Printed Virtually
Print screen function is available to everyone. How it is done and how does one make the image usable with the utility of the print screen? As for the technique I am using to make screen images helpful in my blog is with the assistance of the Program "Paint" that is already in everyone's PC or laptop.

The following Are the Procedures I Do To Have My Own Copy of What I See in My Screen
1. Click the "Print Screen" key.

2. Open the "Paint" application by clicking: "Start"--> Programs--> Accessories--> Paint

3. Paste the image you just acquired from clicking "Print Screen" by pressing "Ctrl"+"V". Another way to paste is to go to "Edit" in the menu bar and click "paste".

4. Edit your image from there by "selecting" and "cutting/copying" and "repasting" to a new file/new paint window the image you have selected.

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Basically, this is how my screen looks as I hit the printscreen and pasted it in paint...

Using a Software in Snapping the Screen
Using a software such as snagit (the one I am pretty familiar with because I also use this) is easier. But I think this is not applicable to everyone plus the fact that most of software usage require fees, although they have the trial version for a month or two for users to see if their product is good.

With snagIt, once one tries to press the snagging button, the area in the screen can be selected immediately and hola, it will be opened in snagit's auto opened clipboard and from there, it can directly be copied or saved.

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And here is the portion of that whole print screen that I chose to cut and be part of my blog post... Easy, isn't it? And if you ever wonder why it became big, simply click here to be cleared on how to do it..

I will not dwell on this, I simply demostrated that there are alternatives aside from the "Print Screen" function of the keyboard.

If You Have Windows Vista You Have Another Option
Another way to easily capture a screen image, which actually functions like snagIt is with Windows Vista SnapShot. I actually do not know how it is called in English because my laptop here speaks Italian. It says "Strumento di Cattura" which literally translates to "Capturing Instrument" so the term for me is not that clear in English. If you have Windows Vista, just try to go to: Start--> Programs--> Accessories--> Capture Image (or whatever is the term in English for this)
Any questions and violent (but reasonable) reactions are highly welcome.


  1. Hello sister, thank you very much for this one... I just tried it and it works easily...yipppppppeeeee! Hope Mr. G (google) will recognize how helpful this site is...mwah, mwah! Now I know how to do it hehehe...Thank you so much!

  2. That's very mice of you to share this, i remember my wife asking me about this and I don't have any idea about.. She's more knowledgeable with computers than me... I often wonder about this too then.. thanks~

  3. Nice..that is helpful of you....that way other readers who don't figure out on how to cut the pictures in the screen will certainly know the idea of how to do it..

  4. Nice tips. I used it, when I created manual book for my client. Salaam

  5. Nice post. Very comprehensive. Should have learned about it earlier since the keyboard shortcut is right before my eyes.


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